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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (With Bonus Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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| | See all Dlubbe's reviews (23)

Campaign: Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, but vaguely in the future 3/10

Zombies: love zombies, very fun. only downfall is being matched with terrible players, but not too bad. 8/10

Much harder than MW3, same problems as modern warfare.
Maps: Smaller maps mean you die within 5 seconds of re-spawning, or maps are too big that you spend ages running to where you need to go just to get shot by someone camping.
Killstreaks: no problem here i don't think, except a lot of pointless advice you get such as "enemy lightning strike inbound" and within a second of hearing that you get hit and are killed.
Weapons: Some weapons are stupidly overpowered and can kill you in 3 shots which render other weapons useless, some weapons are just absolutely useless and no one uses them, shotguns are really overpowered but can't even shoot someone ten feet away, knifing is a lot harder, be prepared to miss a lot of knife lunges. however, weapons customization is quite useful
Lag and respawn: im happy to say that absolutely nothing has been done to fix these problems, i have very good internet connection, very rarely had the same problems in mw3, i played today and had to quite because every game i was being put in was lagging like hell, don't know why this is such a problem for COD to fix.

  Dull and silly

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

What has happened to COD? Does anybody remember that perfect shooter called Call of Duty 4? Great plot? realistic story? authentic military protocols? simple but addictive multi-player???

The people who made this must never have played it.

Same old linear shooter with below average AI, weak story, poorly designed futuristic....stuff, and the same old multi-player.

COD is just aimed at children teenagers now, so they can get mummy and daddy to buy the over priced extra map packs on their credit card.

I hope this is the final nail in the coffin of a sadly worsening series.

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  Not worth the cash

| | See all Clown85's reviews (6)

How is it they get away with churning this rubbish out every year yet another waste of cash and time camps the same old cant even bring myself to finish the first level multiplayer was fun for a couple hours bugs are RIFE yet again league plays an absolute joke zombie mode is semi entertaining if you find 3 other guys that actually figure out its a team game and don't actually quit after 5 rounds. In my opinion worst game yet

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  killed by the invisible man

| | See all barratt1988's reviews (4)

the campaign is ok but misses depth but the biggest issue is the online gameplay. If you can manage to get a game without the connection being lost all the time you will soon find out that 80% of the time you'll be killed by someone who you cannot see yet when you view the kill cam they are stood infront of you. Now i'll admit my internet isnt amazing BUT I have read other reviews from people with fibre and they havce the same issue. the game does a poor job of matchmating yourself with other players with equal skill.

My final point is if you have played MW3 youll be very aware that there where alot of people cheating with autoaim bots. this ruined the game and unfortunatly this is already evident on black-ops 2.

If you happen to find 42.99 in the road and have nothing better to spend it on then get this game but if your not in that sutuation thing twice :)

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  Have Treyarch put all their eggs in one basket?

| | See all PsykotikPanda's reviews (3)

My title refers predominantly to Zombies. I am not a very casual gamer when it comes to Zombies. In Black Ops 1 and on the World at War maps I achieved very high levels and they took me hours to get to.

With Black Ops 2 Zombies, you literally have one thing to do; play Tranzit. Farm, Town and Bus Depot (the survival maps) are from the Tranzit game mode (effectively all the Zombies maps in one, connected by a bus route). Tranzit is immensely fun (especially with 3 other friends to frantically run around the bus with), but survival really, REALLY is not good enough. The maps are far too small (1-3 doors to open) and lack creativity. Supposedly their is going to be a DLC map for Zombies that will blow us away, but we'll have to wait and see. Nuketown is great (if you get the hardened edition or wait a month or so for it to be released as DLC), but not a lot of people have it.

So far:

Tranzit - 9/10 (if they added a few more modes of transport/ways to get around then easily 10/10).
Standalone survival maps - 4/10 (massive step back from Black Ops 1).
Bonus DLC map (Nuketown Zombies) - 8/10 (can't really be faulted, PaP machine and perks, but just not enough people have it yet to make it worthwhile to play).
Grief mode - 7/10 (Easy if you are good at Zombies, and can be annoying being put against very bad players as you win straight away).

Multiplayer has the same huge error as Black Ops 1; the hit detection and lag is un-playable. If they fix that (which is all they needed to fix from Black Ops 1), then it couldn't really be any better (except maybe making it harder for the endless amounts of children who play it to do well - prestige tokens, Hunter Drones and Lightning Strikes are too easy to obtain).

