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Two Worlds

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (116 reviews)"

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  Dont buy

| | See all weekaz's reviews (3)

I bought this game recently and as soon as i played it my face dropped with dissappointment.. i heard a lot of people saying that this could be better than oblivion.. but Clearly not.. it lags even when u are playing offline and the graphics are terrible.. when people speak, their lips dont even move in sync with it.. and the controls are annoying.. when u are fighting it is far too easy to die.. so overall this game is pretty bad.. id say save ur money and get oblivion or fable 2..

  A Poor atempt.

| | See all FishBoneDiscs's reviews (190)

I rented this game thinking I would get an epic experience, what I did get was very different. The story was weak, the scenery was nothing special and not that well done and the character customization was very poor and limited. The enemies are a rip off from the mighty Oblivion. If you are looking for a giant game experience with unique characters and customization and smart enemies, buy Oblivion and avoid this.

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  Two Worlds

| | See all wolfsaiyan's reviews (10)

This game is actually very good when you get into it, it is free-roaming, hundreds of quests to do and plenty of choice to make.

Graphics: 5/10
Gameplay 7/10
Voice acting 9/10!!
Storyline 6/10
Overall 6/10

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  why i haven't listen!!!

| | See all slamer's reviews (1)

Why haven't i listen to the other reviews and bought that...i know why....cause a friend of mine has this game on pc,and he says that its good and has got great graphics...i dont know for the pc ,but here it has playstation 1 graphics not even the original xbox..inconclusion its the worst game i'have ever played...i'll never get back this 30 minutes...(and my 20 euros too,god help the ones who bought it 60)

Graphics -5/10
Sound 2/10
Gameplay 1/10

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| | See all Gerippo's reviews (9)

When I first got this game i thought it was rubbish. Graphics are crap and so are the voice actors. Map is hard to follow. Controls are a bits dodgy and the Storyline is a bit weird.
However once I got over all those things, the games was really addictive and got really hard and enjoyable.
Great for anyone who wants a challenge and has some patience. The game grows on you

  What were the developers thinking...

| | See all flaminggerbil's reviews (3)

If this had come out lets say 5 years ago, I might have thought it was ok at best, now remember what the graphics, animations and sfx were like 5 years ago.
This game is absolutely appalling, I have no idea what the creators were thinking when they made this but making money cant have been one of them.

Graphics: 1/10
Sound: 2/10
Gameplay: 2/10

If you really want to waste money, make yourself a small bonfire, it'll give you more enjoyment then this ever will.

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  The world of RPG's just got.....worse!

| | See all massterleaf's reviews (38)

This game is a very bad excuse for an RPG. The worst voice acting. Terrible graphics. Stick with Elder Scrolls!

  Dont listen to 1 stars

| | See all Bendosh's reviews (68)

When i first got this game i wasnt gripped but once after the first hour the gameplay is amazing!

  Abismal...shame there's no stars!

| | See all MrAmsterdam27's reviews (3)

This game is...terrible! It makes no sense, the language used is half shakesperian and you can tell they've just tried too hard to rival oblivion. The controls are clumsy and the inventory is a complete mess! I'm not normally a cynic but thank the lord i bought this second hand. It was complete rubbish and doesn't even deserved to be played.
The combat has no skill and is just slash and hope for the best. The story line is boring as hell...and the characters all look the same, all speak the same and all use the same middle/modern english mixture which just messes the whole game up.

Graphics - 0/10
Playability - 0/10
Story - 0/10

So i need to say much more?

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  Better off trading it in then playing it.

| | See all xxxAngelxxx's reviews (2)

I bought this game not expecting it to be as good as Oblivion, anyway it arrived today and played it for around two hours and it was terrible, so bad i actually went in to a shop and traded it for a new game. Back of the box it said "Oblivion on steroids" You need to be high to think this game is any good.
Graphics - 4/10
Sound - 5/10
Overall game play - Minus 10 out of 10

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