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Two Worlds

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (116 reviews)"

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  Use strategy to play

| | See all JimRocks2007's reviews (24)

As a veteran gamer I was appalled to read some of the silly one line reviews for this game. Clearly some people don't believe in giving a game of this quality a chance. Firstly, it seems, some of these individuals clearly have not learn't the concept of strategy gaming. Why run into a horde of beasties when you can lure them out at a distance with your bow, hide in the woods and pick them off one by one or get them to follow you into a village and allow the villagers to do the hard work for you before you get down to business of stripping the corpses of their ill-gotten gains all for yourself.

The concept of an orc king back from the dead appealed greatly and through the use of characters and events the story unfolded with me being drawn in. Yes, what I was looking for and where was I going even with the use of the mini map could have been easier but at least being able to identify an item when you were close to it helped.

I agree the lip syncing and the graphics aren't great but for me this game was easy to play with much land to cover and quests to do.

If there is a major blip and why i'm deducting a star is the lack of detailed explanation on how to teleport. What is not explained is if you choose to download the update for this game off xbox live you can no longer teleport. That is if you follow the instructions in the enclosed manual. However if you push down on the right analog stick. select teleport, choose on the map where you want to go and then press A (green) it should work.

So to summarise if your not too bothered about how it looks or mainly sounds but want a playable RPG that you you don't need a degree in how to play. check this game out.

  A joke

| | See all covies's reviews (1)

i tried to give it a chance but , its just awful.The fighting style is stupid and the story line makes no sense.The map and mini map dont make any sense , they just put in a lot of green and purple dots and expect you to know what to do.And the lag....this game lags in singleplayer and i cant even move in multiplayer.it also seems like they got about 5 random people to do the voice acting in the entire game , and there serious about making sequel?This is just a joke , why are people giving it more than 2 stars??And i DID try and get into it.Nice try guys

  some crazy people out there.

| | See all Dawson7606's reviews (1)

this game is quality! reminded me a bit of when i used to play runescape, one of them games once you start playing and get into it you cant get off, i cant wait for the second one, the graphics arent the best but to give this game a bad review i cant get my head round that at all. 4 stars for me easily.

  Ignore the children

| | See all SuicideGrunt's reviews (7)

ignore all the reviews given one star. obviously just 5 minute reviewers (I.E someone who doesnt even give a game a chance and instantly gives it one or 5) i have played this game time and time again, i really cannot understand the 1 star reviews! ok so the graphics arnt perfect and theres some glitches but beyond that it is great! and as for the dialect taking to long... it really doesnt, they just replace such words like it is with tis' and you with thee and thou. there is plenty to do and only multiplayer can be fun. this game was epic when it first came out and is still awsome if your looking for a cheap game that is still good.

i would really give it a 4 to be fare, but i cant stand to see it at 2 so it gets promoted to 5 :D

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  not bad at all

| | See all tommyr1's reviews (18)

Ok yea the graphics are not awesome but you have to take into mind the size of the game ... I had trouble trying to work it out to start with as i have just got in to these games but its very good and when i start playin it i cant seem to draw my self away from it. Its got a massive world and i think its gonna take me hours to complete , id say for a tenner get it .

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  A bad version of oblivion???

| | See all Shortysmith's reviews (24)

I found myself liking this more than oblivion. The only reason for that being that oblivion is a slow game in which you need alot of time dedicated to playing it to get somewhere. Two worlds was completely the opposite. The campaign was good as there is a good storyline to it and getting places was alot easier.

Some drawbacks are that you can find yourself wandering too far and end up at a lvl 100 monster when your only lvl 10. It can get very confusing at some stages. The lvling up system is very fun and user friendly.

The online play is good. It still is very laggy with alot of players. It can get boring as they will start killing the villagers. At lvl 1, without help you will find yourself dieing against even the easiet of creatures and not gaining any xp. So i didnt get very far unless nice and generous gamers give you potions which give you more health.

I would still be playing it if there wasnt any good games out. This was given to a friend and he was confused from the start. This is not one of the best games in the world but its still worth giving it a shot. But i would get this game as a last resort and look for another game which could be better.

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| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

The game feels like an elaborate practical joke. It has no place among gaming, late alone next gen.

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  Great game with a long list of flaws!

| | See all JohnJackson's reviews (18)

I can agree why so many people would give this 1 star! There are a huge amount of annoying things which are wrong with the game and if you dont play the game for over an hour you will never know how good this game actually is. Many people are pointing out the flaws so ill go into the positives.

The world is massive and very open meaning you can just run into the distance if you desire and just explore. The game is fairly long aswell with me defeating the last boss after around 30hours although i rushed the last half of the game because i found the enemies to difficult and could kill me in one hit, my character was around lvl40. Also i have no idea what the max level is you can get to, i have seen pieces of armour requiring lvl 140 to use...

You can also customize what armour you want to wear and combine the same type to make it stronger. I have combined my weapon over 20 times and is pretty powerfull and i have no idea how powerfull you can actually make a character.

For me the exploration was brilliant, just running around the world was great fun although like most people this game was terrible for the 1st hour and if i hadnt of stuck with it i would of never known how good this game actually is!


| | See all liam101's reviews (2)

OK this is the worst game i have ever bought, I would expect better graphics from a N64. The dialog is appalling being out of sync and the way the talk is so annoying. Ive tried playing it twice and i turned it after about 15mins the first time, gave it a chance a second but i couldn't put myself threw it. This game doesn't get close to Oblivion. The combat system is useless and you die so easily, you just button bash until all the enemies die. Personally I wouldn't even recommend renting this game.

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  "Bandits..." .... no wait it's an orc..

| | See all Conveant's reviews (6)

South Peaks new view on Elder scrolls, this game boasts large open environments, large assortments of weaponry and armor and old English dialogue.
So it should be great yeah? Well.. no, for a starters, the graphics left a lot to be desired, as textures were incredibly disappointing, the character creation was very little more than name selection and height, offering little in customisation. Also I can't help but believe the dialect was a bit unnessesary in the ammount of translation to Shakespearean English, to the point where the Novelty wore off and it took about 2 minutes longer to explain everything when in modern English it would of took just 20 seconds.
What this game can be proud of though is the vast outdoor space, in which exploring is vital to get anywhere. If you can get over the annoying attacks of pathetic Wolf packs every 10 seconds, you will eventually find a decent fight with Orcs, Golems, or even the odd Dragon or two. The Storyline can be completed in multiple ways, although with a level 35 character I found it reasonably easy to take the quick route for two artifacts and kill anything what got in my way (The Relic frame for example, where you can do one of two sets of questlines or just kill the guard at the gate, kill the leader who puts up no fight at all and take the frame). After being warned that my character is too low to finish the last bosses, I completed the game at level thirty six with ease pretty much.
Yet despite the lack of a challenge I found it to be pretty fun after ignoring its other flaws (a task harder than completeing the game). After taking my character to level 42 to get a good view of the game, I still believed that perhaps it could of been better, it could of been great really, but someone somewhere had just lost all hope for his/her game and only half finished it. And that is exactly what this is, a half finished game and a let down for all.

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