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WarTech: Senko No Ronde

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A Worthwhile Risk

| | See all shatecake's reviews (2)

i bought this from my local Game only knowing that a magazine had said it was good. I knew nothing else about it but when i played it fell in love instantly. its not too hard to learn but its tough to master and at times can really test the pro Ikaruga and Galaga Legions players. worth a try at the price it is now =]

  A new slant on an ageing genre

| | See all eviroboy's reviews (2)

At first I wasn't convinced. Had I bought a duff game? Was I just not very good? The game certainly throws you in at the deep end, but if you stick at it, open your eyes and your mind you soon get into a rhythm and the game fits like an old glove.

Based on a hugely popular series in Japan and with it's slick anime visuals it's a joy to watch and play. You pilot a Rounder, basically a fighting mecha with varying weapons and combos to perform. Each character has it's own rounder and set weapons and performance. The trick is finding the right balance to your particular gaming style. Do you want superior firepower but slow movement relying on tactics or do you like to hit quick and often but lacking a little punch? Individula tastes prevail, but to complete the game unlocking all achievements you need to play as every character so you need to find the right starting point.

The game itself runs very smooth and the graphics are excellent, showing off the 360's capabilities just fine. It doesn't need to look like a fine painting, it's a fighting/shoot em up in an anime style. It does exactly what it says on the box and I love it for that. It suits the style just fine.

As I said at first the game does require a little patience until you find your rhythm, but then again which game doesn't? Give it the time it deserves and you'll be reaping the rewards!

It's not often we get to play the same games the Japanese drool over so get it while you can. A sure fire cult hit in my opnion.

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  Awful, just plain awful

| | See all ch33zy's reviews (68)

Sooo glad i rented this....This game is Terrible.

Did not get on with this game at all, controls are so unresponsive its a joke, graphics are quite laughable (would expect something like these graphics to appear on Xbox live arcade).
The music is highly annoying.
And while your trying to knock 7 shades out of each other, you get constant text scrolling across the screen where the 2 opponents are having a conversation with each other.

I'm all for new types of games, but jeeeeez, this is terrible.

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