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Assassin's Creed 3 (With Exclusive Pre-Order Colonial Assassin Weapon & Costume Pack Download)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all DaceMad's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed this game, it's more sophisticated than previous Assassin's Creed games, and I know a lot of people had issues with how long it took to get going but I enjoyed the whole story. The concept of crafting could have been a little clearer, and yes a few things are repetitive, but I love the character of Connor, and would definitely recommend this game.

  Fans of the series stay away

| | See all JSHutt's reviews (2)

ummm where do I begin with this recent installment, I saw all the trailers for this game and I was so excited like a child let loose in a candy store, one of the trailers has the American army and Connor charging at the British and the ensuing battle looked pretty cool this is what I expected... boy was I let down, the closest this scene came to being true is you running by trenches to miss cannon and bullet fire.

but anyways lets get to the real meat and gravy of faults, with previous installments Altair and Ezio were amazing, you fell in love with them, they were strong confident, calm headed and when things hit the fan they dealt with it, this made you feel cool, and I could never realize how Desmond was such a boring/mundane/terrible character with ancestry such as them, then Connor came into light with this game and that answered all my questions, Connor is a boring hot head to say the least, I will not comment my full feelings on this matter,

the game world itself though interesting with some aspect of open world, does becomes irritating to navigate to a degree, the controls are clumsy, the graphics are not improved, the story is incredibly uninteresting, the characters are also boring, the only character I found a remotely interesting was Thomas Hickey and this was only due to his death speech,
the naval aspect though a good idea, it was not executed to its full potential, so it felt a little added on.
the multiplayer is the same as always as far as I am concerned which I have no issue with

to sum it up the game has lost the flair and assassin aspect that it was based on, bring back the days where you could decide how to kill your target in any manner, not this directed path

  Shoulda, coulda, woulda. But never be

| | See all Ski1977's reviews (9)

I was looking forward to it, until I got it and wished i never did.
If you love Assassins 2, Brotherhood, Revelations. Don't buy this game you will be greatly disappointed. The story is every where and the game play completely changed for the worse. Hope fully they will bring back the magic of assassins greed to series 2.

  Not better then the ezio auditore trilogy

| | See all Shafa23's reviews (8)

Ive played all the Assission Creed games, but I can honestly say that this is not better then the Ezio Trilogy, controls are more confusing, overal its still worth playing..

  Good but room for improvement

| | See all Reedy1280's reviews (2)

At first I did not like the game atall mainly because of the overly long introduction and at some points i had to make myself to play it.
I am glad that I did as soon as you get past the intro it gets better and better from there apart from some glitches here and there it is a brillaint game. I have played all of the assassins creeds and this is probably my second favourite, with the new naval missions being a great aset to the game and great surroundings it is worth a purchase.

  How to take a great franchise and make it worse

| | See all TomL101's reviews (3)

I was so excited for this game to come out. I would not say I was bitterly disappointed but this lacks everything that AC2 and Brotherhood had.
Conner as a character was far less charismatic than Ezio, this back story is fairly weak and i found I didn't really care or engage with him in anyway.
All the careful attention to detail in the Italy cities and environments had been sacrificed in an effort to increase the scale of the the US territories The story was far to over complicated and the graphics have gotten worse from AC2. When competing with games such as Halo 4 or 3rd person action like Gears, AC, you have to do better! Also, altering Desmonds face to try and fit with introducing a Native American relative? Not cool. Give us continuity, better graphics and more fluid action. Keep it simple and do what you do best. Need inspiration blow the dust of AC2 and remind yourself what got AC where it is!


| | See all martl1979's reviews (1)

This is the last one of these games I will play, no different to the first game in terms of gameplay, still just as frustrating. The combat is mundane and if you get guards on your case it takes forever to lose them, and the controls are clunky - the only plus was the storyline which I was enjoying until I finally got fed up just over half way through.


| | See all LiamSalter's reviews (2)

Avoid this game at all costs, the campaign is massively dragged out by pointless missions, tons of cut scenes, forced path missions and tutorials. Even the assassination missions force you down a certain path and allow no freedom at all. The characters and story line are poor and uninteresting. The modern day sections are even worse and most of which may as well just be a cut scene, in fact the last hour of the game consists of running to cut scene to cut scene which is about as fun as slamming your head against a wall repeatedly. I won't ruin the ending but I will say that it is incredibly disappointing, unrewarding and doesn't answer any questions. The only decent part of the game is the multiplayer which is essentially the exact same as in Revelations or Brotherhood with some extra features. Avoid this game at all costs.

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  Its alright but not brilliant

| | See all sjlaverie's reviews (2)

I was seriously excited by this game before playing it. They have revamped the control system to make it more simple but i found it made the game harder and i was pressing buttons from previous games, why change it? The world is huge and you can explore it all however this makes it very hard to get lost in trying to complete all the side missions. Being able to climb and freerun through trees is a nice touch but its not really essential apart from a few missions. The storyline is hard to follow with the present being confusing and not really linked into the past also with it being wound around an actual historical event and I wasn't really drawn into it like previous games. Also as i said so many side missions going on all over the place. Overall there have been some nice touches added to the game but it feels like they've trying to pack too much into it and not concetrated on the storyline really. Worth a play for fans of the series but previous games are more fun and I don't know how the price is as high as it is.

  Great Game

| | See all thenoob's reviews (9)

Its a great instalment to the Assassins Creed story, improved gameplay, improved online features and overall a better feel. However, story wise Ezio's stroy was better.