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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Never Gets Old!!!

| | See all Garfgeezer's reviews (32)

Charlie79 says he's 30 - Heck I'm 45 and still loved this game!

Played it on the PS2 and loved it so much i bought it for the XBox 360 and did it all again (without the cheats to make it last a bit longer). I gave it to my nephews for them to enjoy and am seriously thinking of buying this one again. It's THAT good!

Buy a spare, you'll need it...

  Not badd, not the best game i've played

| | See all Fleurz92's reviews (14)

After playing and completing the original lego star wars on the old xbox, i was really looking forward to buying this on the xbox 360. I was dissapointed with it to be honestt, and i find myself playing about 3 levels and then i get bored.

I must say though that the graphics are quality. Playing the game on a 40" HD tv makes the game look awsome. Thats the only real good thing i can say about the game. The gameplay i feel is boring and just annoying. I often find myself sitting there and thinking, "What the hell do i do here?!"...On several occasions that has happened, and for a PG game, i feel there should be more tips to help the younger age groups that play this. I also noticed they have changed the controls of the ships in the levels. Before the ships used to always go forward for you, and you just changed the direction. Now you have to control the whole ship and i just feel the controls are awful! Trying to turn around is a complete joke!

Overall, not bad, but i wont be going back through it to play it again.

  the force is with this

| | See all angelgaskin's reviews (12)

I haven't played the originals so it is difficult for me to say if this is worth buying if you have played the other 2. I am new to this Lego franchise, and was a little worried about such a childish looking game, well I was wrong. The Starwars story is covered with a brilliant sense of humour from Phantom Menace right through to Return of the Jedi. It plays really well and is easy to pick up, the camera angles can be a little frustrating but that aside the playability is great. Although at 1st it seemed really easy you realise that to complete the game 100% you have to come back to the levels and complete them with characters with different abilities and explore every inch of each level (which I haven't done yet). You can also play as 2 players online or with a friend which again adds another angle too it, so there is plenty to get stuck into. I would recommend this to anyone with or without children it really is great entertainment that unlike other games doesn't take itself too seriously.

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  An absolute gem of a title

| | See all CrazyJamie's reviews (41)

Game developers tend to take themselves too seriously nowadays, so it's nice to finally find a game where the developers have clearly had fun making it. And that simply means that you'll have fun playing it.

The game is charming and genuinely funny from start to finish. It's a must buy for anyone with any level of interest in both Star Wars and Lego, but even those Star Wars fans with a good sense of humour should take a look. It's an exceptional game that'll leave you with a smile on your face.

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| | See all 1Craig3's reviews (10)

It's always out of stock which probably says a lot about the game. I finally managed to get a copy and it's actually amazing all the levels for just under £15 it's actually mad. Lovely looking graphics good game play and is quite funny at times. Brilliant game.


| | See all ikktyl's reviews (6)

Why has this game got such great reviews? Sure, it's not, awful, it warrants about 2 stars.
Although it is long, most of the time you are just collecting studs - there isn't much else to do. I'd say at least 70% of the time you spend playing is spent collecting studs.

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| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

This is one good game worth buying. The graphics are slightly better than the other lego star wars games on the other consoles e.g there's more shine on the bricks. The bonus features are amazing. The game also has new levels which was very good and I must say that the price is a real bargain for 2 games.

  Very enjoyable game

| | See all Spuff10's reviews (4)

I really enjoy this game in one player or co-op mode. Yes, it can get repetitive but it still makes for an enjoyable game for young or old alike. Well worth the price it is currently being sold for on play. Graphics and sound are very good and the amount of characters available to play as is really good. Sit back, play and may the force be with you!!!

  great star wars game

| | See all SavasMert1's reviews (21)

this game is great fun and much more enjoyable then 'The Force Unleashed' (which is short and has dodgy camera angles!!)

  Good fun but gets repetative

| | See all StuDun's reviews (7)

I bought this game based on the reviews on here, don't totally agree with all of them. It is a good game but I found myself doing the same things over and over. Once I completed the story mode I was so sick of it I couldn't be bothered going through all the levels again with different characters to collect all the items.
This game is ideal for kids but adults or more serious gamers will get bored.

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