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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Good, but repetive, and needs change.

| | See all rossodinho7's reviews (4)

When i bought this game, ithought it was amazing. Great grahics and Gameplay. A few months later, i realised i was doing the same thing over and over again. playign the courses donr feel particuallry tht much different, and there aren't enough game modes to keep me interested. In some ways they have focused to much on realistic side of a game, and not made it fun, and it has very little lasting appeal. The Online play was poor.

  Double bogey!

| | See all playseb334's reviews (17)

When this game first came out it was supposibly the best golf game on the market but it kept freezing and skipping and constantly glitching. A new game is supposed to be better than the previouse but suprise suprise it isnt!

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| | See all Steveliver's reviews (16)

I had this game a while back, thinking of getting it again. Photo Face works if you sign up on EA Sports website, upload a passport photo, then sign in on your xbox and you should be able to retrieve the picture. Mine looks spot on in my game. I like the fact you can see where your going wrong with striking the ball on the 09 version, just dont know if should pay the higher price or just get this one again.

  Great Ideas, faulty product.

| | See all Booyaka's reviews (2)

I'll keep this short. Great golf game but do not buy if you feel the features like photo gameface are what are pulling you in to part with your cash. The game is bugged, photoface does NOT WORK for the majority of people, its been released for over a year now and it's original faults are still there, ie photos won't download, stats won't update etc. EA's customer service is very poor and they seem to be keeping quiet rather than acknowleging the problems of there angry customers.

  Very Good

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

There is not a better golf game available. The swing control system is perfect and allows for some great shots. Graphics, sound, courses and unlocks will keep you coming back.

A gameface system that works well

  Great Game and Cheaper

| | See all JimmySwizzle87's reviews (2)

Wicked to play, huge improvement on TW 07 and is £15 cheaper on here for some reason!

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  Great game but seen it all before

| | See all Northy7's reviews (32)

Tiger woods is a great game but theres just not enough change from all the other tiger woods over the years?The new 3 click swing mode and putting changes are nice touches but it needed more changes.Haveing said that this is a great golf game the best out there so if you love golf then this is a deffo for you.

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  YAWN !!!!

| | See all bananaman94's reviews (16)

i was really exicted about tiger woods 08, i got it the day it came out, but honestly i find it very boring and average. the graphics are good but the gameplay is very repetitive. big dissapointment for me...

  Really good latest edition of Tiger Woods PGA

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I've read different reviews of this game, some saying that there is a bug in the game which makes it crash, especially on the Xbox 360 version, but I have to say I haven't had any problems with this game so far.

The latest Tiger Woods PGA 08 is a really good addition to this series. There are actually quite a few improvements this time round, mainly the Tiger Challenge, which has been split up into a more fun series of mini challenges, rather than just playing off Pro golfers like before in 07. Another neat new feature is the draw and fade adjustment, which can allow to make difficult shots such as doglegs alot easier. It also now gives you info on whether you hook or slice a shot, and how much power you put into a shot. You also have the in game option to retry a challenge if you mess up.

However this game isn't quite perfect either, the graphics can be at times a little glitchy, you often see opponents change to a different club out of the blue just before they hit. And the biggest drawback of 08 is still the putting, it was supposed to be improved but I find its still quite difficult and frustrating at times, the ball goes in easier on straight putts, but with putts at angles it goes all over the place, and it sometimes is really misleading in reading of a putt (sometimes it says a putt is level and you end up shooting right past it!). It also gives incorrect readouts for the hole lengths sometimes which is a bit annoying.

But besides all that Tiger Woods PGA 08 is still alot of fun and it wil keep you addicted for hours and hours.

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