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Official Xbox 360 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Not impressed

| | See all boulton127's reviews (1)

This headset has a very good battery life and doesn't take too long to charge. The earpiece is hard to fit, not very comfortable and the headset i find falls off with little disturbance required. Not for the serious gamer.

  Excellent stuff

| | See all voo4uk's reviews (1)

Bought it few days ago, it took a minute to set up to both xbox and my phone, working in perfect, good looking, good battery life, good fit to the ear, crystal clear voice. No bad points at all. Definitely would recommend. 5*

  worse than the previous headset

| | See all cdwoods's reviews (1)

Bought this item as a birthday present for my girlfriend, i have the previous headset which i love, the quality is amazing and the way it fits your ear is really good, this headset on the other hand, has one piece of really flimsy plastic that feels as if its going to break, and doesn't fit my ear or my girlfriends ear. In my opinion worst 30 quid i've spent on an accessory, if you want a really comfortable fitting wireless headset, go for the previous one.

  A must have!

| | See all RLovatt's reviews (1)

A great improvement over the previous wireless headset! The bluetooth functionality is just brilliant, one second im on my xbox the next ill be using for my PS3 and then my Iphone and then my Laptop. As for the sound quality it's clear and crisp like the previous headset, My only issue is the confort after prolonged periods of time but were talking 4 hours + .

  Better than the first official wireless headset!

| | See all ThatAmirGuy's reviews (1)

I've had it about a week now and put it on charge for the first hour. I've been using it for around a week now and had around 25 hours of talk time plus and the charge meter is still on four bars! The comfort is great; interchangeable ear pieces and you can switch the hook around so you can change to whatever ear you prefer. I think maybe the bigger the ear you have, the better it fits! I've been told my voice is clear to when talking in party chat and that they get no feedback (low buzzing). The Bluetooth function also works well. The clarity of the voice calls is superb. All in all a great wireless headset with plenty of talk time and is lightweight.

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  Not very impressed.

| | See all NinjaPirateUK's reviews (1)

I was pretty disappointed with this headset. The quality of the audio was significantly worse than the standard wired Xbox headset, popping and crackling when people were speaking and emitting a constant low buzz. People on the other end of the conversation said that the sound was distant and hard to make out at times. I expected better from first-party hardware.

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  Best multiplatform headset

| | See all sfpnoodle's reviews (2)

I wasn't a fan of the old 360 headsets. Being a frequent online gamer, they just didn't seem to last long enough. My PS3 headset lasted for ages, and charging it also took far less time. Now this is out and I have to say it's the best of both worlds. It looks and feels just like the official PS3 headset plus it has features such as noise cancellation and a much longer battery life. The best part? It also supports bluetooth, so if you get a phone call mid game, just flick a switch and it will automtically switch to your phone so you can game whilst you play. A god send to say the least.

But it gets even better. Being a bluetooth headset, this is also 100% compatible with the PS3! I don't think MS intended that, but incorporating bluetooth technology meant it would be pretty much unavoidable. I now use the same headset for both consoles and it's a minor miracle. Whenever I switch consoles I don't have to move or change anything, it automatically re-syncs to the desired console.

To sum up, a fantastic headset and it took a long time coming from MS. The best part is that it is absolutely perfect for gamers that use both HD consoles like myself. You get a high level of voice quality on both platforms with the exact same level comfort and perks. It might seem pricey at 30 quid, but MS has always priced high. But when you consider this headset has a 3-1 feature of 360/PS3/PHONE, it really isn't that much of an issue. The perfect gaming headset. Buy it.

  Just what I've been waiting for!

| | See all Retrospeck's reviews (1)

As a very frequent game player, a lot of the time I will be in the middle of a game, especially online, and can't always pause when my phone goes. Now I just flick one switch and it answers for me and I can continue my gameplay. In terms of sound quality, it is a definite improvement on the last wireless headset, and no issues with battery life yet, lasting for hours and hours. It has different sized ear buds to help adjust and is light enough that makes it super comfy when wearable. Functions perfectly well as just a bluetooth headset (so works on my PS3 as well as phone) and great for Xbox too.

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