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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (With Bonus Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Worst COD yet.

| | See all NiceIsh's reviews (1)

Been a COD fan since the first one and this is truly terrible.

When I first played this I was like "are you serious?"

It looks like a 12 year old has made it, the Gameplay just the same. So Imbalanced and full of campers.

This rewards people that can't play the game.

Wow Treyarch you've destroyed every thing that kept me buying CODs. I just wish there was a replacement as good as MW1 and MW2.

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  Fan boys will love it, everyone else perhaps not

| | See all Rustiebin's reviews (17)

Owned every COD released. Original Black Ops was great, one of the best in the series. But MW3 was poor and Black Ops II sadly follows suit. Small rubbish maps with corridor effect, too frantic, age old problem with weapons badly balanced. I have grown tired of COD, it needs a reboot. But i won't deny anyone who liked MW3 will love it.
I'm ready for COD to return to simpler times. Not fussed which era, but anything where the weaponry is much more basic.

  Really really poor

| | See all b0b753's reviews (5)

Campaign: same thing as always. Corridor shooter, no variety. Every mission is shooting a lot of bad guys in different settings. Nothing new and a pretty weak story.

Zombies: only thing that saves this game from being the worse one yet. Good variety in modes eg TranZit. kept me entertained for a couple of days.

Multiplayer: Worst part of the game. It set out to reward people playing the objectives and it does but it also allows people to sit in corners, not move all game and do very well. The addition of combat training with the added twist of going against other people online was interesting but this doesn't actually count as a proper game even though you gain xp. This wouldn't be a bad thing except a few people just stay on that to level up and don't go online. If you like sitting in corners, using explosives and just pay the game to make others hate you then you'll love this game.

If your looking for a decent game that will keep you entertained for hours, that has plenty of variety and won't make you wanna sell said game after one week then steer clear.

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  Very entertaining

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

i understand where other peoples reviews are coming from but personally i really enjoy playing this game.
Multiplayer, in my opinion, is the same as modern warfar 3 with different maps. Its more or less impossible to get high killstreaks, as i saw in another review. Even with supressors on your guns and ghost on the enemy always seem to come around the corner spraying at you as if they can see through walls, which leaves you no chance. Maps are relatively small, too many quick scopers. These days people use sniper rifles like Fully Automatic weapons, really annoys me.
Zombies i think is the best yet. Choices between survival, grief or transit give you a more choice of option. More interactive throughout the zombie world with new perks and putting parts together to build traps, items etc. I also saw on youtube that the original Nacht Der Untoten map from World At War zombies is available to check out on transit mode, but i have yet to find this for myself.
Campaign has a better storyline, if you can keep up. More gadgets to play with and better graphics in different locations of the world make it more enjoyable for myself.
All in all a great game. Multiplayer wise, i'd prefer to stick to the original black ops (hence 4 stars) but zombie and campaign mode? This is the dogs B's.


| | See all indiepunk92's reviews (5)

The campaign was really good in my eyes, very interesting storyline with many twists and turns. Multiplayer, well, I don't know what Treyarch have done but it just dont feel right, it don't behave the way the first Black Ops did which I loved, it was my favourite multiplayer experience now with Black Ops 2 its completely ruined and im extremely upset by it to be honest. Zombies, well I cant really say anything about it because ive never really liked the zombie modes at all because i always had really rubbish team mates. it seems to be good.
anyway i would give this 3.5 stars but i cant? I will probably try and get all campaign achievements then get rid of it.

