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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Fun game!

| | See all Neolev's reviews (5)

Not only for kids! I love the lego style, and first i think lego star wars was childish, but after playing it is really addictive!! a must have for coop play.

  Has the Force

| | See all Playedcom's reviews (5)

I bought this game for my twelve year old and spent most the time playing it myself. Hilariously put together extremely addictive. A good variety of characters (pretty much every character in the game is playable at some point!) and challenges.good multi-player too. Brillant for gamers of all ages.

  Fantastic Fun

| | See all LittleDevil69's reviews (13)

Saw this round my mates house - his kids were playing it. Had a little go and was hooked.

This is a fantastic fun game for all the family. It takes a little while to get used to the different controls and what each character type can do, but once that is grasped it is great.

There is so much to do and so many little in game puzzles etc that this will last for ages and because of the size there will always be bits you missed so playing it through again is not a problem.

Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


| | See all K1NGR4DABE's reviews (3)

An easy 1000 pionts for you achievement grabbers out there its also very enjoyable to play.
a must for all ages.


| | See all Morigeez's reviews (9)

I love this game i have completed it 100% and now feel rather sad its such a fun game with all your favourite characters and the great part is you can be any of them no matter who you are you must buy this game for pure entertainment its the best full co-op game around!

  Superb family game

| | See all afrosheep's reviews (10)

I think the game the game is superb . great for famillies. Very entairtaining and i like the idea of Boba fett versing Jango Fett . Best Star Wars game out yet no lie.


| | See all FFAFfan's reviews (9)

Lego Star Wars: TCS is absolutly brilliant! this game brings both together and brings a fresh breath of life to it in terms of both graphically and how they renew some of the level designs. once i start to play, i cannot put it down!
This is one for the entire family, kids and adults alike can play together in multiplayer mode and the fun never ends.
This is a game i would advise anyone to buy and can't think on anyone who would be dissapointed, i can see no glitches in the graphics and the load time is wonderful!

  Damn Lego Star Wars

| | See all Cyberfish04's reviews (2)

If it wasn't for this game I would be able to play on pro evo. But as I got this game for my girl friend for xmas she has not been able to put it down. If something can keep her quiet for so long then it must be a very good game, thats why I have given it 5 star rating. Having played the original lego star wars, I must admit they are good games and, although not very difficult, can keep you busy for days.


| | See all jh230377's reviews (139)

This is fantastic!! So addictive. Any age can play this game & enjoy it. Obviously they made some levels aimed towards younger gamers but some later levels can be abit tricky although hardened gamers wouldn't have much trouble. Beng able to go through all 6 films from Menace to Jedi is brilliant & been able to pick up so many iconic figures to play on freeplay such as Darth,Chewie & Yoda is great. A must for any Star Wars fan!!!!

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  lego star wars rules, a lot

| | See all Superhandz's reviews (14)

Leog star wars the complete saga, what game!!

if you brought the first one, or second one, or even both, there isnt much need to get this unless you want some extra achievments or just want to see the game in HD.

But, if you havent played any of them before, then this game s a must have.

I got this game a couple of days ago. The game is soo cool. it is a little childish and is great for kids or for a family. The game is funny and also makes fun of the star wars sage.

The game covers all of the star wars movies, and does it with style. Each episode has six small levels, may not seem like much, but when you get down to it, you will want to play it again and again.

The game is online co-op. so if you are stuck on a level, just ask one of your mates on xbox live to help you out, its great.

If you have owned any of the other games, i wouldnt bother too much with this game. But if you havent, get this game straight away, its cheap, and its really fun.

see ya on lego star wars.

peace out :)