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Xbox 360 Elite Console

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Customer Reviews

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  A Masterpiece

| | See all moNoKnoT's reviews (1)

Fantastic console, havent put it down since it arrived on launch day.

Its clearly been designed with the online gamer in mind and Microsoft are on to a winner this time round. The servers are fast, content downloads are fast, Xbox Live is awesome!

Maybe not worth an upgrade if your already a 360 owner but this is definitely the option for first time buyers.

The perfect console for modem day gaming! I'm very very pleased.

  Not as appealing as it once was.

| | See all Gamersteve's reviews (2)

For people thinking of buying an Elite right now, I'd say go and buy a 20gig "Pro" system. The main draw for the Elite when it first was released was the HDMI output, but the newer Pro's also now have this as standerd so what you're really only getting with the Elite is a Black finish, a HDMI Cable and 100gigs more Hardrive (Unless you download every Movie Trailer that goes up you're unlikely to ever use more then 20gig).

So if you're a Parent or maybe just wondering which 1 to buy, the best deal at the moment is the Premium Console & Forza Motorsport 2 + Extra Official Wireless Controller for £259.99.

To wrap it up basicaly the Elite is really for people that want a black 360, the 100gigs of Hardrive will most likely never even be 20% filled and is just the big shiny stone to make people think "higher number = more value". The Elite is a great system but it's hard to reccomend over the better deal you can get with the 20gig Pro

  It Keeps My Boyfriend Quiet!!!

| | See all KeiraLou's reviews (8)

I know the Xbox is mainly a blokes console, but to be honest I don't mind a sneaky play when I can get on it!

What with the huge selection of games and wide variety for all ages or either Sex, it is defiantly worth to buy.

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  Note to Sony - This is how its done

| | See all hodcge11's reviews (5)

The Xbox 360 elite is an amazing console, and i will tell you why.
First off i've had mine for 2 years 5 days so i do know quite a bit about it. Just to get the red rings aside yes, they do get them and funnily enough mine got it on its 2nd birthday but microsoft repaired it for free and ever so quickly

Controller - I like nice big controller, i am a massive fan of the dreamcast controller and the xbox controller s but unfortunatley we're running on batteries so buy yourself a play 'n' charge kit before its to late

The games - Anyone who has not heard of halo, lock yourself in a cupboard and never speak to anyone again, There are many other great exclusives such as Lost planet, The orange box, and loads more, this is a massive library of games.

The accesories - It has many accesories such as a Wireless headset, wired controller, another hard drive memory cards and more

Xbox 1 playback - This console plays more xbox 1 games than any other xbox sysytem having 450 + titles

Hard Drive - I have only used 30 gb yet and have hundreds of game files and have downloaded loads of stuff

Live - Undoubtedly the best live system, sure it isn't free but here on play.com its only 12.99 for a 3 month card and you get what you pay for

Console - I'm not a massive xbox 1 fan and prefered the PS2 and still love my PS1 but heck sony, what have you done with the PS3, you've ruined it but the psp is good. Sure its still as loud as a vacum cleaner but the array of games, the massive hard drive and the live system makes me love this console more than any i other owned (yes you heard more than my PS1)

Upgrade - This was my first Next gen console and i havn't owned another 360, If you're new to the 360 then get this but if you have a 20gb, 60gb arcade, halo, or core console then you can just buy a hard drive and at the moment the 250 gb hdd in black has come out, so if you have a 360 then just get the hard drive (if you need it) and if you don't get this, its the best machine on the market and the best device maybe thing i've ever bought

Well done Microsoft

Thanks for reading

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| | See all weejohnathon's reviews (1)

I've had my xbox for a few months now and I haven't had any problems with it except for the headset that came with it but got them replaced and works great since then the online features are worth the money especially the 1 vs 100 game. I would deffinetly recommend the xbox 360 elite to anyone.

