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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all jakepowell's reviews (1)

great game. better then dynasty warriors hands down. gameplay and graphics brilliant. bargain, spent hours and hours on it and i've only had it a week. really recommend game fo stratagy lovers. brill!!!!!!!!!

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| | See all Convet's reviews (2)

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is considering buying it. Very good price for a game of great potential.

Just watch some of the Youtube vids and you will see it is a great game.

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| | See all Stretch16's reviews (1)

This game is a fantastic strategy based game. ghraphics are very good also wide battle areas for wars. english side and french side both give exellent opputunities to play in battles rangeing from 10 people in 1 unit to 50 people in 5 units wars are very realistic if you see this game anywhere i would deffinately recomened it to anybody who like strategy based gameplay :)

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  Good times

| | See all xboxchick's reviews (36)

Very enjoyable game, in the same vein as dynasty warriors. WAIT WAIT WAIT ....its similar in its concept but with much better execution. You have your maps which you campaign through choosing to play either one side or the other. There is a healthy selection of unit types you can purchase to join you in battle with the ability to 'take over' all of them. A solid stratergy is required on the harder levels and was overall a fun game to play. Think this one went under the radar abit with most gamers but if you can find it these days its worth playing for sure.

  The game is awesome

| | See all verilyaconsumer's reviews (4)

Bladestom: The Hundred Years War is a great real time strategy game. It gives you the opportunity to control several units at once. In all missions you be able to swap between different units to achieve whatever ends. You can also summon units your purchases, but only one at a time. Athough if you have already summed Knights and you have command over your unit then you can summon another units to fight alongside you when the fight looks dire. Theres loads more to the game, so discover it for yourself.


| | See all gavin123's reviews (6)

the game is amazing the gameplay is great and its exactly what you want if your a achievement hore lol this has to be worth 5 stars i prefure it to dynasty warriors 6 and that is well good aswell.

  Not for Koei fans

| | See all MCPaddyB's reviews (14)

I bought this game only because it was made by Koei and W-omega Force. I did this because Koei make Dynasty Warriors which i am a big fan of. However it is nothing like Dynasty Warriors. Instead of controling a single person, in order to survive you must attach yourself to a troop of sword men, bowmen, cavalry, etc. Similarly to Dynasty Warriors, though, you do gain exp but for each weapon, not just you guy in general.

But, it turned out when i bought it, it is a great game. The maps looks great, the men look great and when you get used to it, the gameplay is good as well. the only down fall of this game i can find is some parts are very difficult to achieve your objective and then some parts it take about 2 minutes. But, like ive said, aprt from that it is a good game.

I reccommend this game. Good buy.

  looks great

| | See all Richardsutton's reviews (2)

i have played dynasty warriors and kingdom under fire and i loved them both, so if you are fans of them then you will love this. i have played the demo on ps3 and it is awesome so the 360 version should be better than awesome :)

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  Great action game

| | See all DanGlokta's reviews (3)

Never having played the Dynasty warriors games I thought I would plunge in with this one. It is a great action game that is easy to play and even has small doses of strategy thrown in.
Graphics are not great and the voice acting is amusing but this all soon disappears when you start playing and get lost in the unit action. Enjoy

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  Pretty Fun

| | See all Edzgames's reviews (57)

This review is from the FULL game, not the demo. I suggest that you play the demo before you buy though, as you can get a very good idea of the game from the demo.
Well, this game reminds me of Dynasty Warriors mixed with a slight tint of Kingdom Under Fire. But there isnt as much strategy involved as KUF.
It does require some strategic skill, but not alot in most cases.
You start off by making your character, if you've played DW5 Empires and made a custom character, its similar to that. You get a choice of several pre-made faces, a choice between three voices, pick your name etc but you cannot pick a certain fighting style like DW.
In this game, instead of always having the same fighting style you get to control different battalions, to do this you collect books, after finishing a battle. The books will let you control and purchase different troops each time, so for instance, if you dont have the book for crossbowmen, but there are crossbowmen on the battlefield, you wont be able to control them, but if you acquire the book, you can control them in battle and purchase them from the merchant before battle.
Its a bit different to DW and certainly in a good way. The game does get repetitive, but didnt DW? So if you enjoyed the Dynasty Warriors series, you would probably like this.
Its quite fun at times, especially when your in charge of horsemen and just plough through troop after troop.
It also does have some RPG style elements to it aswell.
When you gain troops through books, if you use that certain troop in battle, they gain SP and after or before a battle you may spend the SP to level your troops up, i.e so they're damage attack increases, defence increase, more infantry in one unit etc and so on. You can also buy new weapons for your troops from the merchant at the bar, this again may increase their damage in certain areas and other things. You may also buy new weapons for yourself and new armour.

As you progress you will get special levels to battle. Which are basically story battles, you need to do these battles to increase your fame, and once you've completely filled up one star of fame, to start filling up star two, you will have to take part in a special battle and win, then you will begin star two of fame and so forth.
So all in all, try out the demo, if you like it then get it.
Its a fun game, can get repetitive but if you like mindless hacking and killing then its pretty cool. The RPG elements definatly make this game and you'll want to keep battling so your soldiers gain XP, and also you gain fame.
I've given the game four stars because its pretty fun, its ahead in some aspects but also behind in others. It seems to flow alot better than KUF, but it does lack some strategy that would of really improved this game alot more.
BTW if you want easy achievement points, then this game is for you.

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