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Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR 4) (Classics)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (139 reviews)"

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  Best Arcade Racing Game

| | See all Ryanmogg98's reviews (14)

This game is by far the best Arcade racing game there has been.
The circuits are well varied from tight city to open race tracks.
The AI are actually not that bad compared to other games.
The Bikes add extra fun into the game even though they are tuff to race.
The drifting factor about the game is great
The online game modes are probably the best on any racing game i know.
The graphics are fantastic.
Really well thought out game with some great cars.
All cars handle differently some suit different tracks.
This game "apart from forza" is one of the best racing games.
And as you can pick it up for around 5pounds now you really cannot go wrong.
Hours of fun to be played over and over again.
Weather conditions even make a difference.

Quite simply if you dont have this game... GET IT!!!

  Best Racer Ever?

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Like many I enjoyed playing Project Gotham Racing 3 and was intrigued to see what Bizzare could bring to the table in their next installment. When I first played PGR 4, I knew this was the racer for me!! The graphics, gameplay, kudos system, A.I. and even the weather were all brilliant. The online is decent but if you are leading a race, people tend to leave so that becomes annoying. The Career mode is fun and the Arcade mode is pretty good too. The cars themselves range from the Humble Mini Cooper to the Insanely Fast Koenigsegg. There is also the addition of Motorbikes which are extremely fun to play as. The achievements are easy with the exception of the Platinum Medal (Hardest Mode) achievements. I cannot stress this enough.. PGR 4 is the best racer ever!! Buy it now.

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  One of the best arcadey driving games out there...

| | See all Ewan90's reviews (14)

For this price, noone can really complain. I bought this at the start of the summer holidays as I needed something to play until forza 3 and I was more than satisfied with this game. Visually, it's spot on. Online still has a reasonable community (for a game that is a few years old) and is still enjoyable. The general gameplay is more of an arcade racer than a simulator but it's not TOO arcadey which makes it good. As far as I can see it, forza and pgr are the 2 main car games you should look at when buying a racing game for the xbox 360. =)


| | See all dannyboybenson's reviews (5)

A truly brilliant game. The Kudos system is fantastic and still maintains its strength from the previous titles in the series. A great progression from PGR 3. The cars and the graphics are amazing, and handle fluently, not to mention the introduction of bikes, which are interesting and pose a significant challenge compared to cars, but are nevertheless enjoyable. Not to mention some easy Gamerscore! But that's beside the point. The point is that this game is an absolute must-have for any XBox 360 owner!

  Good progression from PGR3

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

The excellent PGR3 helped launch the 360 back in 2005. PGR4 lacks the impact of its older brother, but is nonetheless an impressive racer, with slick visuals and smooth gameplay. The addition of bikes and new multiplayer modes help to keep this feeling fresh, this is one of the best racers on the 360.

  Nice evolution of PGR3

| | See all diamondfour's reviews (3)

A great step up from PGR3. The Kudos feature is much clearer and the landscapes are more realistic. Car handling has been tweaked rather than given an overhaul, hope PGR5 pushes that further.

  A Great Return to form..

| | See all Onibaba's reviews (7)

Pgr1 on xbox... Poor
Pgr2 on xbox... Awesome
Pgr3 on xbox 360.... Very good..

Pgr4 on xbox 360 awesome!!!

I finished this when it came out then sold sometime later...
But after playing all other racers on the console i'm buying this again..
It's not flat out arcade style & it's not a sim... (It's inbetween, it's gorgeous & a hell of a lot of fun.....
The online modes ae amazing & i've heard that loads & loads of people are still playing it.........
Cant wait for my new copy to arrive..

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  Awesome game but.......

| | See all Gameloverat41's reviews (3)

The game, for me, was great, it takes quite a while to complete, if you do everything, and unlock all achievements, which i have yet to do. But, well, the bikes, i tend to use them in a race a lot more than cars, however, i feel there is room for improvement, the bikes just dont handle properly, sometimes you go into a wall and stay on your bike sometimes you come off, it can become really frustrating.

I would suggest this as a buy to anyone with a fascination for cars, and who can spend the time to do the game properly, i have been playing this game for a while now, joining in with online play is great, i also love how vehicles handle differently in rain snow etc. And it is not just a scene thing.

A must buy game, try it, i did, and im still loving it!!