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Star Trek Legacy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  best of the best

| | See all tttttgg's reviews (32)

the other guys are lieing as this game is great and the controls are abit hard but so what its not as if the game OR THE CONTROLS have to be easy other wise you would complete it in a week.

  good idea let down by poor controls

| | See all Yazoo1982's reviews (12)

The game itself is great, but there is little control over the maps and it feels clumsy at best.

graphics are good, stroyline is good, and if the controls were better I'd rate it much higher.

sadly the controls are tedious and it's one hell of an effort trying to get your ship to where you want, could have been made so much better but feels like it was done on a budget

  good for the price

| | See all ferg19's reviews (6)

it is a pretty slow and sometimes frustrating game but i think its pretty good for the money you get to command 4 ships in every mission ther are multiple missions in the three star trek eras picard, kirk and archer. good enough fun get it if you like or have ever liked any of the star treks

  Good for the Money but......

| | See all AndrewMRR's reviews (8)

This game is good, even better at this price! graphics are a bit poor places but most of the early 720p games are

However, if you are a die hard RTS trekie fan you might be slightly dissapointed with the simplicity and how easy the game is, the ship controls & combat are no where as detailed as games such as "Starfleet Command" and "Bridge Commander" The combat engine is very simple it is pretty much point shoot, battle tactics are not required for ship to ship combat unlike previous titles mentioned,

This has more than likely been done to make the game appeal to a wider range of gamers,

But all in all its a good game for the cash, but if you are a die hard RTS Trekie looking for a great title, don't expect it from this one, chances are you will never see a repeat of the Interplay titles as the Star Trek brand is dead in the water.......


| | See all fearlessfred's reviews (8)

and i am glad they did This is a great game
it is everything star trek
this star trek game is the best one there is
Needs some getting used to and the fighting is fantastic the fights are fast and very entertaining
if you like star trek then you will love this game
it is very star terk
So I give this game 5 star

  Just like the Movies

| | See all Filflop's reviews (1)

For 9.99 this is a good deal the ships are not fast to respond and this is more of Sim than a action game, but if you like the trek films or series you will know its all about tactics when the ships go into battle and about targeting the right areas of the enemy and bringing the ships into position etc.

  DONT buy this twoddle

| | See all biggav's reviews (2)

The ships are so slow to control , over complicated and boring , this completley misses the whole startrek idea , if it comes down in price to £1 you should still avoid it

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  If you love Star Trek....

| | See all darthsi's reviews (19)

... You will love this, it is a very good game but people who don't like Star Trek or Sci-Fi will not be interested. The game play is excellent and it's about time they made a game where you can fly a full sized starship and have epic battles. This game could be improved upon though make no mistake. The choice of races are limited to four, which could be easily expanded on but each of those races do have a large choice of vessels to command.
The intros and story visuals are not movies just the particular captain speaking over a series of images and the ending too is like that, no great sense of achievement is felt. The story line is way out too, it just would not happen in the Star Trek Universe and that is a shame too.The best part of this game is the skirmish battles and X-box live battles, this is where the real skill lies, enjoy....

  My Review Of Star Trek Legacy On The 360

| | See all charlesworth84's reviews (33)

The Ships of the well know Enterprise NX-01, D & Enterprise E, Voyager, Defiant, Equinox, Kirk's Enterprise's, Excelsior & A Romulan Warbird looks very close to the ones on the tv & films! the things that let it down is 1.) You can't play the campain online. 2.) Damage on the ships at times. 3.) You can't seprate the Saucer on the Enterprise D. 4.) One of the Achievements is next to impossabile to get! if you would like a online game send a msg to StormyArc

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  Die Hard Trekkies Only

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

Thinking that even for a tenner this game would be worth the money, after 10 minutes of play if that, I'm very slowly changing my mind.

Targetting is reasonably difficult especially when you have multiple targets to combat.

Unless you are a major Trekkie fan, then really this game will not appeal to most gamers and really should be avoided and I do not say that often. Very very slow even for a strategy come shoot em up.

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