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WWE: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 - Dirty Edition (Exclusive)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (82 reviews)"

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| | See all yorkshire1978's reviews (33)

what more could you want form a wwe game? well its a t-shirt and postcards of course.
the game is great with a new system which you can pick if you fight dirty or a powerhouse. the only downside is online play when playing with CAW's. some cant be used online but atleast you get a free shirt

  great game but....

| | See all jhallett1234's reviews (2)

first of all i bought this for my PSP its was great at first but definetly got boring after a while. howeve a day ago i decided to give it a chance on my xbox 360 and found it had a lot more to it. e.g you get commentating from real wwe commentators, also you can put people through commentators table which is great fun. also the graphics are far better and it great for two player.

  Really good game

| | See all LiamMc's reviews (29)

This is a really good game. Graphics are outstanding as is the gameplay, and the first Smackdown you can run around in circles! Match types are great as there are many of them, plus the fact you get T-shirts and posters etc. makes buying this all the more worth it.

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  Not a bad game.... really

| | See all Chew6288's reviews (6)

Even if you are not a wrestling fan (like me) this game is still great fun..... good graphics and good interaction with the computers players..... the 1 thing that is wrong with this game is that the career/story mode can get to repetative but apart from that great all rounder game :)

  Really sweet and fun but...

| | See all Jesuz360's reviews (27)

... but it can get kinda boring and always the same, I really enjoyed the game, the characters are really awesome and lots of stuff to chose and extras. Another nice game for the 360to have some fun for a while.

  Same as before but EVEN BETTER!!!

| | See all MightyBooshMan's reviews (6)

To start the graphics in this game are so lifelike you forget your playing a game and start to think your jsut watching your favourite weekly slamfest! the attention to detail of the characters is immense, sweat, blood and tears are visible when your playing through your HD TV, you can see the pain on a wrestlers face and the strain when they are picking up other characters! The moves are much smoother, with no gaps between wrestlers like there used to be! this makes the game unbelievably life like! The story mode is great following the PPV's throughout each year.

Also the customisation of characters, which everyone loves, has now been updated, the graphics are also alot better, although not as good as the in game wrestlers, it is still a mega jump from previous titles.

I reccommend this game to any werstling fan, wwe, tna. if you love wrestling, you will love this highly detailed werstling game!

  Very Good, however............

| | See all Kodac101's reviews (3)

This game overall is a cool game, however i don't like the fact that the computer can reverse your moves everytime lol but still a good game.


| | See all richuncleskeleton's reviews (3)

Same old WWE game. Nothing really ground breaking and the new button system makes the game terribly terribly slow and tedius. If you are used to the fast paced action filled Orignal Smackdown games you will get bored of this very fast.

The only positive is the price from play 19.99 is very good if you really want the game

  same old same old

| | See all sk8r13's reviews (10)

First of all i am a fan of this game the only reason i have given it 3 stars is due to the storyline. The 24/7 mode is to repetitive after you have completed the first year you will find you are doing the same story over and over again for the next 5 years to complete the 100%. Also you are given options throughout the game which your choice seems to have no effect, as the game just does what it wants.
On the plus side the graphics and the attention to detail are amazing you can even see the wrestlers sweat as the match goes on.
The 360 also allows you to use your own entrance music which is a cool addition to the game.
Overall i would get this game pre owned as it is not worth paying full price for a game you have played for the past 3 years. as the only difference from SVR 07 is the updated roster.

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  A Huge Difference

| | See all DontAskMe's reviews (9)

I bought this game on release date for the PS2, i loved it from day one and when I saw this "Dirty Version" I had to own it. Now, nobody needs to be told that XBOX 360 graphics are miles ahead of PS2... but the difference I saw was astounding. The entrances are crisp, from Triple H's "water spray" to Kane's fire, it all looks fantastic. The controls, as on the PS2 are a little awkward at first, but I found them very easy to get to grips with.

And let's face it, a Play.com exclusive "Dirty Version" of an already great game, complete with T-Shirt, Create-a-Superstar mini guide, One page "Kelly Kelly" calendar and 8 numbered fighting styles postcards.... for £19.99.... You can't go wrong

Buy it, you won't be disappointed