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Dead Rising (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (159 reviews)"

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| | See all jjlovesamerica's reviews (21)

i bought dead rising 2 first and was blown off my feet except for the rock hard phsycos and the annoying create your own checkpoint stuff i loved it. the 1st one, not so good. i guess i should expect less from the 1st one but the first real person i faced took me four times and the dead annoying make your own checkpoints was created in the first one. if you have a choice get the second one but maybe you should get the second one. just remember Capcom are very unique and their games tend to be difficult

  ok Game However Has Flaws

| | See all KaramuXCallum's reviews (1)

This Game is a Great Game if you want to sit around all day killing the hell out of Zombies in various different ways (Frying pan, swords, guns, guitars etc) however The story kind of lacks a bit and that the AI are Completely Dumb but i must admit i had hours of fun with the game if you want a game were you can kill countless zombies in the most bizarre ways the get this game!..

  Not to my liking

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

I know that lots of people love this, but I'm not one of them unfortunately. I think the idea is good and that it's executed well, also it seems like when all the areas are unlocked that this would really open up. But I wasn't able to get that far. The difficulty is steep and the graphics bad and I personally don't like the gameplay. Certain facets of the play are annoying and the save system is terrible. I've tried to like this but been unable to. I'll stick to Left 4 Dead for my zombie fix.

  Been out for ages but yet still one of the best

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

There are many things that people might complain about, but I don't care about any of them. Its a mall full of zombies and a large amount of weapons to use (from frying pans to lawn mowers) what more can you want. Get it, it might become repititive but you'll have lots of fun first.

  Awesome game which is let down by a clock

| | See all RPGamer's reviews (7)

This game would have been great in my opinion (what is better than destroying zombies?) but it has been let down by a clock timer which puts a time limit on your activities.

  So much fun

| | See all Danielanddad's reviews (6)

This game is probably my favourite 360 exclusive
its just so good
so much free roaming
funny items to kill zombies with
good characters
it has it all :)

  a must have for zombie lovers

| | See all scanchog's reviews (9)

this is underated absolute awesome from the music in the mall to the poking heads off zombies ******

  Dead Epic

| | See all AlfieVintage's reviews (15)

+Awesome game, endless fun. You can pick up and play whenever you like and have a laugh.
+Ive had the game for over 2 years and can still just play it for fun.
+Easy 500 gamerscore, the rest is hard, you gotta be pretty good to get past 800.
+Some good music lol
+Interesting Story
+Easy to master gameplay

-Graphics are lovely if you have a HD Tv if you dont the text can be hard to read.
-Save system is very poor. You need to realise that you only have 1 save, so save often but dont save when you do something wrong and just think about what you are doing before you save it.
-Bit unrealistic drinking the drinks, downs a 4 pint of milk in 2 gulps.

Music - 10/10 [Cheesy Mall Music lol]
Story - 9/10 [Excellent Story, Not a 10 because there was no cut scene at the end of the game, just text]
Gameplay - 9/10 [All Weapons are great to use, except you cant strafe when using guns]
Graphics - 10/10 [Spot On, with a HD Tv]
Achievements - 10/10 [Hard and Easy Ones, the best type of game]

Replay Factor? - Yes, you can pick up and play whenever.

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  batting those zombies

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

This is great game its good because you are not tied down, you can play your own game do the missions or save people, kill phycopaths or just kill as many zombies as you can, theirs loads of weapons to use, the controles are easy to get the hang of and killing the zombies is very satisfing a must have game.

  Bloody Fantastic!!!

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

Didnt know what to expect but, i was pleased when i played it. The save points are an issue but, everything else is amazing! I like the idea of having 6 different possible endings.

The storyline is good but the best thing is being able to use absolutly anything as weapons! You can also dress Frank up which is quite funny. You learn different skills as you progress which you can use to kill the zombies.

The graphics are impressing and the gory details are bloody fantastic! I strongly recommend you buy this game ans at only £15 you cant go wrong. If you own an xbox 360 buy it NOW!!!