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The Simpsons Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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| | See all number11's reviews (15)

i am a big fan of the simpsons , but the game let me down a little, i mean , poor graphics ,poor sound quality ,poor story , and its really boring


| | See all cathymariejones's reviews (5)

I think this is a little harder for the younger generation, but i myself find this game very good. i think its better when you have two people to play as there is lots of challenges that require you to change the characters. I'd definately recomend to buy this if you like the simpsons. =D


| | See all Adzieboy's reviews (3)

one of the most boring games i have ever played. i played this for around 3 hours and then sold it. a definate miss.

  The Simpsons Game

| | See all MongooseMan's reviews (17)

The Simpsons hit and run and road rage were both good, and because graphics weren't very important back then, it didn't matter that they weren't very good, but now it's on 360, the graphics are important, and you start to notice that they still aren't very good. The mouth movements suck, and during the cut scenes it's all fairly bad, but during play you don't seem to notice. The gameplay it's self gets very repetative, and they seem to set fairly unrealistic times for each level, but that might just be because I'm not very good. The story makes no sense and is just plain awful, which made me sort of sad because they've tied up loose ends by saying why the games bad. But for the price who's complaining, it should entertain you for a couple of days, get you a bit of easy gamerscore, and some parts are quite funny.


| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

After playing Simpsons: Hit and Run for the Xbox, I was dying to play The Simpsons Game for the 360. When i got my hands on it, I was pleased with the purchase... There were some great parodies and some fun levels... but i don't think it lived up to Hit and Run.

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  Let Down

| | See all cookieboy300's reviews (44)

i thought that the makers of this would of carried on from hit & run as that was very entertaining but this is very annoying just full of puzzles and annoying camara angles did not like this, graphics are wierd it only got 3 star because i did like playing for a short time two player co-op would not recommned this, as mentioned before not one for kids. or people with short fuses.

  Difficult but fun

| | See all Fundo666's reviews (12)

This game is not for kids! Something i'd never expect to write on a review for the simpsons!

Basically, it's just too hard (based on watching youngsters play it). Some of the puzzles are quite puzzling and way to hard for children to solve. However, if you're a mature gentleman such as myself (i'd like to think i'm mature at 21!) and you're a fan of the simpsons, then you'll love it!

Some of things they say and do are genuienly laugh out loud funny, somehting i've never experienced with any computer game and rarely with the more recent t.v. Episodes!

This is by far the best simpsons game ever made - a crown not too hard to obtain and is fun for all the family, you just may need to help the younger members out a little bit!

4/5 - For fans of...crash bandicoot, spyro the dragon, all other 'collect the gem-esq' rpgs and of course the t.v. Show!

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  Better Than Expected

| | See all SpuggyLad's reviews (10)

When i ordered this game i had read some pretty bad reviews but upon playing the demo multiple times i decided that for £12 this game might be worth the price i paid. When the game arrived and i first played it the outlines of the characters looked fuzzy but i wasn't fuss as the game blatently isn't trying to advertise itself to have amazing graphics. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive but the achievements are quite flowing and you unlock them at a steady pace although the last few take a lot of wandering around collecting items.

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  Laugh Out Loud Funny.

| | See all helloimtom's reviews (8)

This game is one rare find, yeah it can get repeatative but at somepoints some stuff they come out with makes you laugh out loud seriously, its better than any recent season's of the simpsons, cause tbh it is going down hill atm, but this game lifts it back up.