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Crysis 3: Hunter Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (4 reviews)"

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| | See all crazyeyes21's reviews (18)

Firstly let me just say that I really enjoyed Crysis 2, even though I thought it was poor online, and could not wait for Crysis 3, what a let down. Yes it looks amazing, one of the best and the story is excellent with plenty of depth but, for me that's where the positive's end. The campaign is way to short, about 10 hours, its full of bugs, many, many people can't finish the game due to the final boss battle being glitched (check forums), and many of the achievements in single player are also glitched and don't open. Then we have online, looks amazing, controls are very easy - and that's it. So, so laggy, always seems to pick a host who must have a hamster in a wheel to connect to xbox live, The host will have 5 green bars and everyone else will have 1 red bar or 2 orange bars at best. And it makes a huge difference. When you have a host with a K/D of 0.50 and when host he's running around with 30 kills and 2 deaths then something is seriously wrong. The bullets lag, you die within 2 or 3 bullets, yet you need a full clip to get a kill, you quite often lose connection and many, many of the online achievements are also bugged, again (check forums). The are releasing a patch to fix some of the problems (for PC only) at the minute and there is no news as to when or even "if" there will be a patch for the Xbox 360 version. Overall at pretty game, short buggy campaign, glitched laggy online mode - and such a let down after all the reviews/hype it received.

  Good game but...

| | See all steettrick's reviews (7)

Crysis 3 is a good sequel to the previous two Crysis games, but I think it falls short of number 2 for sure. The story mode is great, but throughout the game I thought there was something missing which I couldn't put my finger on. Campaign is very short as well, so if you don't play Crysis online you could easily be done with the game within 2 days like I was. Still definitely worth a buy though!

  Suit Up!

| | See all Britanga's reviews (18)

This has to be one of the prettiest games to ever be on an Xbox or any other platform.
The controls are damn near perfect, the story is a huge improvement over the last game and it is just pure unadulterated fun!
The problem is that the game is so much easier and shorter than Crysis 2 was, it was so easy that I played it on Veteran straight away and had no problem with it and I am a decidedly average gamer at best!
It is good though just don't expect it to revolutionise the FPS genre or anything just appreciate the fact that it is a fun game that makes you feel good playing it.

  Maximum Armour!

| | See all stevie31's reviews (39)

WOW! Is this a new xbox console game such is the graphics,no wait a minute its not is still the 360! Well from the water dripping,rain fall on the ground,running down walls etc,to flowing grass in the wind and that it moves when you move through it! The stunning cut scenes are incredible to say the least,the detail to the background in ship, jungle,sewers etc are nothing short than brillant! The weapons in this game are stunning with the aliens weapons at your use,but wait for the bow, now thats how you hunt. (This is what a xbox360 game should have looked liked when this console first came out not now when theres a new console looming) The gameplay is stunning the switching through weapons using the Yellow button,Red buttoin for crouching,Green button for standing and jumping,Blue button for interacting couldnt be aby easier and no lagging! Online is something different at last a fresh air from COD and Battlefield something move enjoyable and realistic! (though there is some funny things like some enemy running into walls etc but very slim,every great game has a bug) This game does deserve 5stars and thats a fact buy it and enjoy and prepare for A WAR!