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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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| | See all russellgaming's reviews (1)

A really great game and a mus to buy for anyone who liked destruction derby games back in the day.

Great online racing with great driving and cars, also no LAG.



| | See all Shaneuk's reviews (3)

This week I brought Forza, Dirt and Flatout, Flatout was the cheapest and no real hype running up to its release!!! so figured it would be average if anything, I was VERY WRONG... Forza is a great game for the hard-core relistic type driver, but already getting bored of it due to lack of tracks, FLATOUT is in my opinion the best out of the three, great graphics, great handling plus lots of tracks and cars, online its even better, you can hit opponents without them crying like babies.... DO NOT BE PUT OFF MY THE CHEAP PRICE and lack of advertising... its the lack of advertising that makes it cheap to buy I guess and thats a good thing!!

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  Stand aside Burnout

| | See all DaddieRob's reviews (1)

What a game, the game offers so much, sharp excellent graphics and gameplay to die for. Many hours entertainment with so many modes. Online this is even better. A worth while purchase for any 360 owner.

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  Insane racing!!!

| | See all weejok's reviews (14)

This game hasn't had a lot of hype leading up to it's release and with the cheaper price I thought it could be a poor man's Burnout... I was very wrong! This game is outstanding, the graphics blow big releases like Forza 2 and Dirt out of the water, there are tons of tracks,cars,funny mini games. The destruction derbys are a riot online and an added bonus is nearly everyone online is from the UK, no loud mouth yanks trash talking because they don't have the game yet!!! The game can very frustrating but is so addictive you just have to try one more time. Forget Bore-za 2 .... BUY THIS NOW!!

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  Do not hesitate to buy!

| | See all Almageddon's reviews (2)

Had the original Flatout for the PC and was waiting with baited breath for this one. It was one of those games that I purchased on the day of release without waiting for a mainstream review as I loved the first one.
Well what can I say, this game did not disappoint and from the moment this game booted up my jaw just hit the floor. The graphics are nothing short of astonishing, I dare you to not be impressed by the car and damage modeling! The 39 tracks are outstanding in detail and the 8000 destructible objects on the track means there is always something flying in the air or exploding around you.
The car physics are absolutely spot on and racing can give a real toe curling, twisting the controller as if it was a steering wheel experience.
The AI seems to be pitched just right, you never get a sense of not being able to catch up as you know that round any given corner all hell could be breaking loose (and usually does).
Racing games sometimes lead to frustration and have you reaching for the restart race button, not this one! You don't have time to check your position as take your eye off the track for one second or its kerpow! In this game you wont care if your in 12th position or 1st position this game will just put a massive smile on your face.

Multiplayer is a riot, I could waffle about this but I'm sure your getting bored by now but you get the idea of online play anyway!

Negatives: the rear view look can be a little slow and you can't save your replays like in Forza...but these are a minor flaw and should not stop you purchasing this game! I have put these faults in as I don't want to should like a fanboy :OP

Ladies and gents we have our Motorstorm beater here! Thank you Bugbear and Empire for bringing me this little disc of pixilated joy, it deserves to do well!

If you are thinking of buying a 360, make this your first purchase!

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  Already a PC hit

| | See all Baleur's reviews (17)

Ive been a huge Flatout 1 & 2 fan on the pc, its truly an amazing game with way better physics, both for the cars and the objects on the track, than most other so called "next gen" games.
(Motorstorm for instance, had nothing that Flatout 1 didnt already have, years ago!).

And now it arrives on the xbox 360, and its glorious. The same level of destruction as on the PC will hopefully get more people up to speed on this franchize, rightfully pushing Burnout off the console destruction racing throne, like it did with any similar game on the PC.

The actual feeling of the game cant be described, but i can just tell you that if you are looking at this and Dirt or Motorstorm, you will probably have more fun with this. Because the feeling when handling the cars in this game is just awesome, you can feel every single dent in the road, even with just the controller somehow. Even with just a keyboard on the PC!

Get this now, or forever regret it. Its the best destruction racer you will find on any console today, just like the PC version is the best destruction racer on the PC.
Download the PC demo for Flatout 2 and try it out, itll give you a great idea of what to expect!

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