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Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Dylssss's reviews (3)

the wheel itself is rather good, but if you want to play a game that needs the buttons LB and RB you are unable to because the wheel doesn't have these buttons.

  Wireless speed wheel

| | See all ryann92's reviews (6)

Very good steering wheel i like the fact its hassle free and easy storage i use this on forza 4 and its brilliant got to admit its a bit of a guessing game sometimes on how much turn in to do for a corner but apart from that its great would deffo recommend.

  Great wireless wheel

| | See all coventryjames's reviews (4)

Arrived today so very happy with that.I've been playing Forza 4 and it does take some getting used to.You can adjust how sensitive the weel is on the game itself.Its just a case of seeing whats good for yourself.A lot of people have said the lack of bumper buttons are something of an problem but theres more then one way of getting around this problem.I now need to try the wheel with more games such as Formula 1 and see what its like with that.Overall i've been pretty happy with my experience so far.

  NOT compatible with online+tuning aspects of Forza4 (Avoid!)

| | See all teemor's reviews (7)

your better off with a wired steering wheel control that has the shoulder buttons... because it doesnt have the shoulder buttons you cant go into the menu systems and change the set up of your vehicle... why develop something like this and skip out on something as important as 2 little buttons????????????
The reaction time from steering is the only thing thats good... apart from that its a waste of time and money...
bl**dy stupid... avoid it...

  Not as good as a mounted wheel but still fantastic.

| | See all DavidAlan1988's reviews (18)

Got this for Christmas along with Forza 4. This was a great edition, its small, light but sturdy and easy to use. To my surprise its very very responsive, the game will react to the slightest twitch. Not as realistic or as accurate as mounted wheels but this costs half as much and to be honest is much more convenient, quick and easy to get going with. Id recommend for racing game enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

  Good but not great

| | See all EdStone's reviews (1)

Just got one of these for christmas. Works out of the box with Forza 4. With Grid and Dirt I had to customise the controls. However the lack of the LB and RB buttons limit what driving games you can use it with. NFS Shift anf PGR4 for example. Caveat emptor

  AMAZING with Forza 3

| | See all RichClio's reviews (21)

Bought this to play with wrc initially but it was awful and i gave up with it. also tried it on NFS but wasnt great on that either. Thought i had wasted my money but then played it with forza 3 and i couldnt believe how well it worked! Makes the Boring Career on Forza alot more fun and the wheel reacts perfectly with the cars. Only down points are that i find the start and back button awkwardly place but i love the feel to the controller and it feels good to hold with the oversize triggers. Also a shame it doesnt have bumper buttons as a couple of features on Forza 3 you have to revert back to a standard controller(storefront for example) this deffinately makes me want to get Forza 4 now :)

  amazing driving experience

| | See all MattyManchester82's reviews (2)

pros - the driving experience in the game is very good, i would highly recommend if you have the funds to get the 'Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel' as well, it is a great edition to the game. t

The levels have great variety of weather conditions, cars, corners, police presence, etc which inproves the dynamics of the game are great, some levels are frustrating, but makes you more determined to suceed!

con - graphics are alittle flickery at times, maybe my tv, not sure. doesnt interfere with gameplay though, its more when the animated story takes over it happens.

the freedom to race on a choice of directions across the USA would of enhanced the game diversity, as you race the same tracks if you were to replay the game, not having the diversity of the hot pursuit predocessor where you could race with freedom and go in any direction you please

definately a good purchase

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| | See all LukasKhan's reviews (1)

Overall amazing product. Really, really surprised at how good it is. You get used to it pretty quickly and it's very responsive.

I wouldn't recommend it if you were going to get one for online play as it lacks a headphone jack - although having a wireless headset or a kinect would sort out that issue.

It also lacks the bumper buttons as well. But most games adjust the settings automatically to ensure it isn't an issue.


| | See all SamMarge's reviews (1)

This wheel is really good, thought it might lag behind when you turn corners but not to be, this wheel goes where ever you want the car to go. Loving every minuet of it and its worth the money!
Thanks Play.com!

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