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  Consider the problems before you commit you money

| | See all DannyWin's reviews (2)

Firstly I have never been someone to unfairly comment on a system due to a 'console war'. I own an Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii each of them have their positive aspects and their negative aspects. The Xbox has always have a very strong catalogue of games some of which are well worth buying the console for , this has kept it ahead of the competition. However I can not recommend it due to the failure rate of the consoles. The failures are not as rare as some people make out, search on Google and read peoples experiences to make up your own mind. My system has failed after being very well cared for and not having a lot of use. My friend also had his console fail with the 'red ring of death'. These errors are due to poor design and build. I'm not bashing the machine but if your going to spend a couple of hundred pounds on a new console you should consider the various problems that many owners of the Xbox 360 have suffered from.

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  Faulty Hardware

| | See all 1983Sephiroth's reviews (1)

After having waited a year before taking the plunge to get a 360 i wasn't initially disapointed. The reason i waited a year was due to reports of malfunctioning consoles being sent back to Microsoft or Xbox Repairs at an alarming rate due to the ill fated Red Ring Of Death. Then Microsoft released the Elite which was meant to be different. A sturdier console that had all apparent technical issues resolved and was now the new stable version of the 360. For the first year i was very pleased, great games and great community but then after a year it all went wrong. RROD my console died. When i received it back from Microsoft repairs a letter with the console informed me that somehow the motherboard had come away from the mount and the dvd tray had broken. So much forn the Elite then but i persavered. One month later and the RROD came back to haunt me again which is when i took the decision that it was not a console worth keeping. Clearly to me this was just cheap design at work and very poor customer service by Microsoft. So if you take my advise i would say that this is a great console with great games that you should never consider buying. 10/10 for games 1/10 for reliability.

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  A victim of its own success!

| | See all bennyducks's reviews (17)

General 360 review:
when the 360 first launched , it was a phenomenom, mostly made by it's online capabilities, which were revolutionary hugely building on the original xbox's 'live' service. It was the CLEAR console of choice for the next three years even though it had an almost illegal failure rate.
The peak, for me, was christmas 2007-christmas 08, mainly due to the multiple GOTY , addictive CoD4:MW . when playing online on cod, all headsets on and bragging about your killstreak or wondering where that frag came from was quite simply BRILLIANT( You'd even forget the noise your machine was pumping out(LoL)).it was rightly the King of Games consoles.Up until Christams 08.
Now i'll tell you where i think [micro$oft] it started to get the wrong idea.Xmas 08 was pretty good in the games department hot new exclusive 1st and 3rd party games including Gears 2 , L4d and fable 2.but on the system software side of things its gone soft and taken away a bit of unique appeal:
The NXE-
the nxe stands for new xbox experience and is a new graphical interface, which , I think compares nothing to the old xbox dashboard which was the best interface i had ever seen on anything ever!
Party Chat-
this destroyed the basic priciple of social online gaming: play with and chat to millions of people you don't know, it's gotten to a point where there are definitley more people on the ps3's online service (PSN)chatting in-game. If you to find out 4 yourself boot up CoD 4 and listen to how many people you can here talking with their headset on.none, thats because theyre all in private party's.

2009, where are the exclusives M$???-
we've had one exclusive game (I think) so far.wheras The playstation family has had a bucket full (KILLZONE , ghostbusters, infamous ,a 'singstar game, SOCOM and not to mention ''PlayStation Store exclusives).but , the future gets a little brighter: twitter and facebook apps in response to sony's vidZone and Dedicated BBC iPlayer and games such as H3:ODST, Forza 3 l4d 2 and splinter cell : conviction (i think will win GOTY).
i'm proud to end the review of this good , cheap (as in price) console and good online service, albeit a little expensive for what you get. 9/10

oops ive waffled!

