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Rock Band (Solus)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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  The Most Fun You Can Have In A Game!!!!

| | See all xBoX009's reviews (78)

This has to be one of the best games out for the Xbox 360 at the moment. Before i purchased it i looked into the song list and i thought 'oh great, i dont recognise any of the songs or artists there apart from a few' but i still purchased it. And when i did receive it i actually liked the majority of them witch was surprising. Anyway when you purchase this you will realise why its such a good game.

  Definitaley A Rocking Game!!!

| | See all LovefistFury's reviews (15)

Fans of Guitar Hero should definitely give this game a go.....the price of this and the Band In A Box together is nothing compared to the endless amout of fun you can have on this game.

  A great game with a lot of potential, GH fans should look in

| | See all HubertFarnsworth's reviews (1)

At first the £180 RRP seemed a bit extravagant and pricey, but for £140 it's all a lot cooler, YES, it is still expensive and you probably shouldn't buy it on a hinch. If you are a fan of the GH series you will know what to expect as it is almost identical yet slightly different. Rock band presents the brilliant addition of drums and vocals, allowing 4 player multiplay. If you liked GH II or III then it's probably safe to say that this will be your cup of tea too, it has in my opinion, a better range of songs than the GH games with classics such as Run For The Hills (Iron Maiden) and Highway Star (Deep Purple) as well as more modern tracks such as Go With The Flow (QOTSA) and Hysteria (Muse) [Free with the European game - DLC for the Americans].

The addition of a drum instrument and a microphone allow users to experience new concepts and each member can become masters with a specific instrument [Though finding someone who can survive on expert drums is pretty darn hard].

For those who wish to try the game but are not committal to the hefty price tag attached who may still have a guitar controller from one of the GH's will be able to test drive the game without forking out any additional expense for the drums or microphone [It may be possible to just use a USB microphone, but I haven't tested this]

Rock Band is a refined and expansive beast with DLC being added almost weekly with many songs available for download, even entire albums!

In short, Rock Band is expensive, yes, but is worth it as it will present fun for solo rockers working through each instrument as well as family and mates forming their bands.

A great game 5/5

  Great game,

| | See all Joeybbbb's reviews (2)

Great game, worth the money, but at the moment using the GH controller untill i can afford the rock band instruments.
The song list may not look a promising as GH's but once you play the songs through theyre actually good.
It is a bit easier than GH on the medium difficulty, which kind of dissapoints me as i found that was my ideal playing level on GH, but from a guitar point of view, rock band is worth the buy, especially with all the DL content!

  A must get!

| | See all LunaEmines's reviews (1)

I have hardly been off this game, each instrument is brilliant to play, although a warning: THE DRUM PEDAL BREAKS VERY EASILY!!! this happened to me after a week (but alot of tape has fixed it for now) and I know alot of people have had the same problem. The drums are very easy to assemble and set up nicely. The mic is nice and solid, does not look like it will break easily.
The guitar, although does not feel as sturdy as the GH3, is great, and the smaller frets and effects swtich is are nice additions.
The charcter customization is a nice addition to make the rocker feel like your own, and with the Band World Tour, you will have your mates round playing till all hours of the night (and annoying your neighbours in the process!)

With a massive track list and constantly updated DLC, this game is definately worth the money.

  for rockers not toy guitarists

| | See all kskyhappy's reviews (1)

was initially sceptical about this game having played GH for a while, but the chance to play different instruments with my friends proved too much to resist. My scepticism passed the minute i started unpacking the gear. The drums are great and come with real drum sticks, the mike also has a good feel to it but it was the guitar that really wowed me.

For once a peripheral with a bit length to it, at first i found the strum bar a bit stiff but i've got used to it, the button layout is much better though which makes the songs feel easier to play. I dont feel like i'm playing a eukele anymore.

