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Dark Messiah: Might And Magic Elements

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  a really fun dungeon crawler

| | See all OldSchoolguy's reviews (15)

Dark Messiah Elements is a modern version of the old dungeon crawlers I used to play on PC many years ago. I wish there were more games like this for console.

The only RPG element in the game is the multiple endings, everything else is exploration and combat. Imagine Skyrim or Oblivion but with only the dungeons and combat parts and you get an idea of what this game is like. There are no dialogue options and character customizations, the game is linear except towards the end where the choices you make give you different endings, and there are four different endings.

The dungeons are done exceptionally well. There is variation in how they look and how they are designed, the atmosphere is awesome - there is a great sensation of space in each zone, and the enemies you fight are varied - goblins, zombies, Cyclops, ghouls, orcs, evil wizards etc. Graphically the game still looks really good.

Combat itself is also varied. Regardless of class you have a range of weapons to use, each class can use magic and melee weapons. Choosing a class means you get loot that is customized for that class, special weapons and armour, it also means that you are particularly good at one type of combat. The gameplay overall is varied with combat, exploration, and puzzle solving.

This is a fun game that does not deserve the low rating it got when first released, too many people expected an Oblivion-like RPG, despite the fact that Dark Messiah was never marketed as an RPG. It was marketed as an FPS action-adventure Fantasy game and as such it is a great game.

  I dont why..

| | See all SkykidFiera's reviews (20)

I enjoy this game so much.
Its now quite old and dated, has a few glitches, but I really enjoy playing it. This does not happen very often as I usually enjoy free roaming sandbox games.. Maybe its because its as simple as an adventure game can get, pretty much on rails and with basic things to do and achieve.
And at this stupid low price you cant go wrong.

  I'm easily amused but this is an awful, awful game

| | See all burgstar's reviews (39)

I'm really quite easily amused by games - give me a sword and the ability to hack some baddly accented peasants to death and I'm usually happy (I work in a call centre & I have to have some catharsis somewhere!) but DM:MME is awful. Perhaps it is because I got it in 2011 and the years have been harsh, but this game is one that make me wonder if it was play tested at all. The gameplay is horific and archaic in equal measure (I think it would have been considered a bad game 10 years ago), the plot unintelligible and the overall design suggests the work of a 14 year old whose only contact with the outside world is via hardcore pornography, tramadol and conan the barbarian. The graphics are PS2 looking, the sound is terrible and jarring, the gameplay is repetitive and overall things are compltely bugged and unpolished. I bought this new for six quid and felt ripped off and I need to repeat myself: I am easily amused - check out my othe reviews if you don't believe me! Do not buy this game for any amount of money, it is just a chore.

  2 Girls 1 Fun game

| | See all Rupert3000's reviews (4)

I bought this game last year and really quite enjoyed it.
The dark and brutal feeling really appealed to me.

It has a exciting and long lasting single player campaign , which you can play through as various classes. (The Archer, The Mage, The Assassin and the Warrior.)

Despite the story leading you to some very exciting environments such as: Sky high cliffs, Dark cavernsand ancient temple's. It is not a game where you can free roam.

I gave Dark Messiah a 4-star rating because of the many bugs you will encounter, and i would have rated this 5 star if it there were not any bugs. They are only small bugs like the characters/enemies doing random things, but still put me off slightly.

So if your looking for a dark adventure and something a little different rather than Call of Duty or Halo then its definitly worth buying.

  wouldnt buy it for a penny

| | See all Tezzajh's reviews (12)

just way to many glitches, making almost impossible to complete and if your like me and dont save every 2minutes you will hate this game

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| | See all Dexscott's reviews (11)

right, looking at many other reviews for this game most people have tried to compare it to oblivion, and every one who has compared it are all oblivion fans...well i really really didn'te like oblivioin, the world was too big and the story line was far too confusing for my simple gaminf brain :P

but i liked the type of game it was, so i bought Dark Messiah! and i love it!!! its very much go to point A to B, and there is normally only one way to get there, all other side routes often come to dead ends, i like this becuase it stops me gettin lost in a huge gaming world and consolting a map every 5 SECONDS!! like i was in oblivion!

i think the combat in this game is very well done, and u always get time to react to enemy attacks so u can block intime!

there is always plenty of health medicines and food lying around so u are never off searching becuase u are on ur last noch of health...some people like that sort of thing, i dont!!!

ive only played a couple of hours but im loving the storyline aready..the graphics can b a little off at times but for the most part they are rather dam good

the sound is a let down, u can hear people coming from a mile off even when they aint in ur area, which can get annoying. and some of the noises of things smashing can seem a bit delayed!

i really haven't seen any other faults in the game, u have ur minor glitches but wat game doesn't!!! a few parts can get annoying and u have to do trial and error, but for the most part a bloody awsome gaming experiance


| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

This game rocks!! It's very addictive and fun..

you can notice similarities with oblivion..but its not oblivion its Dark Messiah.. definetly under rated and gets too much stick!!

great storyline, great classes and pretty good graphics. if you think of it as oblivion you will be disappointed but don't...

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  Wants to be Oblivion badly.

| | See all Oberael's reviews (20)

So hit and miss it isn't even fair. Buy only if you're looking for gamerscore and or have a penchant for recycled high fantasy crap.

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  Good Storyline...Bad Graphics...

| | See all Gamer15's reviews (25)

Dark Messiah was a good game with an interesting storyline, but it's hard to believe that the game was powered by the Source Engine! This is probably the ugliest game I've ever played and the voice acting is very badly done, but the gameplay was easy to understand, and it was quite fun ripping off the heads of demons and orcs with your shortsword! The main character is quite boring, but he does have some cool abilities.

I think this is just a bad copy of Oblivion, and Dark Messiah is also probably the most linear game ever in gaming history! It's just a badly done cross between Oblivion and Thief, but at least it has the enemy AI and gory violence to look forward to!


| | See all TommyE's reviews (3)

i bought this game thinking it was goin to be like oblivion then i was about to buy my friend told me that it isnt a free roam i decided to buy it anyway beacuse the fighting and the magic looked cool as soon as i got home and played it was terrible the graphics are average the gameplay is abmismal the AI is also rubbish i tried to sneak up on and then he ended hurting me first ?? i dont no if it was a glitch but it was awfull. consisering ubisoft make games that are beautiful on the eyes e.g Tom Clancy games and assassins creed this game sure aint please dont waste your money on this go and buy somthing good :)