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Official Xbox 360 Wireless Headset - White

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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| | See all richard480's reviews (9)

its actually pooop kept falling off my ear and i had to speak louder than i would hav to do on the wired mic for people to hear me

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  It's Does The Job For Me

| | See all Stokie1863's reviews (23)

This headset has had some stick in some reviews and to be honest i was a bit weary about buying it, But im glad i did, this headset is far better than the wired head-set when talking to friends on live everything is a lot more clear, and from what ive been told i sound better talking back, , Its very light weight and easy to use, yes it can take a while to charge but charge it over nite so its ready for the next time you need to use it, and as for the battery life i have no issues with that either, im on live most nites with friends and perhaps charge it once a week. its not broke on me either, as long as you dont throw the thing around and look after it a bit it will last, i dont have any probs with this prod at all so if like me you have a spare £30 i think its a good buy as i does its job for me.....

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| | See all rob789's reviews (31)

This is just another example of microsofts awful attempts in hardware design. The battery on this thing is useless has at least 2 hours durability and has to be charged via usb alot!. Also this thing is really unreliable with alot of faults including console syncronization. Lastly this is just money down the drain by far overpriced for such useless hardware.

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| | See all acespag's reviews (9)

My headset went from working perfectly and the next second not working at all, the charge time is also way to high for the battery life this really should be avoided.

  Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

You can generated buzzing in lobbies that you can't hear, but deafens everybody else... so you get muted. You have to retune it often when you loose contact.

The idea of wireless and free roaming headset is good, but it is so poor it is laughable.

Build quality is cheap and nasty, with constant charger connection problems and snapping of pin inside.

I have had 3 break in this way so I am back on the wired ones.

Do not buy it... I can't stress that enough. You have worked long hours in a job you hate for your money.

Consider that before you click "complete purchase"

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  Why do microsoft make these products

| | See all JonnySnooks's reviews (3)

For such a large price for such a shoddy product. This lasted me around 6 months, and then during the 3- day heatwave a few weeks ago my microphone just stopped working- it wouldn't charge nor turn on for any reason. Even at such meager temperatures this product cannot withstand any minor changes. Many others have had problems with this annoying thing, and yet microsoft have not responded by improving these products. Even the wired ones suck as they cut off sound once every 30 seconds, which lasts about a minute, cutting out a whole conversation. I've gone through 4 of the wired microphones and 2 of the wireless ones, and the same problem happens every time. Sort this out microsoft- I've had enough!

  to sensitive to sound

| | See all SUAFxIconiczZ's reviews (2)

well i have had this heaadset for a while only broke once and i dunno why. the battery life isnt that bad for me it lasts as long as i need it ands as long as i put it onto charge when ever not in use it is fine. but my complain is its sensitivity it picks up the minute sounds like i like to listen to music while i play and tlk to my friends but i cant because it picks up the sound even when the sound is 1 bar up from the quietest apart from that this is perfect

  wireless head set

| | See all dozzysdonut's reviews (1)

They are really good but very faulty.I have had mine for 3-4 months and i turned it of and went to get some thing to eat then it broke it wouldnt turn on so from perfect to broke

  Not quite there yet...

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

First of all, for those who baulk at paying £30 for a headset, it actually works out cheaper than constantly replacing the low quality, flimsy wired ones. 3 have broken on me. (I was extremely careful with the last two, always storing it safely and handling it gently.) At £13 a time, I decided i would not waste money on another for it to break in 6 months, so I splashed out on the wireless. All in all, it's been a good buy. It's light and durable, with good sound quality and comfortable fit, it doesn't echo like the wired and hasn't broken on me yet. (Had it for a year). The downside to it though, is the pitiful battery life. If like me, you spend hefty chunks of time online, talking to other gamers, then you will run this down surprisingly quick. I'd say it gives between 3 and 4 hours. It takes too long to charge considering the small amount of time it give you and if Microsoft are to make an improved version, battery life is way up the list. Luckily, it's easy to charge, slotting into your 360's USB slot, charging even when the console is off. A good headset that is definitely better than the wired, but be prepared to charge this a lot or you will be disappointed.

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  A definate buy

| | See all carter91's reviews (17)

Not five stars as it does require a lot of charging but thats to be expected really. At first it appears to be expensive but taking into consideration the money you would be spending on buyin wired ones when they keep breaking, its a money saver. A definate buy, clear loud and comfortable, recommended.