Having played it non stop for a couple of weeks i have got a bit bored of provided tracks but with DLC each week i'm finding enough to keep me going.

the graphics are good with some convincing lip synching but who gets time to watch that stuff, it is good fun making a character and kitting them out from a wide variety of clothing options although theres not nearly enough face types. I've enjoyed making my own logos for the variety of bands i've joined.

the sound is also very good through surround sound and you better turn it up loud if someone is drumming (or if you dont want o be heard rapping to sabotage).

If you like rocking and can shake off brand loyalty this is the game for you!


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  If you like to sing buy this.

| | See all Haydenshuck's reviews (1)

When i bought this game i thought that the rockband developers had proberbly copied the guitar hero developers, But then i realised that there was much more of a difference, Because the vocals (singing) are great on it and you can use the xbox 360 headset if you dont want to pay £100 for the instruments in a box. But the mistake i made was to buy the game before buying the instruments, So i eventually got bored of singing and wanted the instruments. Also note that the singing career is rather short so make sure that you have the full £140 so that you can buy both the software (game disc) and the instruments in a box at the same time rather than buy only the game first. I give this game a 5 star rating because it is unique and like no other and is fun to play over and over again.

  Good game but........

| | See all Robzere31's reviews (2)

As a seasoned GH player I was looking forward to the release of Rock Band.
The inital price of the instruments pack did put me off a little, but I decide to go for it anyway.

The game is pretty much what I expected as far as gameplay goes, it is much easier to play than the Guitar Hero games IMO, with 100% bieng very easy to achieve on all the tracks on medium level.
Even most of the tracks on hard are quite easy to get a 5 star rating.

The big disapointment came when I went to form a band.
A friend of mine also has the game but lives quite some distance from me, we were looking forward to creating a band & playing the world tour via Xbox live as the review of the game states....

"Multiplayer Gameplay! Play together in your living room or across the world! Rock Band offers deep online functionality, allowing players to rock together whether they're in Rhode Island or Reykjavik."


You can only play quickplay multiplayer via Xbox live,
which if I had known this before purchasing, I would have stuck with GH3.
The only way to play multiplayer world tour is have the rest of the band round your house,
something which is not always possible, & I thought the reason for Xbox live was to allow people to play via the internet.

The other fault I have found is on the leaderboard tables.
They take an absolute age to update.
I posted a decent score for Enter Sandman, & it has taken 2 days for it to show up on the leaderboard.
Other scores have not even appeared, seemingly lost in the system somewhere.

These two faults really let the game down IMO, as the rest of the game is quite well presented.

I can see myself going back to GH3 until GH4 appears.

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  Im still a guitar hero

| | See all Twizze's reviews (10)

Really disappointed, I was looking forward to this for ages but traded it in after a week of having it. After playing it for a few hours I found my self going back on guitar hero, the basics of both games are the same, there aren't great differences, and the price of the instruments for rock band aren't that bad considering what you actually get for your money, imp just sick of the music on these games. I suppose I am picking on rock band when in real terms I feel the same about guitar hero. I don't play instruments in real life but love music and really enjoy playing guitar hero/rock band, and I just wana rock out to some tunes I love, I don't really know a lot of the songs on the game and the downloadable content is as bad.....and I hate songs NOT sang by the original artists.
When you go to the shops and by a cd that is titled the greatest rock songs you get some of the greatest rock songs, on these games you get a few classics in chart terms, then you get lots of other classics which are only really classics to people who listen to nothing but rock.
I wana be able to play starship - we built this city on rock and roll, which I know to some is a awful rock song BUT its fun, its a classic, and more people would know and enjoy rocking out to stuff like that. But this is just my opinion, if you like the songs listed on these games you will love this.

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  If You Like Guitar Hero, You'll Love This!

| | See all yubious's reviews (2)

or even just a general music lover would enjoy the entertainment this game gives. Ive found the drums very useful for practise (as i am a fairly experienced drummer) so for any newbie wanting to take up the drumming hobby, then rock band will be a step in the right direction for your practise.
I bought from play.com cheaper then anywhere, plus i received the instruments AND game the day after it was all sent out. You get a tracking code aswell.
very pleased with the game, but sure my bank account isnt.

Fantastic game but expensive indeed!