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Star Trek Legacy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Very Good Game - Must Buy

| | See all EndoJedi's reviews (1)

If you liked battlestations midway/pacific then you will definitely like this game. Basically the same controls with reference to ship repair and movement using the tactical map. Game play is very good but the game does get a bit repetitive and also their is no mission select option so you always have to start from the 1st mission just to play a later mission.
Over all a very good and with please and strategist of star trek fan.

  Amazing but no d.c.

| | See all DannyBoy1701's reviews (8)

Although this game has superb graphics and gameplay there is no downloadable content. This means you can only play as 4 races so choice is limited. On the other hand the campaign is very good and so are the achievements.

  Nimble fingers...

| | See all FAERUTHIR's reviews (5)

Make no mistake this game does have its flaws. the biggest one being the complex controls which have your fingers dancing on the control like wayne sleap on speed. however as mentioned before if your into star trek you WILL like this game, the fact it spans all eras of the saga is a major boon giving you loads of ships to choose from including voyager and all incarnations of the enterprise.

the graphics are good and gameplay is relatively smooth. the game allows for those of us with a tactical nature by making you pick your fights carefully and giving you full control over your ships by being able to choose your impulse speed and giving you the option to divert power to various ship systems such as weapons, shields, engines etc.

all in all this is worth the asking price and the re-playability is high with the various multiplayer skirmishes.

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  Star Trek Legacy

| | See all MasterBalthezar's reviews (1)

Its a good game, but the poor graphics and short gameplay let it down. But for and Sci-Fi fan (Especially you Trekkies) will like the multiplayer skirmishs because of the ships you can choose.


| | See all godvalen's reviews (88)

Gameplay is slow, the controls are awkward, graphics are very dated. I was determined to like it but had to give up because the gameplay was so poor.

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| | See all Westy84's reviews (2)

If you like Star Trek you will love this game, if not its still good fun but its too easy and too short.

But for the price it is worth every penny, only 3 stars as not a star trek fan but still good fun.

  To boldly go!

| | See all Craiguk07's reviews (18)

One of or if not the best Star Trek games out there, the vast number of ships makes the game brillaint plus cost.....very cheap for a game like this a must buy for any Sci-Fi fan

  Simple fun game

| | See all CouncillorP's reviews (2)

Fly around as the ships you see on the TV and blow stuff up. Its a easy game with some nice missions, it could just have done with being longer. Its a simple fun game and worth getting if you like Star Trek. Worth £10!

  Great Value For Money

| | See all sjscott's reviews (2)

This game does not have difficult controls. This game is brilliant. i enjoy playing it. Yes i agree you have to play the game to get used to the controls.... but thats the same as any game. I enjoyed this game. Very much worth £10, would have paid £20.

  good but could have been better

| | See all HSD1988's reviews (1)

took 2 weeks to be delivered but it still got to my house b4 gta4 which was gud enough. good game, fun to play and better than the pc star trek games (like bridge commmandeer) tho it is still quite short. most missions involve blowing stuff up so u only need to buy battleships, which ends up with a lack of depth to the combat as ur big ships just slug it out in a fraggin match. having sisko in it felt a bit wird as he is only there for one mission which was a wasted chance (but it was one fun mission). worth getting as its only 10 pounds but the next one needs more variety, more stats on the ships and more background. no slowdown apart from one mission where it was 11 federation ships against a load of bad guys. graphics of planets crap but the ships are detailed. and as for archer sounding bored, well thats how he sounded in the tv episodes too lol.