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Batman: Arkham City

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Arkham Pretty

| | See all Mirrorkissers's reviews (23)

This game is good. In a nutshell, if you enjoyed the first title (Arkham Asylum) this sequel is an expansive, gritty, grey, dark big brother to the first game. Bigger, badder and better, with more side missions, villains, riddler missions, easter eggs, clues and so much more. It really is stunning, the gameplay is smooth, the map is so large that I lost myself a few times and was actually frustrated that I couldn't find my way out. While Batman roams the skies, gangs patrol the street level, much like lunatics and jokers henchmen controlled the asylum. I found myself immersed in hours of entertainment, however this is a "once play through" game for me. When I had completed the game, I never touched it again. Great game but no online features at all. Shame really, as this game is GOOD.

  best game of 2011 and best game for me in 3d

| | See all j17yog's reviews (4)

batman arkham city is one of the best games i have ever played in my life. Catwoman looks hot...some good gadgets too. I am proud to have this game in my home especially in 3d.

  Good but something doesn't feel right.

| | See all branstoneboy's reviews (12)

The last game was an epic which I suggest everybody play whether they play this or not. This seemed to be missing something.
The equipment list has doubled in size and it's all available at once which might not throw you too much if you've played the last game but this game doesn't even give you a chance to get used to it. The introduction to the story has so many issues. The story line being one of them but the game play is another major part as it's mostly cut scenes with occasional buttons to press. And then after an extremely brief and bad introduction to combat you're left to your devices and wished good luck without explaining most things in game. There are other issues I won't delve into such as the storyline and the areas that are locked for the start of the game and then sealed off to the end of the game giving you an incredibly short time to access them (yes, just like the last game).
Don't think this is an all bad report. The batman games are very nearly unique and are unmatched (if you haven't played any AC that is). Combat in them is still great as you try to get high combos but all the special moves and quick equipment moves in battle get confusing and you forget nearly all of them. The transport method is still fun to play with and take-downs are still fun to play around with as well. Riddler's trophies come into the game a lot more which is challenging like you wouldn't believe. It's just all round good but please play the first one first to get used to it and once you're used to the bad storyline and other minor flaws it soon becomes worth it.
Buy it, play it but don't expect miracles.

  best game 2011

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i played the first batman game and thought it was ok but this is in a different league,quite simply the best game of the year 2011