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Game Of Thrones

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Dr4k3y's reviews (1)

The most diabolical game ever made that I have played graphics are terrible no effort has been put into the action of the game you slash through the enemy no blood no flinching from the enemy and they just drop at a random point of the what looks like fighting a ghost, the fighting dynamic too terrible the game was brought out after skyrim and dragons dogma 2 of the best role playing games I've played have glitches like most but this game is THE glitch nothing good about the game at all movement identical to being on ice run one way turn you carry on for a bit before it registers if there is anyone that has completed this game you deserve a Medal because it is the worst thing for the Xbox I've seen better indie games on Xbox live do not buy this game buy fallout new Vegas that game is Amazing

  Worth picking up for fans.

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This not a great game, simple as that. But if you are a big fan of the books it is a nice addition to the A Song of Ice and Fire world and duplicates the tone of the books perfectly. Graphically speaking this game is not good enough for modern gaming and the combat is repetitive but enjoybale once you work out the nuances of it (there is something deeply satisfying in taking someone's legs out from under them and then driving a sword through the chink in their armour). The slating of the voice acting seems a little unfair to me as I am yet to come across a Fantasy RPG with good dialogue let alone acting! For gamers who like elite products give this a miss but for fans it is worth the investment just to walk around King's Landing and kill some Lannisters!

  The game feels very, very rushed!

| | See all jfletchuk's reviews (1)

To start with the first thing I noticed was how badly the game was made graphically, this far on into the Xbox 360 era its one of the worst i've ever seen...

I'm a huge fan of the books and TV series "Game of Thrones" but the game just doesn't cut it, the story is OK (so far), but it's hard to concentrate on the story when it's so badly made, the cut scenes are poor, the words dont go to the movement of the mouths, the fight cut scenes are poor in the sense that weapons stick through characters (graphical bugs)...

The logistics behind the combat system is very poor, you have to freeze time to chose which blows to land, then sit back and watch the poor movements ad graphical bugs in the fight scenes.. it's just not what I expected i'm not far enough into the game yet to comment on how good the story is.

The game just feels rushed or the developers were out to make a quick buck on the TV series and books popularity.. In a nutshell if you are a huge fan (as I am) you can probably get by and play through it just to see how the story plays out, otherwise i'd say avoid it and save your cash and buy something else...

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