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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  GRaw 2 - Realistic 10/10

| | See all jkiml12's reviews (7)

This game has to be better than call of duty 4 as when you try to prone a red name appears on this game no red name appears only a diamond when your or their cypher is above you and the explosions arer soo realistic i fell of my chair thinking that it was in my house the guns arer realistic as there are over the amount of guns needed.

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  the elite tom clancy game

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

this game,and ghost recon warfighter are amazing games.
epic experience,super storyline..great weapons...tense and action packed and CAN be a good online experience as long as every1s connections are good enough.
plus,loads of decent priced DLC this game is truly a winner!!!
bring on graw 3!!!!

  Truly Amazing Game & Very Underrated

| | See all laker2009's reviews (8)

Dont buy this for the online experience because its awful but for the campaign i would buy this because its 10/10 and is up there with call of duty, btw i have both games

There are too many games out there today that have been rushed and unplanned but this clearly has been tried, tested and had alot of effort put into it

Standing ovation to ubisoft

  The Ghosts are back

| | See all zzGalf's reviews (6)

Graw2 picks up where graw left off. Super story on single player.excellent grapics with a nice feature of a medic added to multiplayer.on-line great fun with great maps to to test your skill of working as a team. For a real challange play without drone an turn friendly icon off an enjoy the battle. This is what real shooters should be like!!!!! Super value for money.this game has been out nearly two years but still immensley popular.trust me, hours of fun!

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  Online Experience May Differ

| | See all Addieo's reviews (144)

18 Male

I have never played the original Ghost Recon and when I got this I thought highly of it because of what I had heard. The campaign is really good great tutorial to get you in the action, graphics were really nice, smooth controls and the guns were advanced. Then i took it to multiplayer local and online. Well when this game says online experience may differ it means it. the graphics suddenly get dumbed down, the controls/aiming moves on invisible small points and its just not as nice as the campaign. The levels are excellent well designed and eye catching but its just let down by other things. Me and my friend regularly tried to do this thing where you hold enemies off for 60 minutes and for some reason it used to go really laggy even though we were playing local. If the multiplayer had been as good as the single this game would have 5 stars and be a front runner in the industry. I know why they will have done what they did by the way I'm just saying they could of overcome their problems in better ways instead of making the gameplay suffer.

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  ghost recon advanced warfighter 2

| | See all tomclancyfan's reviews (2)

As a long time fan of tom clancy titles graw 2 more that exceeded my expectations, graw 2 leaves of from were the original graw started. two days after the ghosts put down a rebel insurgency in mexico city the ghosts are back in action only this time against a more determined enemy. the game takes place on the borders between mexico and the us ( mainly in juarez ) as the ghosts have less than 48 hours to stop a full scale nuclear attack on the u.s , with its slick gameplay stunning graphics and extremely challenging online mode this game is a must have for fans of the original graw and first person shooters.

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  ok at the start

| | See all LiveGamingUK's reviews (6)

This game is ok for the first few missions. I was really interested in the first mission and the tutorial is really good at showing you how to play.
By the second mission the novelty weapons wore thin and the repetitive gameplay got boring. There are lots of weapons to choose from both offline and online but most of the fun weapons aren't conveniant leaving the standard boring weapons which get the job done. I gave up on mission two due to lack of interest.
I gave up on the online multiplayer after an hour because is does not match up to other online shooters.

  The stuff of dreams

| | See all Tyke2007's reviews (30)

Single player campaign will make white water come out the end, the multiplayer mode stinks like a dog otter!

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  Clancys still got it

| | See all LiamMc's reviews (29)

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 or "GRAW" as it's commonly know, had a reputation to keep in tact seeing as number 1 was fantastic. This game is equally as good but slightly shades it as online is betters, this is because; they kept the good maps from GRAW 1 and added more, better ones.Cheap too. Worth a try but i'd reccomend getting #1 frist to get in to the storyline and it's cheaper.

  really addictive!

| | See all FunkeeMunkee's reviews (31)

i had GRAW on PC, put i thought it was rubbish, it was way to hard, and i dont normally play tactical FPS's, but i read some good reviews aboutthis, so i thought, ah what the hell, and bought it. it went straight in my drive, and i love it! it is sooo addictive, i got the extra weapons pack, but i dont know what guns are in it :( the gameplay is fun, and addictive, its action packed, fast paced, and very tactical! the graphics are okay for a 2006 game, but some of the animations are a bit shoddy, for example when you reload, he doesnt remove and change the mag...which is a bit sucky

overall, good game, buy it if you liked R6V2 or any other Tom Clancy game, or if you like infantry based FPS's