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Two Worlds

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (116 reviews)"

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  Not the worst

| | See all sketchy08's reviews (1)

Ok, so when I first saw this game I was thinking, should be good, I liked fable and thought this would be similar. I was wrong! When you first play it it takes too long to get into it, but after you put up with the tediously boring first hour or so it gets ok, but it does get repetitive. I liked the idea that you can customise things, but you can't really. So, really, I would say buy it if you've bought everything else like this and you have the spare cash, regretting it myself. =[


| | See all nidges's reviews (1)

Saw the game on shelf and it looked pretty good. However when i started playing it just got worse and worse. The most appalling thing is easy he game is the missions take ages to get to then when you do them you are done within seconds.

  It's not that bad...

| | See all STALKER's reviews (23)

Yes, yes, i agree with the fact its poor graphics/voice acting(very poor for that matter)/fighting/ worst multiplayer ever..., but the reason why im defending it is its a simplified (yet stupid) version of oblivion. I got this game when it 1st came out and was appaled at how bad it was, but for no apparent reason i kept on playing, till the point of completing it. There is a kind of thing about this game that gets you hooked on it, just like oblivion, like levelling up and getting new and more powerfull armour and weapons does it for me, after a while of playing all the bad points of the game go out the door, that is untill you play the multiplayer, then it hits you again how bad the game is. So to sum it all up, yes this game is rubbish, with me and my mate backing up that comment, yet will kept playing it till we finished it, bad game/very addictive after a an hour or two.

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  Worst Game EVER

| | See all GHippo's reviews (9)

I had waited for this game for ages and when i finally got my hands on it... I HATED it.
The graphics were terrible (much worse than the adverts), the acting was particularly poor as someone decided it would be a good idea to have American actors speaking in Olde English. Even more annoying was the fact that the achievements don't work properly.
Don't waste your money. If you're looking for good RPG games look elsewhere!

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  i tried to like it... its hard

| | See all dungeonoutlaw's reviews (12)

two worlds looked like a great game on the shelf, i only bout it cos ide been on oblivion for 5 months and fort i would become nerdy if i played it more( for the record im still playing it nine months later!!)

its a rely bad game, i dont like the fights or the charecter making or the graphics, but the thing that got me is the way that if it rains the guy goes" im wet" or "its very cold"
i couldnt stand it

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  Give it time! :)

| | See all flash78's reviews (2)

I found that in the outset of this game the acting was a little poor and it took a while to get going but just when you start getting new weapons things start to get intresting. The gem stacking is absolutely ingenious and once you start getting a nice list of quests going you really feel part of this world (good or bad!).
This game could Have had a couple of extra features such as first person/third person choice, co-op for 2 on the one console and smoother loading for a full 5 stars. But never the less what a great game +++++

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  A Good But!

| | See all COLRICEVE's reviews (2)

I've bought this game by recommendation of a friend, the graphics are not that brilliant as you seen on a ps2/xbox but the game play much fun and as my friend also says it could do with a damn good up date. and the most annoying thing about it is i've never seen a game to have as many crashes as this game does ever, i hopefully they bring out a up date for this game soon...


| | See all steviebb's reviews (2)

This game has been given really bad reviews and press and i think that is unfair. I personally think that it is better than oblivion because i bought oblivion one day and 1 hour later it was back on the shop shelf. But with two worlds i fought through the starting issues and under its shell there is a game with great depth and guality. It is my favourite game because it is so much fun, the levelling up system is fantastic the sheer scale of the map is breathtaking and the graphics arent exactly bioshock but they arent bad. I thought that the storyline was pretty good and the voice acting wasnt bad. It took me 160 hrs to complete everything properly and i loved every minute of it. The most fun of the game is exploring, the excitement of going into an unexplored place and not knowing whether to find a graveyard lurking with undead or finding a bandit camp fresh to plunder. The other great thing is weapon stacking, the quality of how you can stack weapons together to increase their power or insert weapon enhancing gems into your weapons to further increase power. The really good thing also and oblivion fans will say "you can do tht in oblivion" is the ability to look around see that nobodys watching and pick the lock to a house. Then when the house is open search it to make sure nobody is inside then start picking all the locks and taking the treausre or you could just outright pickpocket people if tht is your choice. The also sheer scale of skills you can learn and upgrade is brilliant. The thing that really distinguished this game though was the ability to create your own potions and bombs out of plants and herbs you find in the wild on your explorations. So all in all this game is brilliant and in my view much better than oblivion in so many ways. So you like rpgs and exploration? then what are you waiting for go out and get this stunning title. So to end i think that the developers should be given a pat on the back for creating a stunning title and that people should really try this out and dont listen to reviews but just give it a try and i guarantee if u love rpgs you will love this. Thank you for reading

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  everyones bullying two worlds

| | See all droctopus's reviews (9)

Ha what can i say funny game thats easy to play and a good laugh as far as RPG's go. I want to stick up for two worlds that why i gave it 3 stars but its not brilliant. I could pick many faults with it but at the end of the day i enjoyed playing it and thats what counts............isn't it?

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  Are you blind?

| | See all GAZSMA's reviews (2)

This game looks like it was made in stop-motion by a child without any hands. You can tell by the description they're clutching at straws when they say "we've got nice trees" that were coinsidentally created using WINDOWS Paint. Abismal. And as for a massive open game, try Oblivion i've just ticked over 80 hrs and i've barely touched the main quest.

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