  Don't believe the hype

| | See all MiniMuppet's reviews (11)

This games good, but not great. The previous review said it had small maps, it does but also has some pretty big ones as well (turbine). I'm hoping that the things that made me rate this a 3* will get sorted with a few patches. The gfx are starting to look dated, they deffo need a new engine to run on. The spawning in this game drives my friends and I crazy as we only ever seem to get shot in the back from enemies spawning in behind us. It's very laggy and drops out a fair few times. I'm shooting ppl first but they take half a clip then put me down in 2 bullets (it's not my connection as I'm ruining at over 30mbs fibre optic) it could be server lag but its happening to the 5 of us that play and its driving us mad. The kill streaks are very hard to get and I'm a pretty good player but by the time I've earned the big streaks the games over but I've usually been shot in the back due the mentioned poor spawning. I've only played multiplayer so far and it's got potential with a few tweaks to be a good fun game, but right now it's just annoying

  Black Ops 2 - Reviewed

| | See all CBrand89's reviews (2)

Treyarch promised us they were going to bring big changed to freshen up the franchise. Have they done enough to make this one good ?

CAMPAIGN - The campaign takes place all over the world from the perspective of a few different characters which could become confusing if youre not paying attention. The story line is not as good as Black Ops 1 and it continues the usual stuff like over the top explosions and massive firefights. The campaign adds a few player choices which is a step in the right direction but it still feels too scripted and doesnt feel as if youre decisions will have any massive impact. Graphics remain unchanged and a few new weapons doesn't make up for that. Overall the campaign is average, its not the worst COD storyline ive ever played through but it certainly does not beat the plot for Black Ops 1.


MULTIPLAYER - With the addition of new game modes, some different guns and a bunch of new maps nothing major has changed. Although they have added the "PICK 10" system which adds more personalization for selecting your loadout before matched which is good. Plus you can get rid of things you dont use like an extra grenade or a handgun etc. Apart from the pick 10 system its almost identical to previous COD games which isn't enough progress to warrent a new release in my opinion. Some of the futuristic weapons are fun but thats about it.


ZOMBIES - Zombie mode is probably the most entertaining as it brings back its amazing co-op survival mode. The addition of "transit" makes it very fun as youre on a boarded up bus keeping zombies away. The bus stops, you jump out to look for new weapons etc before having to run back to the bus so you dont get left behind. I've not spent enough time on zombie mode to give it a proper review but so far its been great.


Overall Black Ops 2 been pretty much what i expected, a few new features to multiplayer, a new storyline, no graphics update and no huge changes make Black Ops 2 almost a copy and paste effort on what previous COD games were. That being said multiplayer is always competative and ranking up can still be fun, Zombies is a great laugh with friends or online but the campaign is below par in my opinion.


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  nothing new....

| | See all Reggie27's reviews (4)

In my opinion the origional black ops was one of the best COD games made.
Black ops 2 however, shares none of these game winning features...

- it HAD the best size maps (large!) made the game far more interesting and skill full.
The new maps are ALL small close range just like MW3, means its just a matter of who has the quickest reactions for the longest periods. gets real boring real fast..

Kill streaks, black ops had the perfect levels of power which was obtainable by everyone and was effective enough to be worth reaching while still being easy enough to destroy by the enemy, chopper gunner for example, (with dogs being the mack daddy!)
New killstreaks are all either barely reachable by even decent players due to the tiny close quarter maps, or just a waste of time and real gimmicky

Black Ops 2 is simply another Modern Warfare Game, nothing has changes bar some new wepons and some more rubbish maps,
it has no relation to the origional black ops bar the single player story.

If u have never Played COD before go buy it, ul love it!
If you have played any of the modern warfare games before... get ready for 45pounds of nothing new besides a poor attempt at streching out the franchise to make more money.. definite let down.

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  COD is back!!!!

| | See all Bigitup's reviews (16)

Ok first of all I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with Zombies as that was what I was looking forward to most of all. Although I have to admit I haven't played it a great deal yet. But that is mainly because I've been hooked to multiplayer!!! It is without a doubt the best COD multiplayer to date. The maps are among the best, the weapons are brilliant and the gameplay is fantastic. Anyone that thought COD was on the slide will have to admit they were wrong after playing this. No oubt the game of the year......again!

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  NAILS 1976

| | See all Nails1976's reviews (45)

Very good game great maps on multiplayer, a big step in the right direction. I still dont understand why the gore is so tame, its meant to be a 18. Apart from that very good.

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