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Assassin's Creed 3 (With Exclusive Pre-Order Colonial Assassin Weapon & Costume Pack Download)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Alot of potential but doesn't deliver

| | See all JDCastro93's reviews (1)

i have loved the assassins creed games from the very beginning so looked forward to number 3, the opening couple hours of gameplay is good however as soon as you start to play as connor, the game became sluggish, alot of cut sceens and the story dint really make sense. due to the fact i dont play in vast time slots i had no idea about what was going on, one minuete hes wearing indian clothing next some assassins gown.....overall disappointed with the game, sold it after a week of playing....hopefully if they bring out another game will be 10x bette


| | See all Lukejr1's reviews (1)

I would just like to say I've played and loved every assassins creed to date, and I must say I'm bitterly disappointed by this game..

I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 hours and would leave a hugely positive review, however now I've past the point of being wow'd by the beautiful scenery I've found more glitches, problems and general irritating niggles than I can cope with...

I have no idea what they have done to the free running/climbing but it's a step backwards, you find yourself climbing on the wrong things and randomly not grabbing things you should be able to, the controls are clunky and completely unrefined. The horse control is a joke and would make no difference if they had just left them out.

The fighting is infuriating, 6 out of 10 air assassinations glitch and you end up landing on the floor being stabbed by the guy you ment to kill by his musket. The general combat has a few new fancy moves but definitely should have kept the original combat system and incorporated these new combos with that. (And to those who have already played this game will know what I mean when I say there is a complete lack of combat dialog as you will hear in the most annoying voice repeatably saying 'so slow' virtually every time you enter combat)

There are some really good ideas and concepts in this game which is its saving grace in my opinion such as when you have acquired your ship, the sea battles are really entertaining and a welcome breath of fresh air, and having your own little village is cool too, but these are overcast by the nicks and niggles which are generally more important.

I've tried to be as honest as I can in this review but please do yourself a favour and rent the game first and make up your own mind about it. I would have been taking this back for a refund if I had paid 40 pound for it!

  Best Assassin to date

| | See all Madgamer331's reviews (12)

This is the best Assassin to date. The story is very enjoyable and the graphics and the detail is so nice to look at. I love the fact that they have combined AC2 with AC Revalations to make this. It is a really fun game and you should buy it.

  Gets Better and Better!

| | See all CrAzYAzza90's reviews (1)

What a game!.

Iv really enjoyed this game been playing it for 5 days on and off and still Haven't completed it yet. great visuals and the story line is amazing. just when you think it couldn't get any better it Does! well done on this game it was a great buy!


| | See all monkey1038's reviews (2)

brilliant game would like to have seen more of the battles between the english and americans a few glitches but worth every penny

  Very unhappy assassin

| | See all hurby666's reviews (1)

Played about 12 hours and found the controls clunky very much like the first creed, story mode long winded and not engaging. All of the beauty, complexity and diverse gameplay has just disappeared. Very sad to say that this has left me dying to go and play assassins 2 series again. I returned my game for a refund, something I have never done before!

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  It's a Hell of a Game...Literally

| | See all immy786's reviews (1)

The game is the best of the franchise
Huge but inconsistent, Assassin's Creed III is an impressive adventure that succeeds in most of what it attempts.


| | See all dazzace's reviews (11)

Great game and graphics, but lots of pop ups and disappearing people, horses etc. however it's great to have a totally different world.

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| | See all jamesrmp's reviews (5)

The assasins creed game series is one of my all time favourites. Assassins creed 3 is by far the best assassins creed game of the lot. The actions of freerunning, climbing and fighting are so smooth its unreal. The game itself is all round just a masterpiece and the mulitplayer is fantastic eventhough im not a huge fan of the assassins creed mulitplayer. Defo buy this game it would be a crime not too.
single player = 11/10 !!!
mulitplayer = 10/10 !!!!

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  this game is awsome

| | See all matlu4's reviews (3)

this game is the best by far you get guns so i rekemnd to by it

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