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FIFA 13 (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Shocked by the reviews

| | See all nicksonmatt's reviews (1)

I must admit I really am shocked by the reviews that have been posted on here, as stated on the other positive reviews, I cannot see how it is possible for this game to be given under 4-5 stars.

The improvements on the menus etc are brilliant, the skill / training games are enjoyable / addictive. The gameplay has been improved and the overall career mode has numerous improvements.

If you are a fan of FIFA, you will not be dissapointed. Get your cash out, buy it and enjoy.

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  Different enough to be interesting...

| | See all TinTin42's reviews (2)

Don't get me wrong I love FIFA, after making the transition from PES a couple of years ago I have never looked back, but I am dumbfounded by some of the changes they have made to these years edition. I have never been one for the online play, and really enjoyed the edition of the virtual pro element seen in FIFA12, especially when combining it with the manager element of the game. Hell, who hasn't dreamed of the combination of the two greatest football games ever created FIFA and Football manager. None the less, without the combination the career paths in the game are just a little dull, as a manager you look forward to the two times in a year where you can buy in players and in the pro part you strive to increase your statistics on a match by match basis. What can i say I just expected a little more for my 40 pounds. Anyway general game improvements are pretty good and the overall feel of the game is yet another step towards a believable football game. I just hope EA have some DLC content planned for later in the year to beef up the career parts of the game.

  Quality game but not a perfect one.

| | See all Truestoryhonest's reviews (1)

Fifa 13 is by no means a bad game, which is why I don't understand all the negative reviews. The gameplay and Ai is far better than it was on any previous Fifa or PES game. I've played both Fifa 13 and the new PES and can confidently say that there is no comparing the two, Fifa is by far the better game. The only reason I can see for people giving it negative reviews is that they were either expecting far too much from the game, or they simply aren't very good at it and blame the game because of that.

To sum it all up briefly. Buy this game as it is a big improvement on the previous one, both the gameplay, computer Ai and career improvements make it a much more enjoyable and realistic game to play. Don't expect perfection though!

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  Huge disappointment

| | See all ellis3210's reviews (5)

I get fifa every year and for the first time i actually don't like it. All it seems to me is fifa 12 again with a few minor adjustments like that awful first touch system that at times makes me want to pull my hair out. The fouls that are been given now are also awful. The graphics are no better, they haven't added many of the best players faces to the game such as hazard. I think EA are just getting lazy now that PES has been a failure year after year. If PES would step it up then maybe that would drive EA to actually start improving the game but until they do FIFA is always going to be the best football game out there and people are going to buy. I really wouldnt recommend paying 40 pound for this, or even PES 13 which is also awful.


| | See all Dazt11's reviews (2)

i think ppl r playing a different game to me!! played about ten games against my mate and we both agree this is awesome, miles better than fifa 12, my mate hated fifa 12 but loves this one,AI actually make good runs when attacking, if u r playing with a quick player, a slow defender does NOT keep up with them, i was brazil vs argentina, n zabaleta could not keep up with lucus, graphics r basically the same, slightly smoother, the dribbling is class, u really feel in control of your players!shooting seems better too, scored some really good goals which wud not av done on fifa 12. IGNORE the above reviews, this game is CLASS!!! still the best football game on the planet

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| | See all smoore528's reviews (8)

To be honest, this is probably the worst Fifa game in the series. The gameplay has gone sharply downhill, and there are no real additions in terms of features. The menus are also horrible.

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  Poor Game

| | See all TCBAKER's reviews (30)

Unexpectedly poor game. Very similar to last years but feels like you're playing on x2 speed...

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| | See all deniroallstars's reviews (1)

Poor controls for defending, poor first touch, unresponsive AI - to many functions for overall game play on the controller. I have to say FIFA games used to be excellent a few years ago - the look and presentation is second to none as always, though game play, especially online is extremely frustrating - bring on Black Ops 2!!!

  Fifa 13 Review

| | See all craigiew's reviews (4)

Same old engine,same problems as Fifa 12 like the last reviewer said, definitely not worth 40 quid. I thought this years PES 13 was much more fun.

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  Papering over the cracks

| | See all Frasergames's reviews (2)

I got FIFA 13 on early release and have played it for a couple of days. Although overall it is better than FIFA 12 there are still a lot of the same issues as before. The AI of your team mates are still poor, The game play is still inconsistent in the fact you are more likely to get booked by nudging a player and your players will get a career ending injury as the computer leaves your player laying in pain as the ref signals play on. Also the fact you can have the worlds fastest player getting beat in a foot race against the worlds oldest and slowest players. Basically The Game play is more or less FIFA 12 all over again but the off the pitch action is where all the good stuff is. The player transfers in career mode is a lot better, The progress of the menus from screen to screen is far better. I'm giving the game 2 stars as I feel so much has been done to change the minor things but feels like when it actually comes to playing the game on the pitch so little has been achieved.

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