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Rock Band (Solus)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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| | See all T1G93R's reviews (10)

The notes are a lot easier to keep up with on rockband than they are on Guitar Hero and the speed is not as fast which makes it more of a family game. Younger kids can have a go on the drums for fun and they can probably play along with a lot of songs too.


| | See all shaunchristie's reviews (2)

an absolutely brilliant, fun and challenging game. its got loads more songs on that are fun and recognisable than guitar hero. the easy setting is easy enough for the novice and the harder settings are more than enough to challenge even the best rocker out there

  Rock Band vs Guitar Hero 2

| | See all Zur0x8's reviews (1)

bought both a while ago and have to say how dismally disappointed i was with guitar hero - only knew a fraction of the songs, and only a couple that i care to play. rock band on the other hand has an incredible list of songs that are instantly recognisable and a far more involving setup. the ability to customise your own character for use engages not only the single player but also the multiplayer - another incredible facet of the game. the inclusion of the rest of the band (drums/vocals/bass) make this game far more multiplayer friendly. while guitar hero 3 also has a band function, the tracklisting lets it down.

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| | See all marchespie's reviews (3)

This game is the best game out there by far for the 369 its incredibly addictive and fun (and you get loads of achievments on it) it has a great range of songs and you can download more if you have x-box live. Its pricey but definetly worth all the fun you will get out of it.

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  Rock Band rocks GHWT to early grave! ! !

| | See all SpankMonkey's reviews (25)

I first rented this on the off chance that it would be as good as GHWT. It is so much better. For a start its easier to use the drums with, and it feels better, not that Im a drummer. The guitars, both bass and lead feel stronger and you can put it on a higher level and still keep up, even me.

I bought the GHWT band in a box and had not really played it, but renting this has had myself and my son on it every night, with a singer from XBOX live to make up the band (couldn't find a drummer). Its really cool and well worth a rental, so good in fact that I ordered RB2.

Keep rocking!!!!

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| | See all TR3V15's reviews (3)

I'd hooked!! This is the most addictive game I own! The end!! :O)

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| | See all iang00084's reviews (19)

Picked this up at a very reasonable price and should have bought this ages ago. A great laugh with a few people playing together as a band. The vocals aren't that bad when actually going through each song - just got to get the pitch right.

Haven't tried the drums yet as can't get there quick enough. The rockband guitar is decent enough and I use a GH2 guitar for playing the bass.

There are currently 393 songs available for download from the marketplace so you will be able to buy some more songs to keep the game going

If you liked GH then you will like this a whole lot more

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| | See all Dman2k8's reviews (14)

Yea it has drums a single along for your mate who thinks can sing it is a full party kit it set the mark for band games and lets see what comes next


| | See all ZicoPain's reviews (5)

Rockband was abit of a disapointment in all honesty. Playing it was fun but i dont think the songs on the game were that great and i got bored of them really quick which was anouying. The drums add abit more dpth to the game and are pretty fun to play around with but i wouldnt fork out the money for this game along with the controlers. Wouldnt recomend it.

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  Why Wait?

| | See all JimBob1975's reviews (1)

The idea of Rock Band has interested me since it was announced and I am a huge fan of GH3 but just couldn't warrant paying £100+ for just the instruments and no game!!! However after finally cracking and buying the game I am wondering why the hell I didn't buy it earlier? The game and options are fantastic and while some of the songs are a bit obscure the more well known tracks will ensure your interest doesn't wander to much. I am using the GH3 guitar as I don't see the point in buying a new one that does exactly the same job but I did purchase the drums and am I glad i did. Forget the guitar once you have set up the drum kit as it will take over your life and yes it does sound tinny when you play and yes it could have been a bit heavier and not have a foot pedal that has the life span of a fly but who cares when you are having this much fun!!!
And they say the new guitar hero is even better? I think my divorce papers are on the way.............