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Battlestations: Midway

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  not for everyone, but great for those it is for.

| | See all syharp's reviews (1)

first of all those people who say this game is rubbish are just wrong, its not for everyone as its slow paced strategy with some action, controls are a bit of a pain but when u get used to them its easy, if u like naval strategy or more relaxed slow paced games its good, if u like to always play fast games like cod stay clear, graphic wise its not so good and its got faults but if like me u like the naval war thing this and pacific or great. There is a training section to show how to play too.

  for the price its brill.....

| | See all shamrockshay's reviews (4)

We have had more enjoyment playing this game, than most others. The variety in game play is good, so easy to get to grips with and for the price its a must buy, especially if you like the genre of this type of game.

  not too bad...

| | See all CMC4life's reviews (15)

Always fun to bomb ships and blow aircraft out of the skies!!

Gameplay is okay, controls are difficult to master at first, but the excitement is great for a very short single-player campaign. Yet to try multiplayer, hoping for good results too.

  not much to say

| | See all LuvMy360's reviews (6)

One word descrbes this game in my view.................PANTS. I hated it from the start. Slow, laborious and repetative.

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  Good Game but sucks up too much to multiplayer

| | See all RoyalArch's reviews (5)

I got this game when it came out and it promised the sun, moon and stars. However the only thing that was available was a short American campaign and a few challenge missions. This is coming from the perspective of someone who does not have XBox Live. This game is extremely discriminatory of anyone who does not have XBox Live as most of the units available in the game are not accessible in single player mode.

  Great Game

| | See all jamclln1981's reviews (1)

When I first got this game I played it for a couple of hoursm got fed up, tried to sell it on here, but then decided to give it another go. Once you get your head round the buttons, which I think you do need them all, it is amazing. I dont think I got the hang of it until the final couple of missions, but they were awesome, well worth the trouble.

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| | See all GAMO119's reviews (6)

This game is brilliant!!! If people have put you off this game, dont believe them! The graphics are ace in hd, the controls are confusing at first, but its easy after a few days. The storyboard is impeccable, but the only thing wrong with the game is the difficulty level. Even on rookie you struggle to keep bombers in the air, carriers afloat and airfields able to launch planes.its still great. The best thing is the complexity of the game. E.g. You repair your boats, it uses real naval abbreviations e.g. Pt, cv, lcp and so on. It is just amazing. To enjoy this game to the full, you need a clear mind, a good memory and a passion for wwii. That does not prevent you from enjoying the game, it will just be harder. This is a brilliant game, do not miss!


| | See all Gallowaya's reviews (4)

I can't belive what some people write, this game is excellent, wide range of aircraft and ships. Who wouldn't want to abliterate a little destroyer with a battleship. A must


| | See all richgooner's reviews (2)

This game is an insult to the xbox 360 and should never have been released on the system. It reminded me of playing a game on the ps1 and should of stayed in that era!

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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all SuperNovo's reviews (1)

Downloaded the game from Xbox marketplace as a demo. Absolutely loved it, whether you hunt with subs, destroy battleships and destroy air and land targets as planes. I rate the online play as a little slow and repetative but when you get the full version, things open up completely. A definate buy.

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