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Battlefield 3

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  best FPS.....ever

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this game is better then call of duty because the storyline makes more sense. but the multiplayer is the suprise highlight. you can unlock camouflages for your character and there are hundreds of weapons, upgrades, gadgets, dogtags and camos and there is even morters.
the maps are huge and over plenty of good sniping positions. such as the caspian border map where there is a huge tower that can only be accessed by air, so you have to get a jet and fly over it and jump out and use your parachute it is really fun.

you can destroy entire buildings the house to house combat is really fun. its also great coming up behind a sniper and stabbing them to get their dogtags.

BUY THIS GAME. the singleplayer is too short but the multiplayer will keep you occupied for ages. especially with battlefield premium which adds new camos, new dogtags, new guns, new vehicles, new maps and challenges.

  best war game ever!!!

| | See all marrrtin73's reviews (31)

i have to admit that i am a cod fanboy and used to mock my friends about how mw3 is far better than bf3 but my god i bought bf3 and was sold....i think that battlefield 3 is a realistic war shooter and the size of destruction and the sound are unbilievable!!!!!

  Best mutliplayer wargame on console

| | See all bri2000's reviews (16)

Huge and numerous, well designed maps covering everything from CQB urban warfare to open tank battles. Jets and helicopters are available.

The usual death match type modes are present together with the real meat - which rush and conquest. Single player is nothing special but the multi player, which emphasises tactic over reflexes is the reason to get this.

It's also probably as good games are going to look this generation.

  Solid Multiplayer - Much to be Desired

| | See all TheSkateyBird's reviews (1)

So, another highly anticipated installment of the "Battlefield" series.
Lets start by looking at the game itself, the graphical detail is unacceptable unless you decide to download the textures pack from XBL Marketplace which if you have a slower internet connection can be a hindrance, especially considering that the game is shipped with TWO disks!

The single player as with many modern FPS game is like a reworking of all previous shooters with whole levels closely resembling previous games from different series (including the CoD series). Ontop of this the campaign itself is predictable and short. Why do they bother!?

Multiplayer is another story completely! Spacious maps, varied weapon sets,all with their uses. However the class system is slightly blured compared to the original well defined system from Bad Company 2, by combining some of these classes some of the uniqueness has gone.

The base game has a selection of decent maps, some obviously better than others but never-the-less, good. When compared to it's opposition, Modern Warefare 3, this game far outshines it with an update to date engine and a developer who listens and cares about their community!
Overall, I was impressed with the multiplayer. That was all, while the graphics may be better than all other current console games this game gives the signs that the Xbox 360 has reached it's limits. The Single player was a let down and the interface was clunky at times.

3/5 - Excellent service from Play.com as per usual.


| | See all browwwner's reviews (3)

ive had it since release, amazing game, to be honest at first the leveling is slow, took 45 hours to get to level 25 now im at 40 at 80 hours the levelling gets much faster as you get to know the maps know the guns etc, now everyone compares this to call of duty, but you cannot compare the games are both in a class of there own, if you want a more realistic team based 20 minute battle, then battlefield is for you where as if you want a on your toes action just shooting people then call of duty, both 5 stars games!

  Really Good !!!!

| | See all FinchesQualityEn's reviews (5)

i had both this game and mw3 and i can say bf wins hands down, after a couple of weeks of mw3 collecting dust i decided to sell with no regrets.

  Great game, a must own.

| | See all branstoneboy's reviews (12)

Brilliant game and love the style of play. Only issues are the campaign seems short and little strange. I was also let down to see no split-screen gameplay since my Xbox Live recently expired. Finally I would like to add that I purchased the game at a time when it was greatly reduced in price. Despite the great game, I would not pay too much for this title.

  Very good game!

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

This game is much better than any of the recent Medal of Honour or Call of Duty games and i have thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the game so far.
This game is brilliant when played solo in the campaign missions and is fantastic played co-op or multiplayer online.
Graphics and scenery interaction is excellent with most objects and buildings taking realistic damage.
Weapons and upgrades are excellent and just the right difficulty to keep you playing as the upgrades are all challenging to get, but not at all impossible for even the most casual of players.
This game is another class and I would recommend this game to all gamers as it can be as serious and challenging as you make it.
If you liked any of the; Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, or Rainbow Six Games then you need this game in your life!!!

Graphics: 9/10
Weapons: 8/10
Solo Gameplay: 9/10
Online Gameplay: 9/10
Re-playability: 9/10

The only reason i have not given this game 10 out of 10 is because if we give it a perfect score then the game makers will think that they don't need to improve on the next one.


| | See all YoanCordon's reviews (1)

This game is amazing its graphics are top notch and the game engine runs perfectly. Multiplayer is a bit short but its all about the online play. Install the free HD content and youre off. Must buy got COD but rarely play due to this game


| | See all stevie31's reviews (39)

(anyone who says this game graphics arent good are sniffing something!) The game is similar to COD in many ways only the destruction side in the game gives it the edge!

The storyline continues from battlefield 2, its actually a good story about a USA marine who is suspected in helping terriosts in iran to attack usa and he gives his detail account which where are mission offline come from!

The graphics are stunning and must admitt this frostbite engine is immense for detail and clarity! Ive heard fuzziness being mentioned HELLO! its in iran sunshine reflecting in the game. The deatail to the soldiers and weaponry and surroundings is just breathtaking,the destruction side to is incredible.

The sound to me is more realistic than COD you can clearly hear the reloading of rifles and clips dopping to ground and sound of explosions and effect of them is amazing. The voice acting to is great no speaking before mouth opens.

Online ive heard this is immense but really only on a few times and have enjoyed it but not a online fan just offline for me, so hope this helps you and enjoy a cracking shooter.