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Official Xbox 360 Wireless Headset - White

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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  Good if it lasts

| | See all XStarkillerX's reviews (3)

1/5 of these headsets stop working after a month or two however they are good acsept from they must be charged every day

  A great microphone and very useful piece of kit.

| | See all MikeCraig's reviews (5)

I got this headset because as like many people, my wired headset has fallen to bits so I decided to pick this up and I'm very glad I did.

It's easy to set up and I thought that it was pretty comfortable when its on my head and after a while you do start to not notice it as much. I did like the fact that the mic connects to the 360 and not the controller which means if the controller disconnects your mic isn't disabled which is a nice touch.

I was also very impressed with the range. When I'm talking to my buddies I can actually leave the room, go upstairs and go into another room on my computer and it would still work which is very cool!

I've not had the product for too long so I'm unsure about issues of the device breaking but I'm just gonna keep it safe and I'm sure it'll be fine.

I think this is a great piece of kit and my only real gripe is the cost! 30 pounds is a little too much for this but if I'm rating on the product alone then its an easy 5/5.

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  Does the job

| | See all PheonixAl's reviews (13)

Was having second thoughts on purchasing one of these seen so many mixed reviews but finally purchased one, IT does the job and the price is acceptable i think for what it is tho could be 5 pounds cheaper in all honesty,

Theres just a few issues ive had with people reporting the sound quality is muffled and not clear had it a few times now, when i speak to others, although the incomming sound is great and clear and loud,

Other issue is i have is that its not very comfortable to wear for long periods, at least it isn't for me, sure it comes with two adjustable connections but one is to big and other is to small which pulls on my ear and starts to rub the back, other than that its great and if you really want one go purchase one =D

  A really neat bit of kit..shame about its few nagging issues

| | See all TheRys4's reviews (12)

For the price you would expect pretty good quality, and to be fair you do get it. Its comfortable and many times you will take it to the toilet with you withou realising (might i say its an awkward experience - "hey rhys! what you doing?" "Uh...nothing....*plop*.....")
says it all really.

It looks good and lasts a good 6+ hours which is a decent length for any gamer. If your me and charge it up over night or through school/work etc then its never really out of battery.

The main complaint is the echoing that occurs. Whether or not its the mic itself or just Party Chat messing about its really annoying and is a constant issue. It happens rarely but i is enough to put one off.

My other complaint would be the price, you get around three standard mic's, of course they cables but with three of them for the same price its a hard choice, in the long run definately this one, but a lot of thought should happen first!!

Other than that its a good bit of kit. If you can pick a new one up for less than 20 pounds its a steal!


  must get

| | See all PanzerMonkey's reviews (1)

I only got this because I broke my standard one and it is out standing. Its really grate for when you are in parties and everyone can hear you so clear and vice a versa

But, when ever I go into game chat the mic picks us some weird noise and I have no clue. So if I go into game chat I have to use my default head set (which is held together buy tape).

Other then that its a must buy

  No problems at all!

| | See all ilesy7's reviews (3)

I was a bit worried about getting one of these because I had seen so many dodgey reviews of them. However I am happy to report that mine has been perfect! everyone can hear me crystal clear and I can hear everyone fine, the controls are nice and simple to use while gaming and the battery is pretty good lasts me a good 3-4 sessions on COD : MW2 (which are all over an hour long) very comfortable to, highly recommended.

  Great Headset

| | See all NeytonYawl's reviews (7)

It took a little while for me to actually seat the headset so that it as comfortable, but after that its been excellent.

People have said that they can hear me clearer with this than the default wired.


| | See all BOSSPHANTOM's reviews (4)

Had my wireless headset for over a year and its used daily, A full charge lasts around 6 hours of play, never had a fault with it, sometimes forget its on my ear and go to the shop looking like a right silly billy.

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  No Problems

| | See all JoeyThorn's reviews (11)

I have had this mic for well over 6 months now and still no problems. It charges whilst my xbox is off and will last for about 8-9 hours of solid gaming. Now and then it will disconnect annd reconnect for some unknown reason but this is barely anything to complain about. Much better (in quality, durability and sound) than the wired mic. Also this is the cheapest i've seen it (new).

  Great but sometimes unreliable

| | See all SaucyCarrot's reviews (1)

This headset can be great. It is clearly the clearest sounding headset for the xbox 360. Mine lasts for around 8 - 10 hours charge but i anticipate this is because i let it fully charge before i used it for the first time plus i charged it up every night. However, like other microsoft products, this can eb unreliable. I have had 4 but kept the recipts each time so i could return it but the device seems to have a habit of just not working at all. Every time mine has broke i have just finished using it, turned it off and then the next time i want to use it it does not responf whatsoever. Overall, a great mic with a clear sound (better than other microsoft microphones) but you need to keep your recipt because after a few months it may break totally for no reason.