Elite review:
when the elite first launched it was £100 more than the 'pro 20gb' console, so the 120gb hard drive was the main appeal , apart from that there isnt much difference , it comes with a hdmi cable but the component cables that come with every xbox display the maxinum native output of the 360: 720p +1080i (recommend 720p for motion pictures (games + films), but you can upscale to 1080p, but as experts the world over have proved, it makes no difference
overal elite score: 7/10

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  This Baby is Made For Gaming.. And For Emergency Heating

| | See all BiasOpinion's reviews (11)

Ok Boys and Girls, seeing as i am 18, and possess a fluffy mustache - I Know Better, so here is My Opinion.

This Console in my opinion is made for one purpose; Social Gaming.

Since its release, its primary function is to provide a Platform for Gamers to come together and berate each-other with 'yo muma' jokes and have mass arguments about Global Politics and whatnot, the Xbox Community is a fascinating one, a million strangers casually talking to each other, its a great place to talk, argue or even wind-up people seeing as no two conversations are the same.

The use of the 'Party' System allows a group of us to chat casually whatever where doing. which is useful when a group wants to play a War Game, whereas the others want to play some Fifa.

Now the Xbox Experience is genuinely unique, the use of highly customizable Avatars who are now becoming a part of the gaming experience (Guitar Hero 5/1vs100) it allows players to immerse themselves within the usage of the Xbox, making them want to use it more, and these features do work. The 360 is also great for trying out games before buying and it is a money-saver for your wallet, you'd rather find out what a game is like before buying it, rather then buying the damn thing, and realizing its Garbage (Blacksite for example ha).

Now i have one forward complaint about the Xbox which i think a majority of owners have noticed and questioned - why in the name of god does this thing churn out more Heat then an Oven?? this can really ruin your gaming experience primarily because you don't want to play a game when your room is the same temperature as Morocco. haha

Now i didn't want to get into The Xbox vs. PS3 War, but to avoid being dreadfully brandished a 'Fanboy'. i will say both possess Key Features the others don't, but this doesn't make either worse, it just makes them 'Envious of Each Other'. Now my Xbox has Died Twice, but has been repaired properly but it has been made quite badly compared to the Playstation, My Elite barely a week out of the Box, a Warm Breeze comes through the Window, and BLAM! Red Ring of Inevitable Doom..... The Playstation, Bought Second Hand from a questionable Gentlemen was doused in Beer and left on for a day straight; Keeps on working... the only downside is it now smells of Stella Artois....

Now Xbox Live is where xbox absolutely spanks PS3's Behind, primarily because there are People PLaying and Talking! The xbox just seems to be more accessible for people, they are more willing to play aggressively and have a laugh with you, Playstation Online is only met with a eery silence of Mute Players.....

Overall, if you want a Console which can provide you with endless hours of fun with a abundance of Games which you can enjoy with a community bursting with inane Banter - Buy Yourself an Xbox. :)

Cheers for reading guys.

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| | See all STALKER's reviews (23)

Well yes, there are some xboxs that have the RROD(red ring of death) and yes some do break down, however, it is a SMALL majority of consoles that do break down, ive got two Xbox's at the moment, one upstairs, and 1 downstairs, and they work fine, had them for about 2 years, no problems at all, and all my friends on xbox live have had no problems, a few may get the rrod, but most are fine.

Despite the rare problem, the console is Brilliant, far superior to the Ps3, i have one, and im not impressed.
You get a user friendly interface that makes it very easy to get up and running straight out of the box, with simple instructions, and easy to follow menu's.
NOW, the ONLINE, xbox live is what you pay for really, £40 a year, not much considering what you get in return, a full interactive marketplace where you can download demos, games, videos, films, etc...
Xbox live also makes it easy to talk to your friends, be it when your on 1 game and they are on another, or you can talk to up to 8 friends at once on different games, it is very flexable.

This is a fantastic console, if you dont encounter any problems, as the chances are small, then you will be very pleased, there are plenty more features on xbox live, but too many to list at the moment. 5*

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