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Gears Of War: Judgment

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Gears of flaw

| | See all Greig88's reviews (1)

I have been a huge fan of Gears and usually play the hell out of them until the next one comes out. Gears has always been a breath of fresh air for shoot em ups and usually more thought goes into them than the likes of COD being repeated over and over again.

The campaign is good fun, well made and really enjoyable I played it with my group and based on other reviews I think that's why I enjoyed it a lot of people have played it solo and not had such a great time. So 4/5 for that one.

Multiplayer has disappointed me with its inconsistences and complete revamp of ranges and power on all weapons. Getting killed about 200m away with a gnasher has just down right got under my skin, 2 bullets from a hammerbust killing you has gone too far,the lack of roadie run head kills which work on the every odd occassion and the players who are able to take 4 melee attacks and then melee you once and you get killed has pushed me over the edge.

Judgement is a good game and the new modes are interesting and fun to play, the maps are huge in comparison to older gears but still enjoyable and forces people to move about the map good anti camping attempt, the graphics are solid, but the footsteps are far too loud it sounds like you are running with trash cans taped to your feet whilst popping balloons this sounds like a petty critique but seriously it's so off putting. The multiplayer does annoy me and I am disappointed they took away warzone and horde but this is still a good game and worth the buy, but expect to be infuriated online some times.


| | See all DansDeals94's reviews (22)

The multiplayer is a better and more polished version of Gears 3 with a few button control changes and better servers online (it never lags unless if my connection is bad). It's quick and easy to level-up with 3 're-up' (prestiges) to go through. The new survival mode is also pretty fun and makes a good replacement for the horde mode which began to get boring.
However, the main problem I have with this game is the campaign. I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything less (slight exaggeration). They've completely overcomplicated it with the addition of the stars that you earn based on your performance in the section (yep, chapters are now split into short sections) and the declassified missions, which is where my real problem is. The declassified missions are NOT fun (in my opinion), they're boring and teadious (especially on a higher difficulty) as some require you to run through the entire section in around 3 minutes or less and some only allow you to use certain weapons. They take away the 'fun aspect' and make it more 'arcade-y', which could be fun to some but it's not for me.

Overall the series just isn't the same, the multiplayer is awesome but the campaign is a teadious mess that is no fun whatsoever.

  Gears of War: Judgement

| | See all stephen16387's reviews (28)

Really don't understand the hostile reception this game has got, the controls have improved, gameplay is the same, graphics are quality, the campaign is a breath of fresh air with the declassified option, the new weapons such as the Markza and Booshka are amoung the best Gears weapons, Overrun is addictive, great game, if you liked Gears of War 1, 2 and 3, you will loved this all the same!

  Gears of War Judgement

| | See all wolveslegend's reviews (4)

This is not like previous Gears of War games and begins with Pt Baird, Cole Train and two others (unknown) on trial for war crimes...in a gears of war game? The actual story is based on flashbacks trying to explain why they are on trial and then jumps back to the trial so you never really know whats going on. Online is average as you no longer have horde mode but get over run instead which is not as good. Stick to Gears 1,2 and 3 instead.

  Don't believe the hype! Worst Gears multiplayer !!EVER!!imo

| | See all GianPP's reviews (3)

In my opinion, the only good thing about the game is the Campaign.

If you liked any of the previous Gears (1-3), this is a step back when it comes to the multiplayer.
*Less modes *Less maps *No down but not out.. I could go on...

Don't believe the hype! Too many places are giving the game a glowing review but many in the Gears community HATE this version. Google it.

  something missing

| | See all scotsbhoy67's reviews (2)

firstly let me say, judgment is an excellent game. gameplay is smooth graphics great and it's gears so it gotta be good. campaign is excellent for me best part of the game with 4-player co-op and excellent set pieces and declassified missions for extended play. multiplayer well the new free for all is the best new addition with everyone running about in a massive gun battle orgy- simply great stuff, however there is a but. firstly overrun the big new touted mode is great however you suspect a lot of novice gamers will despise this simply because if you don't work as a team or get landed in an inferior team randomly you have NO CHANCE of victory. teamwork is the key as in the new survival mode which replaces horde mode and this in itself is the problem. NO HORDE what a shambles!!!. survival is ok but after a week or so you will probably ditch it for overrun (maybe for a couple of weeks) then that's it. major foul up (unless a horde download was introduced then I'd give the game 6 stars!). put simply it feels like half a game, an elaborate add on and it's such a pity because a rebuffed horde with the new weapons and enemies would have been platinum game territory, as it stands great game but not unmissable. feeling empty.(:

  Not Worth The Price Tag... More Like DLC

| | See all lostboyscarter's reviews (12)

When this game was announced i was like a kid in a sweet shop with excitement, then i actually got the game. The game itself is not bad, they have changed the way to change weapons and the amount you can carry (for example you can't carry 2 weapons and a pistol it's now 2 weapons only) But when playing the campaign I was just starting to get into it and it finished and this only took me about 3-4 hours... Aftermath is another part which takes place during Gears 3 and is once again just like an expansion pack. The only thing that saved this game from 1 star is the multiplayer which is always a good feature in gears games. I suggest you wait till this game drops in price ALOT before buying it.

  Disappointing add on

| | See all Fiftyp's reviews (4)

As an avid Gears fan I was really looking forward to this, but feel let down. The campaign is somewhat short, and even playing it on hardcore first time around left me thimking 'is that it'? This really could have been released as DLC for Gears 3 and not as a full title. But hey ho, Gears was always about playing online and mainly Horde, which was copied by other developers but never bettered. Horde was vastly improved in Gears of War 3, so I couldn't wait to see what they'd done for this incarnation. Well, they've taken it away. No Horde. NO HORDE! This is akin to Coca Cola's disastrous recipe change of the 80's, what were they thinking? It seems they've given us Survival as a Horde replacement and a Domination game in some weird attempt to lure COD fans away from the excellent Black Ops 2. Well, Survival is no Horde replacement guys, and COD fans will always play COD. Please bring back our original recipe Gears soon.

  Poor game, nothing new cashing in on the franchise!

| | See all skyfire56's reviews (2)

I was really looking forward to this game seeing how good Gears1,2,3 were. But there is nothing new and the game can be completed within 8 hours. There are no new weapons, levels are the same old story and its the same duck and cover routine. There is an option at the start of each level to make it more challenging by accepting additional tasks for instance, completing the level with just pistol and grenades. I would wait for this to drop down in price and be released as a budget game, its not worth more then 20 quid. Graphics and sound are the same as Gears 3, the only real plus side was a free download of the original gears. Judge for yourself, Im trading this for the new Bioshock.