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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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| | See all mastermind862's reviews (19)

Frankly, I don't think this game get's the credit that it deserves. The graphics are incredible , the stunt mode is so fun, and online is incredible. And the choice of cars is outstanding. I just don't know why people say it is inferior to other racing games, especially Burnout. I'd choose this game over them any day.

  Challenging + Frustrating

| | See all GothMikau's reviews (14)

This game has always been called Burnout's Red Neck Cousin and I agree. Taking away Burnout's gleaming cityscapes and clean cars, players choose between rambling wrecks and derby cars driving their way through backalleys and hillbilly backyards. The Game is at its best when crashing through the many destructable environments. However here comes the main flaw of the game. The Physics system at times is completely broken where you'll slam into a part of the environment and it will send your car maybe even flipping it off the track. Secondly the AI is extremely brutal and sometimes no matter how fast you go you can never catch them. Thirdly some carnage challenges, stunt jumps and beat the bomb challenges are completly broken or else impossible. eg. Stone Skippping, you need to press the A button at the exact time to hit the water. This mini game is broken as the game cant reconise the controls properly. But aside these flaws the game has some jaw dropping environments that should be pointed out. Music is ok but supirsingly catchy. Multiplayer is added too, but some lag issues are questionalble.


| | See all edward83's reviews (8)

i have to tell u that this is a hell of game... good fun especially if u liku to smash and do stunts here and there.. one of the best derby modes i have seen especially when u get that big lorry truck at the end...

i tend to do races with the lorry and just start smashing all the other competitors before i do the first lap...

only thing that bothers me sometime and actually makes me swear a lot is when u might be going straight or coming out of a jump and the car loses control...

but otherwise it is brill.............


| | See all wildamnesia's reviews (27)

I played the Xbox original version of this game so wasn't expecting too much from this 360 update. But it completely blew me away. The graphics are incredible considering the amount of cars and carnage that appears on screen it's amazing that the framerate remains rock steady throughout. Racing offline you actually get to know your A.I opponents quite well, they seem to have their own unique personalities so it feels like you're racing real people not autobots like in other racers. The game is tight with the achievements though - you have to work hard for them.

  Very Good

| | See all FatMab's reviews (11)

I was suprised when I got this game, I was expecting a poor copy of Burnout, but this is a lot of fun. It gets very hard at some points which becomes a bit agitating, but on the whole a very good game and for £14.99 you cant knock it.

  This Game Is Fan - Bloody - Tastic

| | See all ClaireClaire's reviews (4)

I love this game and cant put i down, the on line mode is great when you get a few of you together. The tournament mode is brill if you like all apects of the game you can play the derby, racing or the stunts. This is defiantly on par with pg3 and Test drive, if you like those you will love this.

A must buy for every 360 gamer.

  Flatout Ultimate Carnaging Brilliant

| | See all spychimp's reviews (6)

This game is a little gem. It's one of those games where the attention to detail has really paid dividend.

The thousands of items you can smash to bits on every level really make this game enjoyable for far longer than it should. The street cars travel at break-neck speed and the only problem you will have is resisting the temptation to total everyone else rather than concentrate on trying to win the races. The crash's are awesome, and I've got to say look a lot better than the eagerly awaited new Burnout Paradise demo.

The cars handle surprisingly well for this type of game and its actually a neat cross over between arcade and sim racers. You won't get frustrated at the drifting as it is always constant and controllable.

I should also mention the soundtrack which is probably one of the best on any game on the 360. The only problem is that online people tend to sing along.

Online it's awesome. I only played Forza II online about twice due to the precious nature of all the competitors. One slight tap going round a bend and they're personally writing to Bill Gates demanding you're banned from owning an xbox . There is a totally different atmosphere online with this one, smash someone up and you're both laughing and after a few races making arrangements for him to go on a night out with your sister. Good people the Flatout onliners...

Oh, and also, just be careful using an acronym of this game in other reviews ...

  Just above average

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

As soon as I saw the demo of this game and the reviews for this game, and the fact that it was £14.99 I thought BUY BUY BUY.

Maybe I am just getting older now and finding games more and more boring unless they have some form of depth to them.

The graphics are just above the bog standard original xbox graphics but not 100% upto scratch to the 360 and some of the other serious racing games.

The gameplay is hard at times and the first few plays of this I was way down the field so it's not a game that you can pick up and expect to come first straight away.

There are some great sub games that you can play with upto eight mates so would be fantastic for a games night.

Currently not played online so cannot comment on that score but overall it's not bad.

The soundtrack I must admit is not the best but you have the option of turning this off but some peoples music tastes very so it might rock you.

Glad I picked this up for £15.00 as it wouldn't be a title that I would have paid full price for. I will give this more play but it will probaly be one of those titles that come out in boardem rather than for deep or interesting gameplay.

  The best game for non stop fun

| | See all sophocless's reviews (3)

Ive been playing on this for hours, what could be better than smashing a ton of cars after a hard day at the office.