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FIFA 13 (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  What a let down

| | See all thefed's reviews (6)

People have brought this game for either Pro Clubs or Ultimate Team. EA servers have been awful since I brought this game, kicks you out mid games, servers go down for hours and has got even worse since the Sims has been released. Pro clubs has some major issues, which they will not fix as pro clubs does not bring in extra money for them unlike ultimate team, which is constantly being shut down due to cliches etc... I will definately be returning to Pro Evo next release If they have improved it. EA are a joke.

  Good but not good enough

| | See all seandavo89's reviews (1)

I have been a Fifa fan and player since Fifa 97 and in terms of presentation, player improvements etc this is the best Fifa yet, but the gameplay lets it down AGAIN like so many previous Fifas. My review is based on a lot of different parts.

Online Gameplay Pros :
Improved filtering search
More game types

Online Gameplay Cons:
EA servers still not great

Vs friends Pros:
Really good games
Equal chance of winning

Vs friends Cons:
Referee biased a tiny bit towards the home team(but not often)

Career Mode Pros:
Improved on the player developments
Transfers are more realistic
Youth development has been improved
Cup competitions have a tournament tree
Requesting funds is useful
International Management
Player Impact Engine has been improved
First Touch Control

Career Mode Cons:
Referee still seems very biased towards the computer
AI defending still isn't that good
Slow defenders can magical catch up with fast players (even if the fast players aren't tired)
Same old boring commentary

The skills game are really good fun but is annoying when you got to do the very last part of each skill challenge, and ultimate team has improved a fair amount.

Overall if you want a good game then buy it, but be warned if your going to play career mode you might get frustrated with the computer and the AI, as those two things in my view need a massive improvement.

P.S. If nobody believes me about the referee being biased etc I have got a few replays that show they are biased.

  EA don't care

| | See all Dixonaldo's reviews (1)

This game is awful the refs are blind when you foul someone but when you get fouled they see it. Very unrealistic in the way your players stats are faster thay a defenders and the defender will catch you up and take the ball of you. If you play clubs the computer players are terrible. Plus EA do not care about there customers. If you buy this game you will get angry with it.

  I wish it was better

| | See all chooselife's reviews (1)

I really do like the gameplay and the graphics. I've played the game online a couple of times and it's just great. It's much more better than the previous version I own, and the fact that every player is different in terms of skills and abilities adds more to the realism and the game.

The only problem I'm having with it is during Career Mode. It crashed twice on me. 1st time in the 2nd year of CM and the 2nd time during the first quarter of the 3rd year in CM.

I've tried updating the game, uninstalling, reinstalling, saving multiple files for the same career and all to no avail. The game just decided to quit on a specific date/fixture, no matter the outcome, sim or not. It just freezes the console and I have to reboot everything.

So in my opinion this game is only appealing to the crowd who enjoys playing online.

Otherwise if you're like me, and you enjoy playing the game in Career mode it will certainly be a let down.

That's why I'm only rating it 3 stars. It could have easily been 5 if EA ever solved this save game problem.


| | See all Beynonator's reviews (1)

I've been playing fifa since the likes of fifa 95 and I've played the last 4 games ALOT. This one has moved on in every aspect. Really smooth gameplay and very good online. I've noticed how loose the ball is on through balls and long passes, how you can curve it around in different angles depending on what player is making the pass. This adds to the achievement of scoring that all important goal against your sibling that you have been battling on games like this since you were little 5 Stars :)

  Brilliant game although a bit buggy!

| | See all Chrischel's reviews (1)

I absolutely love my fifa games and this one is right up there at the top of all the other fifas. Despite it having a few freezing and crashing problems...it doesnt affect the game that often.

All you people having a go about the gameplay are ludicrous as the first touch system is there for it to be more realistic. Not every real life player controls the ball first time everytime perfectly. Also you people having a go about the player speeds, passing accuracy and shot accuracy...this can all be changed in game settings so you can play the game perfectly without any skill involved!

  No idea what all these bad reviews are about...

| | See all Andy118's reviews (2)

After reading the reviews on here im puzzled. I can understand their comments but it takes nothing away from the game!

There were a few bugs in the first weeks this game was released but on 360 these have all been patched and the game runs smoothly now.
The first touch system adds an element of realism but there's still room for improvements (just like every FIFA game though...) If anything this FIFA game is everything 12 had plus more.

Strengths: pro clubs/ slight improvement to carreer mode/ first touch / much more realistic play system with passing shooting and player interaction/ large variety of game types and modes to get lost in/ Improved press interaction in carreer mode (still a long way to go) / FIFA market allowing you to buy upgrades and items

Weakness: Goal keepers are unrealistic/ can no longer use the same offline pro as online/ game is imbalanced towards small players below 5 feet tall

  Poor Fifa...

| | See all lufie12's reviews (4)

Definetly the worst Fifa yet. The first touch system is terrible, a simple pass and 30 million quid striker can't stop the ball at his feet, it bounces off him to the opponent. It strange to say it but it's like they've made it too realistic, as if school boys were on the pitch. It's is really going to take perseverance to stick with this one...

  Best FIFA game by far.

| | See all moosehead79's reviews (29)

FIFA has done it again, but this years game is more about tweaks than revolutionary changes. I see a lot of the poor reviews are from gamers who aren't use to the new defending system, but this can changed in the settings menu. If your playing online and need help, opt for the two button control system. I've also noticed FIFA bashing from PES fans.... Ridiculous.
To sum it up, if your looking for the best football Sim on the market then this is for you.

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  Awful product

| | See all SamMarsh87x's reviews (2)

Worst FIFA game ever, and career mode doesn't work ( not exaggerating, and Google it), all round freezing and crashing also. I can't stress enough to people, and don't buy this!!