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Battlefield 3

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Amazing game

| | See all JuanKurr's reviews (1)

Had this game ordered on Pre-Release from Play.com and since I got it in October I have been thoroughly addicted to it!

The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fast-paced and exhilarating, the multiple game modes mean you are sometimes needed as a sniper, sometimes as a medic, sometimes as a support player or sometimes as an engineer blowing up tanks and repairing your team's vehicles.

If you hate the monotone arcade-style shoot'em'ups that the COD series has now resorted to then you'll love this! There are five different online game modes as well as CO-OP and an extensive single-player campaign.

This is quite simply the best X-box game I've ever bought.
Buy it now! ;)

  this and MW3 best game ever - in my opinion

| | See all siviman's reviews (1)

so my wife knew I fancied this so she ordered it here for me for Xmas - I have finished the main game (single player) after around 9 days (playing at least a couple of hours each day).
I love shooters and have different games on the PS3, and having recently added the Xbox 360 slim to my setup now have Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox. I must say - these are the best I have played so far!!!
Well pleased!

  This is proper warfare !!

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

This game is an amazing piece of fps genius. Its so much more than its major rival. To start with the campaign is very good and contrary to what some have said, I believe it's big enough. Its certainly diverse in terms of location, characters, and weapons. There's always plenty of action whether it be all out confrontation or stealthy sneak n peak.
The campaign is just a prelude to the marvellous multi-player any way! The action is on a grand scale 24 people battling it out using all manner of modern day vehicles and weaponry. Huge battle grounds, absolutely excellent physics and motion of game play. Not to mention the graphics, absolutely first class. )H.D upgrade at the beginning a must). The way the cinematics capture light and sound in perfect realism is superb. A real sense of comradeship is delivered when playing this. You will not be disappointed...FACT!

  awesome game

| | See all Kelaborg's reviews (1)

Game works fine, took only a week to arrive. Only down side is that the little plastic bit that holds the second cd was broken, so my multiplayer cd is loose around the box, only a small problem which didnt rly bother me. Thanks


| | See all Fanboy24's reviews (3)

This game is a masterpiece. reviews above covered it mostly. would just like to add about the unlocks, been playing 80 hours and still unlocking items. keeps it fresh.

I also used to be cod only player but felt ripped off by them repackaging same game every year. BF also gives you more bang for your buck in form of DLC, not just maps but unlocks for new weapons and vehicles!

BF is the future of FPS, COD is a dinosaur.

  Must buy! So much better than COD!

| | See all MDP1991's reviews (2)

I've always been an avid Call of Duty player, I played Black-Ops religiously. I had always heard good reviews about Battlefield but never really had a go. However, a few of my friends at work started talking about it and convinced me to buy it. I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACKED! This game blows Call of Duty out the water! To the point where I really am not interested in MW3. The graphics and online gameplay are outstanding. You really do have to work as a team to achieve online game success. The ranking system is harder but you feel so much more accomplished when you unlock something or rank up.

I couldn't recommend this game enough, by far the best shooter I have ever played, and that's saying something.

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  Am I playing the correct game?

| | See all Battlestar007's reviews (10)

How disappointed can you get with a console game? I answered this playing BF3. Firstly it would not allow me to download the HD content onto my XBox despite having 200GB free (that may also affect what im about to say). The storyline in the main game is (in my opinion) so poor that i switched it off.... came back about 4 weeks later and its still just as bad. The weapons are naff so unrealistic and almost impossible to line up with a target. If real no one would use these as the recoil is ridiculous. Got bored very easily also. One of the first missions all i had to do was follow someone waiting for it all to kick off around the corner .... but no... end of the level. No idea what its about.

The poorest aspect of the game for me is the graphics (but please bear in mind what i said about the HD content above). The faces are angular the cars were blurred overall very disappointing,

Had quick play on the online section and its for that reason i gave it 2 stars. Its quite good with a big range of different missions to play. Overall wish i hadnt bought this when it first came out and can see why someone would pay 25 quid for it now. Overall massive disappointment from a series of games I really enjoy. If there is a BF4 i will definately take time before spending money on it.

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| | See all Hawking21's reviews (1)

just got it today and it gave me goose bumps just hearing the sound effects. Just brilliant, multiplayer is also very exciting aswell.

  BF3 Rocks

| | See all ThermalGlenn's reviews (2)

I'm new to BF after playing COD MW and BO games buy I must say BF3 is just amazing, just love playing conquest on the huge maps, getting in and controlling tanks, jeeps, choppers and jets.
I have sold my MW3 as the maps are insane and server lagg makes me want to jump off a cliff

  Brilliant game ... enough said

| | See all Vorodir's reviews (8)

One incredible gaming experience.
The graphics alone are really spectacular. Even on the console edition. Multiplayer involves game modes: Conquest, Rush, Team deathmatch etc. Play as most war related vehicles such as jets, helicopters, tanks, LAV and jeeps! Please note however this edition does NOT come with Back to Karkland the update must be bought separately from the live store. Wide range of playable classes from medic to anti tank engineer. Single player is lacking... but lets face it, multiplayer is what you buy Battlefield for. If you love getting deep into the heart of battle, working with team mates and just generally shooting the hell out of things... defiantly a game to buy. Suggest also investing a little money in a surround sound system ... makes all the difference!

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