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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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  Great fun !!!

| | See all jeepers99's reviews (1)

This game is excellent fun. completely unrealistic but who cares. Graphics are the best i've seen on a driving game and frame rate is very smooth. Got this game shortly after launch and still play it now. Good on-line but you have to be lucky to find other on-line gamers playing. Good fun non the less,. How many other games can you catapult your driver out of the windscreen and guide him through hoops of fire. Get it for £15 you can't lose

  Crashtastically Brilliant

| | See all gillkatian's reviews (2)

If you love driving games, You'll love this....
And at £15 it's a steal...
Buy It Now....You'll not regret it

  Its a BLAST !!

| | See all dantheman 's reviews (3)

This game is absolutley great....even if you dont like driving games. The main game mode is good fun even if a little repetive at times, although unlocking new items makes up for this.
The game modes include a derby,destruction and a stunt mode, which see's you trying to beat a previous high score or beating your friends scores by sacrificing your driver in aid to do so.One of these challenges lets you eject your driver from the car to knock down the skittles in a bowling game, which as you can imagine is a lot of fun, especially if you get your mates involved. There is also a live mode to the game which is ok, but not the greatest although its each to there own when playing xbox live.
There is also a comedy slapstick element to the game when it comes to thrusting the driver through his windscreen. This is also where the superb ragdoll physics engine come in...not only does the driver hurtle from inside the car, he realisticly srapes along the floor.The same effects apply's to the cars , weather flipping or rolling, the car physics are amazing.. not only realistic but also impressive.
So overall this game is great and i would get it while you can whilst its at a bargain price of £14.99.

  Best driving game on 360

| | See all AndyHazy's reviews (2)

Bought it a few months back and I have to say if you like Burnout Revenge this is 5 times better. Has to be the best graphics engine I've seen in a driving game. Absolute bargain for £15. Should have been a much bigger game than it turned out to be, this is a must buy.


| | See all Koshed's reviews (13)

GREAT game, just total out and out destruction and loads of fun crashing into everything.

Graphics are gr8, no slow down at all even with everything that goes on. Sound is gr8 as well.
Arcade mode is good with the 10 pin bowling and the high jump etc etc. The career mode can be a bit boring with race after race but it can be gr8 when you achive 1st place after coming back from last after a crash. Some tracks will have you playing them over and over again to win them but its worth it to be able to finish the game.

Do try this game, it is worth it and you will have some gr8 fun also.

  The closest thing to Destruction Derby!

| | See all MightyJordan's reviews (26)

We will probably never see Destruction Derby on the 360 ever, but luckily, we have FlatOut! It's similar to DD, but with stunts! What's not to love, apart from the soundtrack. Technically, this game is just FlatOut 2 ported to the 360, but I'm sad that they didn't port the soundtrack over as well. The soundtrack in this game is all from bands you've never heard of, and the music isn't that good. Do yourself a favour, and get a custom playlist set up.

Apart from that, this game is brilliant! The online play is pretty good with friends, and the stunt modes are so fun to play. The career can seem a bit boring at times, though.

  The most fun you can have on four wheels

| | See all EclipseDj's reviews (9)

This game is great, and at £25 or less it's a bargain. If your bored of simulation driving like your Forza's, McRae's and PGR's and you just want pure fun, then this is the game.

Very much like Burnout meets Destruction Derby, and in my opinion much better than Burnout Revenge. There are race events, derby events, stunts, death match style races with the last one standing. The graphics are great, lot of objects to smash through, cars to wreck etc.

Online gives you the same choice of races, derbys and stunts, and is a great laugh. Even if you buy Burnout Paradise, this game is different enough from other racers to sit proudly in your collection. OK so it's not perfect, car handling isn't as good as it could have been, and it's basically Flatout 2 with bells on, moments of frustration will occur... but at the heart it's a pure, adrenaline, arcade smash-em-up racer, with fun mini games, upgradeable cars in career mode, great challenges in carnage mode and a solid online mode, even without a hard drive you get full replays of your races and derby events and trust me there's always something you'll wanna watch in the replay!

It's one of the most under-rated games on 360 right now, if you love your racers to be about speed and fun... then look no further! It's worth every penny!

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  love it

| | See all metalhead448's reviews (53)

man i love this game
the best bit about it for me is the destructable track. some games claim to have destructable tracks, wich they do , but then on the next lap everything has been fixed. well that don't happen on flatout. if you knock over a singpost then you can expect to see it still knocked over on the next lap.
buy this game

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  Flatout is pure value

| | See all BumZen's reviews (5)

I am no big fan of racing games, but Flatout: Ultimate Carnage rules. You are swimming in playmodes, you can choose to race, go on a destruction rampage make fun, but hard, stunts just to name a few. The racing is where the game shines though. Surely it is very hard to begin, but once you learn how the game works it is quite easy actually. Especially because you find out that coming in last can still give you a lot of money if you just made sure to destroy a lot of scenery and bump into opponents and such. You will have to get used to the gameplay, but once you get caught in the ultimate havoc and great fun in this you can't let it go. Oh... and the graphics are outstanding.
All those who remember and liked Destruction Derby absolutely NEEDS this game. Excellent stuff.