So Far (15 hours playtime multiplayer, 20 hours Zombies, and 2 hours campaign on Veteran):

Multiplayer - 7/10 (fix the lag and it's a 9.5).
Zombies - 7/10 (Tranzit and Nuketown save it from a 5).
Campaign - 8/10 (great graphics and feel, hopefully it has as good a storyline as Black Ops 1).

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| | See all Keiren714's reviews (6)

The story starts where black opts ended you play as alex mason from the first one and his son david mason the game as some old friends back like hudson and woods
The years is 2025 and now robots are now the army there are some flashbacks in the game but not a lot which is a good thing.this time around there are choices like save or kill which changes the ending what ever you do in the story will change the ending so i watched on youtube there about 7 endings. From start to finish the story pulls you in by the end you will feel sorry for some of them.

Zombies is great there 3 zones to pick from and 3 modes there tranzist where you visit all of them survival same as before wave after wave of zombies and grief where it 8 player 4v4 you on teams trying to beat the other tream while having zombies trying to kill you


There new maps new weapons and a new way to custom your class you can put skins on weapons and knifes and you have 10 things to put on each class


| | See all CHRISFATHEAD's reviews (1)

If you've played all the other COD titles and enjoyed them this will be a huge dissapointment. The campaign has to be the most tedious game i've yet to experience on the XBOX, you simply can't go wrong because there is no fredom of movement and for every couple of minutes of gameplay you have to sit through 5 minutes of video watching. Bored and Boring are the only words that i can associate to this game, keep playing your previous COD titles and save your money, wish i did.

  Best Since Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2

| | See all stephen16387's reviews (28)

Haven't ben able to get into many Call of Duty's since Call of Duty 4, mainly because I was not a fan of the multiplayer, but Black Ops 2's multiplayer is the best in 5 years, some of t he maps are the best since World at War, this is Tryarch's best Call of Duty to date, I'm a massive fan of the new killstreaks like Hellstorm, Guardian, and the ARG airdrop, the ACOG's are more releaistic, the M8A1 assault rifle is probably my favourite all time gun in any Call of Duty too, great game, and the whole francise feel revuvenated from going into the future warfare area of time.

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  Call of Duty Black Ops II

| | See all rikhaines's reviews (1)

If you have played any call of duties before be prepared to be disapointed and here are the reasons why. The game play on the story has had some time and effort put into it but the reasons most gamers by this is for multiplayer action.Treyarch in there wisdom have tried to make this a fast paced game and stop camping etc but all that has happened is that they have made it worse small maps, lag problems, inaccurate weapons ( i.e dying when you haven't been shot ) all lead to players sitting in buildings etc hoping they can get a few kills together and earn a kill streak reward. They have tried to alter a winning formula which has kept people coming back year in year out. My advice is skip this game and wait for the next modern warfare or give Halo a blast.

  Black Ops 2

| | See all harshbuttrue1251's reviews (1)

Campaign 5/10
I will start by saying that the campaign was decent, feels very cinematic and has a good story line but no real twists and you can kinda tell what is going to happen before it does even with the choices that make very little difference to the game on a whole. However if like me you play the story before going online you will be very disappointing with the guns you can use but more on that later.

Zombies 7/10
The saving grace of this game, always loved zombies and the addition of grief and tranZit is good. Although the maps are terrible in my opinion and don't live up to maps in the other games.

Multiplayer 2/10
Oh dear...........will start by saying that the best map is the bonus map from the old black ops and they have just taken it down and haven't played it since and don't no weather it will be back.
Well the multi player is absolutely dreadful..... guns are inconsistent, you can put a clip into another player and he wont die and will turn around, shoot you once and your dead. The game has changed from being the right pace to very quick reaction based play that will leave you either doing really well by spawn killing the other team or you being trapped at spawn being killed within 10 seconds. The choice of guns are poor with only the guns from the future being used, much to my disappointment after playing the campaign. The maps differ this time, from some great ones that have sniper spots and close quarters to maps that are just dreadful....
I say all this after playing all of the other call of duty's and don't moan because i am bad at them all if you really want to call me on that add me =p phil1251

Annoyed that i got this game after being peer pressured into it by some friends that where getting it, will be selling the game very soon, would reccomend that you rent it for the campaign and the slight novelty of zombies but would stay well away from the worst COD multi player yet.

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