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Forza Horizon

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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| | See all egonspeng's reviews (7)

So far, I think i've spent about 20% of my time on this game racing. The rest i've been in the paint-shop, jazzing up the growing number of cars in my garage; Not that i'm complaining, the racing has been top-notch. I've never played any of the previout Forza titles, but the racing seems alot more tactical, more 'real' than other racers i've played, thinking involved rather than ramming down that accelorator and just releasing/breaking at the right time. If your looking for good racer and like to get creative, i'd recommend this.

  no English if you live abroad

| | See all OldSchoolguy's reviews (15)

Foreign customers and English-speakers living abroad be aware that everything in this game will be presented in the native language of wherever your console happens to be.

For example if you live in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Germany the manues and voices will all be in the language of each respective country.

The in-game manue does not allow you to change to English.
Great way to ruin the immersion of a game !

It is good that Turn10 allows people to play this game in their own language, however they should not FORCE those of us who want to play it in English to do so as well.

Also, nothing in the marketing of this game actually mentions this. Some warning would have been nice as I would not have bought the game had I known this. This is false or misleading marketing in my opinion.

If you want to play this game in English you need to either play offline or switch country location on your xbox settings to UK/US before you install the game and when you actually play it.


| | See all Andy215's reviews (12)

Wow what a Game Was sceptical about this one, but to be fair it is brilliant, microsoft got this one just right, makes you want to play more to get the achievments.


| | See all Ryanmogg98's reviews (14)

When i orginally played this game i loved it. It was fun and different. Being Forza i was expecting it to walk all over Test Drive Unlimited 2!!
However it did not!! The racing is all the same, the online is horrendous, the selection of cars is poor, the handling of the cars is even worse it like impossible unless your travelling at stupid speeds to crash and even when you do crash it has no effect.
I finished the game but wont play it again.
Fortunantly i was lucky enough to pay 8 pound for this game brand new so for me it was okay but for anyone who pays more than 10 pound for this game will be dissapointed.

  An amazing game that I poured hours into

| | See all Ibsy23's reviews (6)

I consider myself a driving/racing game fan, but I can be picky about what I enjoy. I really enjoyed Test Drive Unlimited (TDU), thought TDU2 had its moments, loved Dirt 2 but not 3 as much, loved Forza 3 but not 4 as much. That said, Forza Horizon hits a sweet spot that has me completely hooked to it.

The basic premise is an open world, with a good choice of cars. The cars are king in this game, with the focus clearly being on them, rather than any ridiculous side-story (I'm looking at you TDU2!). The big names including Lamborghini are here, except for Porsche, but having RUF will, to a certain extent, fill that niche. Within a brand are a wide range of models, with anything from an Aston Martin DB5 of yesteryear to a modern day One-77 to choose from.

For what I want from a racing game, the handling is perfect. I've heard dedicated racing gamers and journalists say that the handling can still feel a little simplified and not a 1-2-1 simulation of actual driving, but if you appreciate that it's close, and not trying to be a direct simulation, then it's close enough for most. If you're a beginner, you can have a multitude of assists on, while those more experienced can turn off your racing line, ABS, automatic gearbox, rewind features etc., and be rewarded for doing so by getting cash multipliers for winning races with these assists off. Cars have enough character to feel unique, and you'll definitely have to adjust your driving style from one car to the next. Just upgrading your car, using the typical suite of Forza tools, can drastically alter the feel of a car (as you'd expect).

The world itself is big but not huge. Don't go into this game expecting 2 islands to play with, but do expect to be able to get lost in the scenery through simply enjoying driving. The graphics (in my opinion) are gorgeous, with the graphics engine really bringing out the best in the cars and the scenery. The day night cycle brings with it some glorious sunsets, which you'll want to stop and admire, perhaps using the Photo Mode to capture the scene. The camera settings are also head and shoulders above TDU2's offering, with proper settings such as shutter speed, aperture, contrast, vignetting etc. that all come together to provide the tools for some great photos.

I'm not a multiplayer kind of person, so look to another review for that, but I've heard it's pretty good - however the AI of cars in the world when playing offline can also create ridiculous fun, with other drivers actually going for it. In TDU you'd find another car which would only cruise around at low speed unless you started a race. Not only are instant challenges much better in Horizon (only 1 button to press before you're racing) but you'll find cars will actually push themselves outside of races, and so can be good fun to follow and race for miles, not just pass and then beat to a marker.

All in all, this is a game that I had to buy having played the demo. Once the demo had its claws in me, I pre-ordered the game, and am so glad that I did. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes open world driving games, or is looking for a driving game that can be serious when you want it to be, but on the surface is good fun.

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  Enjoyable but very different to normal Forza

| | See all Curtizw18's reviews (14)

I bet if this game was called something other than Forza it would be rated quite highly. It's enjoyable, much less serious than previous Forza's. The noise of the cars is much improved, cars sound how they should (AMG Mercedes and lumpy idle tuned rx7 being most noteable). Driving around looking for classic barn finds is great. But story is short and takes about a week at most to finish the game (compared to Forza 4's endless months) and online doesn't seem to be about racing, more hit the other cars and battle to win. Poor selection of cars to, cant buy what you can race, also, new car pack was released as the game was, more money grabbing from Forza as usual

  I think it's the best Forza yet!

| | See all pistonheadsracer's reviews (1)

I've been a Forza fan from the very start,. That said the game didn't exactly move on much between Forza 3 and Forza 4 apart from a slightly tweaked physics engine and graphics.
I really like Forza Horizon, it's a taken the best bits of Forza and mixed it in with some of the fun of Burnout. I'm addicted! Having found myself tearing up the scenery in the free roaming, enjoying the challenges, illegal street racing and Barn Finds.
And it should be known that 219mph on the freeway in a classic Aston Martin DB5 with an Aston ONE77 supercar engine transplant is great fun! Get this game if you like driver escapism, it's excellent!

  This is not Forza 5

| | See all plasmabob's reviews (18)

This is just an arcade racer, which is fine if you like arcade racers. For die hard Forza fans it's a big let down. I tried very hard to like it, but it just leaves me cold, Forza 4 still does it for me and I hope Turn 10 doesn't leave it to further horizon.
The game itself is I suppose graphically pleasing if you like shades of brown, but the cars are poor and the handling is at best vague.
Forza fans probably won't buy this but NFS and Ridge Racer types will. Roll-on Forza 5.

  Much better than the demo

| | See all bananamilkshake's reviews (2)

I was unsure of buying this as I love driving games and although forza 2 3 and 4 were good they got quite boring lap after lap on the same tracks. I will say I found with the demo the cockpits were dark etc but with the video brightness you can adjust and now the whole atmosphere alot better.
Horizon is different..do not expect Forza5 handling etc more Forza3 but nothing as bad as Dirt or NFS still feels solid but yes you can take corners quicker (codemasters..Bizarre..Slightly Mad all involved apparently) working for Turn10 and you can feel Dirt menus..Kudos and arcade in here etc as others have said..
This is like you have taken your Forza car and found a gap in the race track fence and found this world of street races Festivals and pumping music all with lovely graphics around mountains and wide open roads..It's a nice change say every week to pop this in and cane it with other hot hatches in the sun of colorado all for 40 pounds..Worth a try?..

  Not really Forza

| | See all Xboxed's reviews (5)

Its not really Forza, but that said, its a fantastic car game for motor heads. Is a mixture of Forza, Need 4 Speed and TDU (although TDU 2 failed with its constent crashes and abandonment) and has hours of fun and fast gameplay. If your expecting forza, its not, but if you want a fast, bright and fun racer to loose hours in then this is a very very good game.