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Dead Island: Game Of The Year Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  paul ashcroft

| | See all ashtray1967's reviews (6)

one of the best games i have played,gutted when i had finished it.The original game was full of glitches as my mate had it,but my game of the year version was glitch free.Not hesitate BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Disappointing. I bought this game three days ago and have played it since just to be frustrated. You keep dying every two minutes, the saving system is odd and the commands are overcomplicated.
There seems to be no way to adjust the difficulty level. You feel that the guys who made the game forgot the players as you are left trying to understand dodgy control moves. Last, action and sounds are repetitive. Surely there must be better games to buy in that category.

  zombie heaven

| | See all cheekyhotstuff's reviews (1)

I am a thirty something year old chick who loves gaming,I bought this for my husband (who is not a gamer) who happens to be obssessed with zombies. We were both completely hooked within minutes, good story,nice graphics not too many zombies but just enough.

You can play it for hours and there are loads of missions/side quests, if you can afford the game add ons they are worth it too

Some people might find some aspects of the game a little repetative once you've done a few missions but I enjoy side quests so didn't bother me.

A great game that you can either completely submerge into zombie world or pick it up and go zombie slaying mindlessly killing whatever crosses your path. Cannot wait for the next :)

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  ok but its no left for dead.

| | See all onetoothofchaos's reviews (10)

This game is average. it looks good and it plays good. the creation of weapons is great but had a strange feeling all the way through the game that something was missing. The lack of excitment was one thing and it did feel like the enemies never really changed and you fought the same thing over and over which got boring. This is deffo a multiplayer game but I feel left for dead was better as a zombie smashing game

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  Its a Co-op game

| | See all jawkfin's reviews (5)

This game was designed to be a 4 player co-op game, i dont recommend buying it if you are just going to play the singleplayer.
Dead Rising 1 and 2 are much better singleplayer games.

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  Flawed but still brilliant

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This game is not without its flaws. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It's funny that that the limited GotY edition has just been released and I've literally just completed the game. I played the first half when it came out and I've only just gone back to it and completed it all.

The game essentially starts off on an amazing looking beach resort and you, as the main character, discover what has happened to the island of Banoi: there's an infection and zombies are roaming the streets. The game takes you from the beach resort in Act 1, to a city in Act 2, a jungle in Act 3 and finally a maximum security prison in Act 4. It took me over 26 hours of game time to get to the end (albeit I tried to complete the majority of the challenges available, secondary as well as the main ones).

Combat is a double-edge sword (excuse the pun). Sometimes it is thoroughly satisfying and gory, other times it's very frustrating. The graphics aren't amazing, but the settings are incredible, particularly the opening beach resort; it's surreal to be fighting zombies around swimming pools, but it doesn't feel cartoony like Dead Rising, it actually feels real and right, like this could actually happen.

I loved the range of challenges to do, and enjoyed the overall flowing storyline, but it could be a bit weak and clumsy in places. But those flaws didn't put the game off for me at all. I kept bashing away with it, struggling in certain areas and getting annoyed at the damn Infected zombies (as they are very quick and constantly hound you).

But nevertheless, amongst its weaknesses there is a great game to be found. I found it very enjoyable in most places and found completing challenges very satisfying. Overall this is one of my favourite Xbox 360 games (and I've owned/played a lot). Now that I have just completed it, I also plan to go back to finish off more achievements and play through some of the campaign with the other three main characters too.

As a final note, the co-op actually works very nicely, and is quite unique compared to other games. You can dip in and out of the co-op as you go, bumping into people, joining their games or allowing them to you yours. Ultimately the game is easier when you are teamed up with others as collectively taking down zombies is much easier. But it's nice to have the option of either working with others or going it alone whenever you want.

Overall, this is definitely not a perfect game, but it is still great, and definitely the best zombie game I've played to date. I'm reading the novel now too. :)

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