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Halo 4: Limited Edition (With Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus DeadEye Helmet Skin)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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  100% what else could I say?

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I'm keeping this short because I just wrote and lost a 3700 word review.
The game is brilliant. There's plenty of new features which make a whole new game but keeps the general feeling of a Halo game to it which still makes it unique to most first person shooters. The storyline is short but fun and very emotional. Forge ,a map creating mode for those new to Halo, hasn't changed much but how it has changed makes it so much better. Spartan Ops was a mild disappointment because you need Xbox live to play but if you have that it's great. New episodes are bought out monthly I think making it the secondary storyline which never ends. It also bears new features different to the main campaign and connects to your Spartan IV who you play multiplayer with. Multiplayer, now known as Infinity, is brilliant, like everything else it features new changes but still keeps the general Halo feel to the game. Creating and personalising your Spartan IV has taken a whole new step in advancement and even challenges and commendations have changed. Theatre mode still remains too which gives you some fun.
The limited Edition comes with 3 real extras- some bonus paperwork and a poster which is good if you're a Halo fan and into the lore, the next 3 Wargames DLCs free which saves you as much money as the difference between Limited and Standard Edition, and a code to watch Forward Unto Dawn on Halo Waypoint which I was personally disappointed with expecting a DVD as I can watch it on Youtube if I wanted to.
In short, get this game. If not this edition then the Standard Edition because it is one of the greatest games of the year and does the Halo franchise proud.


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The limited edition is just extra money for dlc
Halo 4 rocks
No matter what anyone says halo 4 is better then call of duty black ops 2
The graphics are stunning the cutscenes are movie like. The graphics are some of the best ever on the xbox 360 the facial animation are amazing.
The story for halo 4 is a very moving experience. The story is based on cortana. Cortana is on a rampant ( aka dying ) and it up to master chief to once again save the day. The story lasts for about 10 hours and also it has a co-op story so you can play with friends
Well the mutiplayer is a let down the maps are to small. Not that many game modes like reach had.
Spartan opts
Spartan opts is a nice change it like mini missions but they do boring very easy

The overall score is 9.5 it a must buy if your a fan of the games your love it if your new well this is a good way to start with halo


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Firstly whats with all the companies on here selling it for ridiculous prices? lol, you wish!
Anyway exceptionally brilliant masterpiece of a game, AMAZING campaign! Brilliant Multiplayer and Spartan Ops is really fun and different.
Now stop reading and buy it already! (get it instead of Black Ops 2 if you have to choose)


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Its finally here and made by new people but the legacy has been done justice with the best halo adventure since the original, the graphics are noticeable immediately! They have much improved and look sweet, the campaign mode is awesome with one of the best stories in a halo game, lots of original new ideas that break out into so many cool ways, Spartan ops mode is great even though it replaces firefight does I feel still have a lasting appeal once you have all 50 missions there will be plenty of challenges to complete, the multiplayer is fantastic with so many new weapons and maps and cool new armour upgrades etc the forge mode is back too for endless building your own maps, all round you wont be bored of this for many years! A must for fans.

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