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Tom Clancy's EndWar (With Exclusive Steelbook)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  We have landed!

| | See all ScienceMan's reviews (2)

This game is one of the first stratigy games on a consaul to be realistic. All the ather ones do not cut the chease, so to speek. The feacher that made me by this game over all was the voice command systam, wich I must say has being a grate sucsece. I mean it is not without it's flawers, but they have realy done well with it . This game has got a good sence of stratigy with it as well. Some of the ather stratigy games out there it is the same thing over and over. BILD HUGE ARMY ATTACK! YES I WON. I mean that is only fun for todlers (Please bare in mind I am a hardcore stratigy game player xbox and pc. So if I go over the top you know why.) The way the campain is structerd is also a good point about this game. No build your base on the battle map itself. The this class beats that class also adds a bit of stratigy to the game as well. Now As I aim to give the full picher with my reviews, here is some of the bad thigs with this game. The voice comand can glich even when you say it in the most understandable of fations. That dose not happen a lot though. I will now and again glich up and not let your units move. I think that only ather thing that is bad about this game is lack of story to the game. I mean my faverat game of all time the total war sears dose not have story but it dose not need to because it is set in the past, pepole who have played total war will know what i mean. I'm trying to imply that ww2 games don't need a story because they are set in the past. Im rabling here I'l end the ramble by saying. Pepole who have played total war will know what i mean. But this game is set in a time wich no wan has being to, so it needs story. I hope you liked my first review, sory for all my spelings being wrong.
A little tip:
DO NOT BY THE LIMITED EDITION LIKE I DID! it is a big rip of! All it comes with a "better box". Wich in my opinon is rubbish. In fact it just means haveing to spend 10 secs longer to get box open. The only thing els I think it comes with is a battle chain page, wich is pontless. Thanks for reding and do not by the limited edition!

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  Epic fail.....

| | See all simon0706's reviews (4)

This game has got to be the most bring,pointless horrible game i have evr played, yeah the voice system seems exiting but it soons gets annoying and boring.

  an excellent RTS game

| | See all Promessa's reviews (4)

I'd ignore everyone else to be honest, moaning about the voice system is pointless, no other game has ever done it so well, moaning about the storyline is pointless, its wwiii duuh, these are the type of people who probably said wwii had a boring storyline with unrealistic actors, and units being slow?, again pointless, this isn't command and conquer where everything moves at a million miles per hour.

The voice system is as close to perfect as you can get for any game these days, the graphics are fantastic for an rts, the sound is great, in all everything is great with very few flaws

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  Great game

| | See all James06's reviews (126)

End war is a great strategy game!!! Not only does it use a new revolutionary way of commanding your units. I.e through voice command, but in order to win and progress tactics are vital unlike some other strategy games that just require you to build a huge force and crush the opponent!!!

Placing troops in one place and not another could literally mean winning or losing a battle.

The campaign mode really does make this game great!!! You can choose from one of three factions europe, russia or usa once you have completed the pre world war 3 missions. Then you move to a world map were you decide what areas of the world you want to attack!!! The idea behind it is to achieve world dominance. If you win your faction does well however if you lose you will be pushed back.

On a unit level when you choose your faction you also get to choose what sort of battalion you want to use weather this be armored or resonance, aimed to help suit your style of strategy.

Units can a bought upgrades from the credits earned each battle and units gain experience each battle they take part in. So don't get them killed!!!
Audio 10
Game play 10
Graphics 10
Overall 10
Happy gaming!!!

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  It's great! Honest

| | See all GlasgowWasp79's reviews (1)

Om nothing in this world is perfect (except perhaps Gears 2) but this game is really, truely great. The voice order system seems fantastic to me with only the odd occassion where the system doesn't understand me cause im rushing through orders. It's really nice to get a serious RTS for once rather than the comical Command and Conquer series. As a PC and 360 gamer this is a breath of fresh air. A console strategy game with some real depth. for £19.99 on Play it was a bargain. Enjoy!

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  bargain for me

| | See all dayvess's reviews (1)

Well i picked this up from play for £19.99 so i cant grumble about it ,good price for me and, playing the demo i was not going to buy this but if you are lucky enough to get it at a great price then im sure you will love it. I found it a bit slow from the demo and can see how annoying it can be if you are not clued up with the strategy kind of gaming as i am not so i am going to give it a try and like i said the price i paid for it im sure i will love it .

  We Have Finally Made It To Next Gen!

| | See all thatguy101's reviews (32)

EndWar finally gets us into the Next Generation of Gaming, the new Chapter Of Xbox 360 games, the Voice Command is probably the best thing about this game, my slight problem is a very Tedious Storyline that can get quite boring and predictable the further you get, the Online mode maybe the greatest ever, COD will need to take a leaf from this Online Play, EndWar is gripping but loses the star for a kinda pathetic storyline.

If you want a game of mindless fun a storyline that keeps you hooked an online mode that makes you wet yourself with delight then this......aint the game for you theres just not enough of players online currently. COD 5 at the same price is currently the best choice for a War Games fan, EndWar with a few tweaks could become the greatest thing to happen to the XBOX.

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  Oh Deaar

| | See all shaunthompson27's reviews (16)

Theres not much more to say but pathetic
What sort of war game is this, its pointless, theres no real decent storyline. I think the voice command is a little intelligent, but its not very accurate. Its really a waste of money.

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  What a let down.

| | See all jamesdewar86's reviews (1)

Bored after only a few games. A very slow and very annoying game. In theory a great idea and it could work with other games. Not in anyway comparible with the Command and Conquer series.

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  Voice Command is Brilliant!!!!

| | See all bikermel08's reviews (18)

EndWar is an inspiration to the furture of strategy games and the voice command works 100% and is so much fun to use. Tactics in this game is very important as you need to lead an army to victory. If your a fan of Command and Conquer then you'll be a fan of this to.

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