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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (97 reviews)"

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| | See all pontaman's reviews (3)

i dont reccommend this game generally just because of how hard it is. yo Need to play the campaign to unlock weapons which i dont think is very good.

But the online play is aposlutley amazing i only reccoment playig online

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  Sam Fisher at his finest

| | See all Jagger91's reviews (1)

I believe this game was so good, my friend got it a while back on his Xbox and we almost completed in a night... But after an Eye sagging Night we had a Fill up on Lucazade in the morning. When I went on-line to see if this game was on the PS3 I was truly and Utterly disappointed to find it wasn't, looks like i'm gonna have invest in an Xbox ( Damn It)

  The perfect stealth action - TPS hybird

| | See all Yak317's reviews (24)

Let me start off by saying I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan....on PC, but up till now I found the xbox/ps console versions (namely "Chaos Theory" and "Double Agent") frustrating as hell - tempermental and sticky controls often meant falling off a ledge, or jumping instead of ducking at a crucial moment, breaking my cover, and unleashing holy hell.

So when, reluctantly, I was coerced into buying and playing this chapter I was actually very pleasantly suprised indeed. Perhaps this was because this game is much faster paced, and ultimately a lot easier. Those familiar with the Splinter Cell series will know all about the previous unforgiving emphasis on the stealth aspect of the game - shooting lights, hiding bodies, stealth meters, sneaking around trying not to get caught because if you did it was more often than not game over (especially at higher difficulties where enemies could dispatch you with a few bullets!) In this game however the emphasis is often on taking down enemies - often clearing a room of all guards is the only way to progress. Die hard fans might shirk at the idea of leaving bodies behind with a lack of hiding body mechanic, but for those who want to stick to their old ways of uber-stealth, there is also the arsenal of gadgetry and plenty of shadow covered ceiling pipes to help you sneak around - just don't be suprised when the improved AI means you get caught by a patroling guard you could have taken out earlier!

The game itself actually plays more like a stealth - TPS hybird, with epic fire fights being rather frequent and whilst Sam does feel more robust this time around, don't expect to last long out in the open! Fortunately there is an active cover system, and even once you're seen it is very easy to slip away; break an enemies line of sight and they'll investigate your "last known position" (marked visually by a translucent outline) - making it all too tempting to plant a proximity mine in that place for easy kills!

There is a "mark and execute" mechanic which will have even the newest players executing incredible (and often...logic defying...*ahem*) feats of marksmanship. This can feel like "cheating" to some, but there's no doubt even you'll be using it in the final levels!

Game length for single player story is decent at 10 hours, but there's plenty of incentive to go back and complete feats of daring, stealth or marksmanship as you are awarded upgrade points which can be used to outfit Sam with better body armour, more ammo clips, more gadget slots etc. There is also a challenge mode of "deniable ops" which often involve clearing zones of enemies, infiltrating, or sneaking around levels you will have already encountered but with new enemies this time around.

The highlight of this game for me has to be the co-op story mode, which unlike being a simple rehash of the main story actually acts as a prologue in its own right - adding at least another 6-8 hrs. The characters are believable and engaging and the story is great with a classic Tom Clancy twist at the end that will keep you guessing! Of course the challenge mode is also available in co-op so there's plenty of stuff to keep you and a couch buddy entertained - making it by far the most sociable Splinter Cell yet.

There's something here for new recruits and old Third Echelon veterans - whilst newbies might be a bit lost in the story, there are some neat loose ends which get tied up for those who are invested in Fisher's story. The gameplay is exhilarating, striking the right balance between stealth and action - this is a real must. 5/5

  Makes you feel like a secret agent.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

This is the first splinter cell game I played and I was very impressed. It feels very modern and really makes you feel like a Jason Bourne type character. Some of the settings for missions such as the fairground are memorable and quite unusual for a game.

  Excellent game!!

| | See all ESBlofeld's reviews (18)

Every game in the Splinter Cell series has been thumb numbingly addictive and this latest offering is no different. There are many reviews on here that state the controls need getting used to, which I whole heartedly agree with, but after a level or two you get the hang of it. The one microscopic niggle I have with it is I haven't accquire night vision goggles yet, if at all they're available. When you're in the shadows your enemies cannot see you but you cannot see much either which is a bit frustrating. Other than that this game is AWESOME and a must for any xbox collection. Especially at this price!


| | See all epicKINGR's reviews (10)

I love this game, the freedom it gives you to decide whether to sneak around or go in guns blazing, allows you to make it the game you want it to be! Graphics are great and so is the story! must buy!

  Best Stealth Combat Gameplay Ever.

| | See all smallbags's reviews (5)

Excellent story-line, graphics, music, sound, and gameplay.
I've can honestly say I have never got more mileage from another game ever. When you're done with the single player story, get stuck into the excellent co-op story and hunter modes with a friend and the fun really begins. At 9.99, you should buy 2 copies (1 for you and a friend) to get the most out of it. A TRULY EXCELLENT TITLE.

  Co-Operative fun!

| | See all DansDeals94's reviews (22)

Conviction has a very fun co-op mode where you can work together with your partner to either be stealthy or guns-blazing, the same for single player. The game also allows you to collect a range of weapons to use out on the field. The multi-player isn't that bad either but co-op was my favourite aspect of the game. Overall I recommend it to shooter fans in general as most people should enjoy this & at the current price ... how could you complain?

  Great Game

| | See all highlander11's reviews (2)

This game is definately one that I have appreciated as it has everything an action game should have. Not only is the story perfect but also it doesnt just let you run in all guns blazing, instead you have to plan your attack and use the darkness to your advantage.