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FIFA 13 (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Not as good as FIFA 12

| | See all NathanB10's reviews (3)

For me being liverpool fan i am happy with the crowd singing YNWA and chanting liverpool its great and the crowd boo certain players like torres roony ect.. my only real problem with this game is that they have removed your own player! i was shocked my player couldnt be on this game i loved it but sadly they have. The gameplay is worse then fifa 12 to me players running slow and just no speed in the game also the shots have gone worse but its FIFA and i still love it!


| | See all Prescott464's reviews (1)

Fifa 13 is a few miles ahead of other football games and a major improvement on fifa 12. Honestly the best game i've played this year. Not enough people giving it the credit it deserves just because its not as easy as fifa 12 and with the through ball 'problem' everyones having you have to play the pass like you would in a real game. Play it to where your team mate is going to end up don't try to curl it round everyone and expect it to fall perfectly to him. They've made the controls more realistic and people can't handle it. Awesome game gets awesome review.

Buy it.

  utter garbage

| | See all arcticmonkey86's reviews (4)

hate this game so much..players unresponsive etc through balls go in a world of there own. fifa 12 is much better they have tried to be to fancy with the first tough etc plus when you do make a through ball the players get caught up with players who in a million years arent as fast.dont waste your money and stick to fifa 12

  Worst fifa ever

| | See all Abruzzi247's reviews (1)

Worst fifa to date, players no responsive, 1st touch sytem is a joke! Stick with fifa 12 dont waste your money on this poor effort of a game!!!!

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| | See all mark1882's reviews (5)

Presentation is great, career mode outside of the actual matches is very good now. Updates of other matches during games is good and adds atmosphere. BUT the game is way too fast, and unless you have all settings to manual its far too easy. I'd like a better balance of toughness. Pacey players being caught up by old slow players is annoying and its very difficult to defend as ai of your players is poor and players dont track back correctly. Certain things in this game are better but it just doesnt really satisfy any more.

  Standard yearly update.

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Standard FIFA re-release with some tinsel on it. Swampy gameplay, drone like AI. I'm still waiting to score a goal that FEELS REAL and that makes me jump off the couch.

PES 2013 is utter footballing perfection. Slick, intelligent, realistic, 100% control.... yeah yeah you don't get the official kits, but you can download perfect replicas or buy them on a memory stick from a famous auction website that I can't name on here.

FIFA is what FIFA is.... a glossy toy like version of football.

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  A smarter, smoother update on FIFA 12

| | See all AaronAW's reviews (7)

I was a bit hesitant to buy this after i had seen a few negative reviews both professional and user but Im glad I took the leap of faith as this game is brilliant! I think too many people were expecting a 'game changer' when that wasnt enitrely needed. It is very similar to 12 but has been refined so for those wondering if it is worth upgrading from 12 to 13 I would say it is definitely worth it. A few have said that gameplay has no dramatic changes but I beg to differ, you have the new first touch system which is brilliant as it gives the game more realism and unpredictability. Some may find that annoying when you 0-0 in a cup game and a brilliant counter attack is ruined by heavy touch but it does give more realism, a touch cant be perfect all the time can it? The AI of your teammates has also been improved so they make better runs and stray offside less. Because of these tweaks to the gameplay I have found matches more varied and less predictable; on FIFA 12 I found a lot of the goals i scored were always similar to each other whereas on 13 the ways in which you score goals gives more variety and keeps you hooked!

Only real negatives is that the refs are still a bit dimwiitted and over strict at times but I suppose its like that in real life unfortunately... And sometimes the tackles are still comical and a bit cumbersome which was a bit of a problem in 12 but on the whole I think EA have done a great job with it. I still cant understand all the negative reviews but hey everyone is different. If you have 12 and you like it then you will love 13. I think people were expecting EA to reinvent the wheel when all EA needed was to tweak an already successful system. I can easily say this has been my favourite FIFA so far and Ive been playing it FIFA 2004.

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  EA sucks

| | See all joeb93's reviews (6)

this game has so many bugs in it and feels like it's rushed out because they know people will buy it. not to mention the player ratings, fulham, everton and anyone that finished below them in the premier league last season (except liverpool) are pointless online they can't compete because their players are so slow in comparison.
The first touch system is terrible, every time they showed it off it looked good, but it only works properly with players at top teams who are given high skill stats, i passed the ball to a player and it bounced off his foot and straight to an opponent (this was a basic pass).
Career mode doesn't even work due to a bug i can only advance two days before it crashes. Once again teams are missing including the Turkish league which means the players on those teams are randomly allocated in career mode including Drogba (due to no chinese league) but never to your team so other teams are stronger straight away. Croatia and Ghana are both missing from the game despite being in high demand.
EA has listened to their wallets once again and made a game for money not the fans, they have also focused on certain game modes and slacked on others (again).
Don't buy it, just make transfers on fifa 12 so rosters are up to date and ignore the kits if it bothers you.

  Best football game ever!!!

| | See all dave283's reviews (1)

Very supprised by all the negative comments. I think the changes this year are biggest comparing to the previous version. I didn't really like fifa 12, it was ok but I knew it was missing something, now all that is here. The new features this year are all amazing and make the game very realistic. Best football game to date

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