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Blue Dragon

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (85 reviews)"

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  fantastic value

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

really enjoyable RPG, takes things back to the basic turn based combat strategy which i love. great value for the money, 3 disks and the 1st alone took me about 15hrs to finish. I see people complaining about a slow start, most rpg's are though bkos its all about levelling up your party so if you like old school final fantsay this ones for you. 4 stars for the game the 5th is for the price...3 disks for under a tenner, gotta be worth it!!

  Good for the price

| | See all LickleLex's reviews (3)

If you like Dragon Quest. then you'll like this game.
The only thing I would say is that it takes a while to rack up on any gamer achievements, and you need a lot of time and patience for this one.
If you're willing to spend a good few weeks/months on a game and like RPGs, then this is the game for you!

  A good rpg game

| | See all Shortysmith's reviews (24)

This game can seem like it goes off to a very slow start, but it does start getting better. The music i found was only good when it got to the bosses. The battle system wasnt boring, it was quiete fun and enjoyable. I eventually got to the disc 3 but by that point it was boring. There are no side quests or anything else you can do appart from the story missions. The storyline is quiete moving and sad at some places.

You cant really get many achievement points from this game either and i thought it was a big waste of time. The characters are quiete funny to watch. You get to work out which of the characters are grown up and which are not. One of them starts getting on your nerves through out the game.

It does take a long time to complete but is it worth it?. It is very unique in its own way. Alot of things about it are good, but because im not much of a RPG gamer i ended up moving towards better games that came out.

I still gave it 4 stars because it is still a good RPG game with many things that are good about it. It isnt the perfect game but it is different and any RPG fan would enjoy it.

The reason i stopped was because between disc 2 and 3 i struggled since i didnt really try and lvl my characters up. I rushed through the storyline which meant that i would need to do major lvling to get any further and i didnt want to waste any more time. The graphics are cartoony.

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  Slow. VERY SLOW!

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

In the long career of Akira Toriyama, how many games, manga & anime has he used the word dragon for? Well too many to name in my opinion, so I went into Blue Dragon with caution.
Things got off to an unusual start as I found out I have to move my character to get the title screen up. I then get thrown into battle with my two sidekicks, end up outside the village, then get abducted, then get defeated by an old man resembling a rejected Dragonballz character, then my team all get animal like shadows that are blue, I then get kicked off the ship, discover my team now have cool powers and now I start making my way through the canyons and that was just the first hour.
So a lot has happened already. Finally a fast flowing JRPG, with great freedom of movement and for once the girl character isn't the healer so I was hoping the rest of the game will be like this. How wrong I was.
It took a bloody hour to cross the canyon to the next destination in what seemed like one of the most tedious runs of RPG action I've ever seen; it feels even worst knowing that you've got another two disks to go before you finish.
I was right to approach this game with caution as I feel less disappointed by the outcome of the game.
Only buy this game if your willing to give up weeks of your life to play it.

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  Very underrated

| | See all SuperSolidus's reviews (14)

This is the game i have spent the most time on as i think its amazing but its very surprising that it is not as popular. I have completed the game and put alot of hours in and loved every minute of it. I got it the week it came out and to see it for such a cheap price amazes me. If you are considering buying this game do not hesitate as you will not be disappointed.

  Old-school RPG, strictly for dedicated fans of the genre

| | See all HitmanN's reviews (9)

This is the first RPG I played on my 360. After a few hours of playing, the first impression I got was that the game felt a lot like Final Fantasy V, as to how the character development works. Just like in FF5, where you assign jobs for the characters to learn skills that you can equip for the character, in Blue Dragon you assign classes for the Shadow creature of each character, and can then equip certain number of skills learned from them at a time. The difference is that in Blue Dragon you can ultimately equip more skills, and many of the attack skills have a large area of effect, meaning that in later parts of the game, battles consist of nothing but attacks on all or half of the enemies. Basically, if you don't avoid random encounters, the characters will become so powerful that there's no challenge in the battles at all, down to the last bosses.

Another thing lacking a bit is the story. With the toy-ish and silly character and villain designs, the story doesn't feel serious until the latter half of the game. The monster designs are imaginative, but not very interesting.

Music is a mixed bag. Definitely not one of Uematsu's best compositions. Piano tunes were nice in the few places they happened.

Graphics look ok, though a bit too simple in some places for the current generation of consoles. Framerates dropped quite heavily in many battles too, probably because of the shadow creatures. Too much small detail in such simple designs, I guess.

Not an easy game to score gamer points in either. I finished the game with level 70 characters and had gotten less than 100 points. I sure hope maxing out some levels or shadow ranks will grant a lot more, because I doubt I'll be playing the game much more than that.

With the current low prices though, this is an ok purchase if you're not tired of JRPG's yet. Just be prepared for a very retro, old-school game, which feels like something from early 90's, with modern graphics.


| | See all xboxchick's reviews (36)

I generally enjoy jrpgs so when xbox started announcing more and more of these titles i was stoked. They seem to be a mixed bag (thats a genre thing not a console thing) but the design was fresh if flawed. The difficulty curve with these games can be quite extreme but blue dragon seemed to be in the middle with this although some grinding is required if your not a big explorer. I suffered with some pretty rubbish frame rates in places as well but didnt really hinder the game.

  Funnish with the emphasis on FUN - recommend

| | See all HyuugaNegi's reviews (5)

This is a genuinly fun RGP; little sidequests for the hardcore and many many shiny little items in items in chests for the treasure hunters. And teh ability to skip both of those for gamers with left time on their hands.
Although at 3-disks in length time is something you will need.

Battles are fun too, you hit an enemy to cause a battle with it and by using field tactics you can lure multiple ones into the frey. You can use items, attack or use magic in a Final Fantasy 3 reminicant class system.
On thing that FF3 did not have however is that here you can dabble in multiple classes, pick up the skills, and use them in other classes. Adding both fun, strategy and flexibility.

So on the good side there is a lengthy story, battle play variety and a genuinly fun experiance.
On the other hand it was imported and that always causes the inevitable dubbing issues - unusually this game doesn't dub enough! So many things like wording and catchphrases that would work in Japan just don't swing well over here. The main characters love of the words "I will never give up!" are only said at the most innapropriate times, that is; when your NOT ACTUALLY FIGHTING, when your, say; crashing a plane or falling into an ocean.

Akira Tokiyama took his artistic hands to character design again, just as he did in Dragon Quest, and although his talents in that area are good, the silly and oftain pink swily poo (of which there are LOADS) sense of humor can go amiss with western audiances. I think fans of Tokiyamas "Doctor Slump" or the Dragon Quest series will feel right at home with these touches

I could continue to ramble about flaws, oh believe me i could, but i could do that same for the good things and so i think this game should be summed up shortly thus:

Hours of genunine fun that i would highly recommend, and minutes of required patientce along the way which i would not.
Buy if your looking for a good long RPG to indulge in and don't if your not.

Final Note: at this price IT IS WORTH IT

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  If your an RPG fan then you'll enjoy this game.

| | See all lodan1's reviews (14)

If you are already an RPG fan then you'll enjoy this game, I played it through and it took around 30 hours. The game was slightly repetitive with somethings and the battle system seemed a bit dated compared to some newer RPG titles, but generally it is a good solid, enjoyable edition to an often overlooked genre

If you are not an RPG fan then don't chose this game as your experiment, there are bigger and better RPG's out there, try out Lost Odyssey or Oblivion first then when your hooked to the genre play this game, you'll enjoy it more that way.