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Universe At War: Earth Assault

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Best RTS on console

| | See all PortableBadger's reviews (4)

I couldn't disagree more with some of the reviews on here. In fact, i liked this game so much on Xbox i bought the pc version too! (mainly cos it was a fiver!).

Just a really great RTS experience on a console. The only problem was there weren't enough people playing online, but thats hardly the developers fault.

3 factions in this game, all so massively different, i.e:

- Mayan(esque) race who use magic.

- Robot race who can travel super fast about the map

- Evil Alien race, whos factories etc are all MOBILE HUGE WALKERS! Awesome. you can customise the walking factories etc to cause destruction or produce units more efficiently.

Loved this game, the only reason i can see people not liking it is cos its so differnet to the standard C&C formula.

Give it a try, its only a tenner.

  not that bad

| | See all bluegoat's reviews (8)

its not as bad as they make out the thing that really lets it down is the cut scenes the idea is very much like starcraft and does play a little similer but not as good

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  Should be half a Star.

| | See all Graham21's reviews (12)

This game is just terrible, I rented it and im so glad I didn't buy it. Simply one of the worst games I have ever played. I don't mind games from small developers that dont have a big budget but that is not the major problem with this game, there are so many problems there isnt enough space to list them.

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  Give it a chance!

| | See all GHippo's reviews (9)

I was really eager to buy this game when it came out. t could have been really big, but the advertising doesn't do it justice.

The characters are good, the gameplay is good and the factions are all great fun to use, especially with the superweapons. But the cutscene graphics are appalling (not as bad as Two Worlds) and I've heard the ending could've been better (I don't have the willpower to get to the ending myself).

Although the story is not as good as it could be, the game is alot of fun, so give it a try.

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| | See all mickleson's reviews (1)

This game is rubbish - dont waste your money
Buy Battle for Middle Earth II instead

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| | See all bestoffilmngame's reviews (49)

got this game didnt think it was gonna be much as i played the demo
but playing the full game cant put it down
so thumbs up from me

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  Proper RTS on a console

| | See all JonathanDR's reviews (10)

Ok , first thing to say about this is the simple fact that it's a solid and comprehensive RTS on a console , got that ? Let that little fact settle in for a moment ...

To date there is has only been two ( C&C and this , and maybe three if you add battle for middle earth ) so all in that's a few thumbs up for a start , hopefully this will jump to more games if supreme commander and kane's wrath pan out , if your really crazy enough to start comparing this or any other RTS on a console to its PC counterpart then your barking mad , in fact why are you even bothering with a console if you have a superpower PC ?

Now I've read these other reviews and sorry guys but i really can't agree , the demo doesn't do this justice , the control system is quick and intuitive , considering your doing everything from a joy pad rather than a keyboard and mouse , in fact the control system is similar to that of C&C3 so if you've played that , you'll be able to jump into this in no time , witch isn't surprising considering some of the development has been done by the same people .

As for this bordering on piracy ??? , oh come off it , this is a basic style real time strategy like a thousand other real time strategy games , if you don't like this style of game , then honestly don't play them , in this game you get your basic three factions , all that use different tactics , each faction has its own range of unique units and tech trees , there's a wide selection of maps and game modes , as well as a lot of support for online play over Xbox live , in single player you have your three story based campaign modes as well as your obligatory skirmish mode , a very nice touch is the world domination modes for both single and multiplayer.

The story is your basic aliens invading earth type of thing , a big influence here is the tripods from war of the worlds ( the hierarchy ) a machine race ( novus the obligatory good guys ) and the ancient masari ( pyramid building gods / aliens ) , its nothing spectacular and you wont find many surprises in the plot , its just your basic run of the mill sci-fi kinda stuff .

The AI isn't perfect ( then again show me a game where it honestly is ) but its flexible enough to put up a proper fight or give you enough leeway so you can find your feet and learn the ropes .

Voice acting wise? Ok so it wont win any Oscars but I've seen much worse ( two worlds for example ) ,
Probably the only real let down is the graphics and sound quality , being on the Xbox 360 I would have expected much better , the graphics are sharp and clear and to be honest I've seen much worse , but they just don't pop out like they should .

As an RTS in general , witch includes PC RTS games , universe at war is a solid but distinctly average game , worth adding to your collection if you're a fan of RTS , but on the PC there are a lot better titles going around .

As an RTS on a console ? This really is a cut above , is easy to use as well as having enough content and games modes to keep you interested , lets face it ,on a console this is an extremely rare thing .

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| | See all Mudbutton's reviews (3)

It really annoys me when games of this standard get released, not only does it encourage piracy but also severely dents peoples confidence in the platform.

Nothing good to say about the game, thats right not one thing. Even right down to the concept. Its been done before, and done much better. Even hardcore RTS fans should avoid this like the plague.

Poor control system, Poor plot line and terrible graphics. The voice acting is wooden too, i don't think i have missed anything but if i did don't panic, its terrible too.

Too expect people to pay anything for this game is a lot to ask so trust me and don't, if you don't trust me download the demo on Live now and see for yourselves.

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  Nothing to Command And Conquer

| | See all Paparazzi's reviews (5)

Played the demo, no competition between this game and command and conquer, even lord of the rings is better than this poorly thought out strategy game. Boring, repetative, contol system sucks....don't waste your time downloading the demo and certainly don't waste your cash buying the game.

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