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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Classics)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  great footy

| | See all digoutursoul's reviews (3)

Ok it hasent got the pazzaz and style of fifa or teams but theres still people playing this online and for a couple of quid nowadays you cant go wrong even if its for the gamerpoints still the best pro evo on next gen consoles so treat ur self to a half decent game of togger

  really fast shipping!

| | See all djcostamylo's reviews (2)

very good!!!i got it in 4 days...i will prefer buying again from you any other xbox games because iam very pleased!!!thanks a lot...

  Love It

| | See all OzzyC123's reviews (6)

Yeah it's a bit annoying not being able to change the stadium and team names and their kits, and also not being able to create your own character and edit his appearance, but these minor defects are nothing when you get hooked on this game and all of its details. One bit i love about it is being able to train members of your master league team and choose skills of theirs to improve.

  Great game - Great Price

| | See all KBiffo's reviews (12)

This game is a must for all football fans playing on the 360. Brilliant game play, loads of genuine/acurate teams and as far as I'm concerned a better game by far than FIFA. I cannot wait until the next version comes out. If you fancy a game my name on this is also my live name.

  great game

| | See all martin07's reviews (1)

av played it on the ps2 and am getting it for my 360 it kills fifa you dont no a good game if u dont like this

  OK I Suppose

| | See all wildalex121's reviews (25)

This game is ok, but the PS2 version is so much better. Personally I think the best thing about this game is playing online, without being online I would never play this game. The graphics are not as good as I thought they would be and a lot of players dont even look like themselves. For example, Paul Scholes has blonde hair. LOL!


| | See all electroniczmad's reviews (3)

The graphics are the only major improvement here and that is far from acceptable.

Dont get me wrong the gameplay is still far superior to FIFA despite the refs still being biased, and whilst now it is possible to win a few 50-50s the majority still handsomly fall to the opposing team.

This however isnt what ticks me off, ive come to accept these things about the series i love and look beyond these slight glitches.

What does annoy me are the attension to details. Outside of the match itself there is nothing. Stats on the match are basically non-existant and player match reports are gone. Editing of teams has disappered yet editing players is still with us?! I cant save my replays. Not that i would want to, as occassionally it shows action that never took place! The commentary too does the craziest things like call 'GOAL' when ive completed a pass in the centre circle!

The product feels unfinished. FIFA fans if you were ever tempted to try Evo this is not the time, if neccessary hark back to the days of 4 or 5. Fans of the series, well your going to buy the game (or most likley already have) regardless of what is said here. And so you should because despite what i have said it is still a truley amazing game unparalleled in the computing market.

  Pull Your Finger Out Konami!!!

| | See all BiggieSams's reviews (15)

I was very dissapointed when i brought this game, the edit mode was a joke, the graphics were hardly "Next Gen" and the gameplay was just ok. I hope the next installment will be better, as i would love a true next generation footy game. Konami have had a year to put things right, lets hope they have, as i loved pro evo on the ps2, and original x box.

  this is football! one tiny problem

| | See all shaboids's reviews (14)

All is good with pro evo everytime! the gameplay is amazing, the graphics are stunning (better than ps2).
at this price its a bargain! only problem is the edit mode on this game is not very detailed, the edit mode in pro evo 7 though promises to be awsome and very in depth! i cant wait untill the next installment of PES but for now, PES6 is amazing! enjoy.

  Pro Evo does it Again !!!

| | See all OasisNice's reviews (6)

The pro evo series have entertained me for many years. When I had this game I couldn't believe how good it was the first time I played it. I played it and sucked out every little bit of it until it froze my console!! Dont be pulled into Fifa's franchise.It's not a good game for me and all they do every year is just change the club transfers. For me pro evo will win the football war again and again. Even proberly for eternity!
Overall 9.1