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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (68 reviews)"

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  verry good game

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

this game is brilliant its not my favorite stratergy, that still belongs to halo wars. back to topic, this game is great the only flaw i can find is that some of the levels are verry confusing.

this game is defently worth the price tag.

  A bit of a disappointment

| | See all Sideways27's reviews (3)

Used to be a hardcore C&C player on the pc, but this one just didn't do it for me. Controls are not optimized. Graphics are okay, but the is just not logical. Such a shame.

  One of the best rts on the 360

| | See all dave512's reviews (8)

Ive played the c&c franchse on the pc from the start and i have always enjoyed the style of them and the easyness (if thats a word :-) ) of them to play on the pc. I was a little scepical of the way this would work on a consel. It plays very well and controlling your units and creating stuctures is easy and if you dont understand the tutorial will explain it very well.
The storyline is amazing and has plenty of depth and the missions are varied and challenging in places. Also with 3 campagins showing the story from 3 different perpectives there is plenty of backround info . The multiplayer isnt exactly booming with players nowerdays but you can still get a game. Some of the faults with the game are that the mp is occasany laggy some battles are slightly repetitive and in skirmish ais are way too hard. But really there is next to nothing wrong with this game and a hell of alot right and at this bargin price its a must buy.

  EA's Finest

| | See all UltimateReviewer's reviews (15)

This is possibly the best RTS I have ever played. But there is a lot of competition from Ensemble Studios Halo Wars and of course the PC games Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, then there is Starcraft 2 but C&C 3 stands out very much from your standard RTS on the computer or console. The whole concept and storyline is marvelous, with immersive characters and plots. The main factions are each very unique and different. There is the GDI (Global Defense Initiative) which is your typical US style army with well trained infantry men, heavily armored tanks and advanced special forces, they mainly focus on sending in shock armies to destroy the enemy head on. The NOD who are a Abrahamic society whose core aim is to blow up the planet in hope of them becoming the Rulers of Earth and led by a so called messiah called Kane. There main infantry are ill-trained, ill-equipped militia men. They do have very advanced soldiers and units which are much more advanced than the GDI, they mainly rely on stealth, tactics and strategy. Then there are the Scrin who are supremely advanced aliens who feed on tiberium each of there units are unique and they do have a signature unit called the Tripod which is very similar to the one from War of the Worlds. Overall this game is compelling and unique and just so worth it, it's worth mentioning that the controls on the 360 are just as good as the PC so don't get put off by that. 10/10.

  A little joy on the 360

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

I love c+c games and this is no excpetion.nicely uprated graphics,decent control system and some real tricky moments.perfect.

  Great game

| | See all Dolly1001's reviews (2)

This game was bought as a present for my son on his birthday. He says it is great and he would highly recommend it!!!! I have watched him playing it,to me it it looked good though it is a game set in the future. IF I WAS YOU I WOULD GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Its all good

| | See all Curratty's reviews (1)

In the past I played C&C on the PC and after alot of thought I took the plunge and boght it on the 360........Im glad i did.

The control system is easy to use an in some respects better.....yes better than the PC. Building untis etc it easier. The only downside is selecting individual units on the battle field.

Online the game is great only probelm is that alot, most of the other players are damn good. The skirmish against the CPU though is pretty good.

I have just started to play the single playuer mode (after havin the ame for 2 months) and so far so good.

You can pick this up for next to nothing now so far £10 - £12 you can't go wrong

  worth getting, but not as good as the PC version...

| | See all bleedingpepper's reviews (93)

im a massive C&C fan, and having played both the PC and 360 versions, i have to say that the PC version is better.

the game as a whole is great. the story is involving, its great to have an extra new army in it (the Scrin), and the game is just really addictive! it combines pretty much all the best bits from previous C&C games, and adds to it many new and great things as well, from the support powers to the ability to upgrade units and garrison buildings, which all adds more depth to the C&C universe.

the bad side, is that the controls can be frustratingly fiddly compared to the PC, where you obviously have a mouse and a keyboard instead. it sounds a small gripe, but in actual fact it makes a fair difference on harder difficulty settings. online, i guess everyone else is in the same boat, so you wont be disadvantaged per se.

its also annoying that the Intel pages have been removed - on the PC version you would pick up bits of Intel if you achieved certain objectives which gave you in depth information about characters, units and the story generally! it made the game more interesting and gave the player more background to enjoy. again, its a small gripe, but its something i miss.

overall, an excellent addition to the series. its difficult to play on an XBox pad, but you get use to it (its still not ideal though). i guess thats my only real complaint. excellent game. well worth getting if you're a strategy fan.

  Strategy Finds The Xbox360

| | See all Addieo's reviews (144)

18 Male

Being a big RTS fan (Real Time Strategy) and a fan of the Command & Conquer empire I got this game on the release date. Even though it is not as good as playing it on the PC it is a good Xbox360 adaptation and with the achievments makes you play matches you wouldn't normally try. I absolutly loved the introduction of the new faction of Scrin aswell these aliens mean business and are really fun to play as. Despite the lack of vehicles (I like loads of option there is a standard amount) and the bad online connections this game is still a win for me. Its the idea that you go in thinking GDI are the best because they have the biggest stuff but as time roles on you will soon realise that all factions are equal in different ways.

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  Oh no whats gone wrong!

| | See all Craiguk07's reviews (18)

what can i say...well you get more fun at poking a dead bird with a stick I gave it 2 stars just because it C&C

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