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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter - Limited Edition (With Battlefield 4 Beta Access)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all bokke123's reviews (8)

Ignore all the moaners on here, this is truly a great game. The only people complaining seem to be those obsessed with multiplayer. While I accept that is a big thing these days I personally like single player and don't have much interest in multiplayer.
Single player campaign is very interesting. The stories are loosely based on actual events which gives the game a very realistic feel and connection with the characters. Could have been longer but still kept me interested through the whole thing. I'm also currently playing Ghosts and although a good game, the COD single player mode is very similar to Black Ops 1 and 2 so I find a bit boring. Get MOH if you like single player, much better than COD.

  Great Game!

| | See all NicAllen's reviews (1)

This game is great. I've played hours of it, it's half way between COD and battlefield. They've done a great job on this. Only problem for me is my friends don't have it so can get boring. But if they did I could easily see this becoming my most played game.

  Great game!!!!

| | See all George438942075's reviews (1)

This is a great game! I wasn't sure about whether I should buy because of all the negative reviews but i'm glad I did. The campaign is great, but I wish it could be a bit longer. The story line is good and the missions are fun and entertaining.
The online multiplayer is excellent and fun. I haven't played on all maps and game modes but it is great so far.
I was thrilled with the price, 15 quid for limited edition! Bargain!!!!
Delivery was alright but not great. I highly recommend you buy this!!!

  A great Christmas surprise.

| | See all joeytomtom's reviews (4)

Ever since being completely disappointed by Modern Warfare 3 I've been looking for a good war shooter. I was put off the previous medal of honour game as the reviews were not complimentary. Same here, but I got this as a gift and decided to try it and be unbiased as possible. I'm so glad I did. This game is gritty realism compared to modern warfare's more arcade approach. The driving sections are a real treat too and a welcome change from all the gunplay action. I have to say I believe in this case, and from a personal point of view that the negative reviews are so unfair. Bad ai, the enemies duck and flank as well as any other shooter out there. Boring campaign, well I didn't think so. I was completely hooked all the way through. The problem here is that with every predictable release of the call of duty series there will be other games that suffer in comparison. If its a war fps then it must be like cod right? Wrong. If you want cod then buy it. If you want a more tactical, thoughtful and more challengingly realistic title then this is the game for you. The weapons have a real weight about them, and there is a great headshot mechanic you can use to unlock special skills when breaching doors etc. borrow it, hire it try it but don't ignore it. You'll be missing out.

  A Good Buy

| | See all daviesgwent's reviews (28)

Some have pre-expected too much for this game and therefore they feel its a bad game. Its not a bad game and agree with the other good reviews, dont be put-off, its good.

  Pretty good but not great

| | See all finchy421's reviews (19)

I have played the single player and actually thought it was really good, levels were good enjoyed all the different parts like chasing down people whilst driving the car. bit short but aren't they all? 5/5 for campaign.

The multiplayer is ok very similar to COD which isn't a bad thing as i like it for a quick blast out but I am more of a battlefield fan.

I was surprised that the graphics in places were pretty shoddy especially as it is using the frostbite engine i did expect a lot more from this but in places it was good.

Sounds, well the gun fire sounds were perfect as per battlefields the voices were rubbish throughout i thought and i didn't hear much of what was said during game play.

as a whole I would get this game as i think it is pretty good in many aspects better single player then most and a reasonably solid multiplayer.
4/5 from me the series is getting better.

  a big let down

| | See all jamesrmp's reviews (5)

single player far to short, the A.I is a joke and the mulitplayer is no different from call of duty.
singler player = 4/10.
muiltplayer =4/10.
ill be trading warfighter in to get some money for assassins creed 3 that is how much i dislike this game.


| | See all Licentia's reviews (1)

Bare in mind this is Medal of Honor and not Call of Duty.

I personally think it's a cracking game. Runs smoothly and the campaign is as great as the first game.

MP wise, it's different but in a good way. The maps are well balanced, no gun is over powered and the support actions are great. I personally was surprised by the MP on this after how bad the previous one was. I think it's great! There are also free maps coming out soon for those who bought the Limited Edition version :).

Graphics are a bit rough around the edges but it looks no worse than Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty. It just really shows that we need the next gen on console!

At the end of the day though, the best reviewer is yourself! :). Try it, I personally think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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| | See all viperwarlord's reviews (1)

Possibly the worst game i have ever played, such a shame, Tier1 was an amazing game, this is just plain boring, too short and the AI is shocking. Best thing i can say about it is the weapons are reasonably realistic....thats it!

  Worst shooter this year!

| | See all adzter's reviews (1)

I bought this game as a time filler for the better games coming out later this year... As a true medal of honour fan saying this, as soon as I started playing the campain it was so dull and unrealistic, the guns didnt sound real and the feeling of being in a war isnt there at all, the multiplayer section is a joke and not fun to play at all im afraid, save your money and buy deserving titles such as halo 4 and assassins creed 3.